Easy Sewing Patterns 

If you are a beginner then it is a great choice to start with easy projects. If you don’t know where you should then don’t worry because here we will tell you about some of the easiest sewing patterns. It will help you improve your sewing skill and boost your confidence.

Simple Sleep Mask

A sleep mask is a simple thing and can easily be made. You do not need to buy fabric, especially for it, you can use any extra fabric available at your house. You can size it according to your eyes, and decorate it as you want.

The sewing pattern of a bookmark is very simple but helpful. You just need a rubber and a fabric shaped like a leaf. Then take the leaf and sew it on the rubber. And your feet bookmark is ready to be used.

Felt Bookmark 

Maxi Skirt

If you are looking for an easy-to-sew skirt then that’s the one. The maxi skirt sewing pattern is one of the stylish patterns. Lightweight fabrics are used for sewing maxi shirts. It is easy to sew because it only needs a few stitches.

Cloth Headband 


Use your sewing skills and make a gorgeous cloth headband. For this sewing pattern, you will need to use lightweight printed fabrics. Just take a good quality rubber and sew the fabric on it, and your cloth headband is ready. Make sure you make the stitches correctly.

The kimono top is one of the most famous sewing patterns, it is not because it is easy to sew but because of its gorgeous look. It is open from the front and looks great when worn on a shirt. Two fabric stripes are attached on the belly side for closure purposes.

Kimono Top

Reusable Bowl Cover

The best benefit of being a sewer is that you can make cute and functional things for your home. You can create a fabric bowl cover that will help you cover the food bowls. When these covers get dirty, you can wash and reuse them.

Most sewists start with easy projects. So, in this guide, we described some of the easiest sewing patterns. We hope you liked them and will use them.