7 Top-Rated Face Mask Patterns In 2022

We know that the trend of face masks started when COVID-19 took place. But today, people wear a mask just for fashion that’s why different patterns of face masks have been introduced. Read this guide till the end to know about some of the best face mask patterns.

Pleated Fabric Face Mask

The design of the pleated fabric face mask is amazing as it comes with a filter pocket. If you are making this mask yourself, you can skip the filter if you want. But let us tell you this pocket is invisible when you are wearing this mask.

The gaitor face mask pattern is one of the most famous mask patterns that are viral in 2022. You can wear this mask as a headband or scarf, the choice is yours. You are provided with great flexibility plus it provides better style to you.

Gaitor Face Mask Pattern

Rounded Face Mask Pattern

This type of mask is mostly used for medical purposes. You may have seen many nurses and doctors wearing a rounded face mask that not only covers their mouth but also their nose. It consists of a nose wire and is tied around the head.

Soft and Stretchy Face Mask Pattern


Some people prefer wearing a stretchable face mask so that it could easily be adjusted to their face. This pattern comes with two layers of lightweight fabric along with a filler pocket that makes it breathable.

Sewing a Fu Face Mask does not take much time as it includes directions on how you have to sew it and how you can make it look better. So, you can make a bunch of them in no time as you just have to attach them with a ribbon and follow the PDF template provided with written instructions and diagrams.

Fu Face Mask Pattern

Super Simple Face Mask Pattern

If you have to make a lot of face masks yourself, it would be best not to add designs or fancy templates to the mask. Just cut the fabric and sew the simple pattern. It will take you quickly through the process of making a mask.

3D Face Mask Pattern

3D Face Mask is the most comfortable mask as this pattern is shaped entirely differently when compared to other face mask patterns. This mask is not supposed to sit right on your face which makes it breathable


If you want to make some face masks and looking for amazing face mask patterns, we have mentioned some of the best ones. You can pick any of them and try out which is the most suitable one for you. What are you waiting for then? Go for it!