DIY T-Shirt Cutting Ideas No Sew

You will probably have a lot of T-shirts in your wardrobe of which you would have been tired of wearing. If yes, then why not turn these old t-shirts into something fun. Some of the best diy designs by cutting the shirts are explained below.

Scoop Neck

The scoop neck design is very pretty and easy to make, it consists of a round edge and deep curve which dips down towards the chest.

Take a shirt and mark how deep you want to be with a chalk, marking 2 to 3 inches down the original collar would be better. Then use the chalk to draw half of the scoop going to the shoulder seam. Use scissors to cut along this line, and your shirt is ready.

How To Cut Scoop Neck

Boat Cut

It is another popular design to make by cutting a t-shirt, the shape of this design is rounded and the edges reach the collar bones 

How To Make Boat Cut

Find the shoulder seams and measure an inch down from them. Find the center fold and mark an inch down from the original neckline. Locate the center fold and mark an inch down which folds from the original collar. Connect these two marked points with a rounded shape and cut them

The criss cross neckline design is just like V-neck but it is more stylish because of the crisscrossing straps which adds a decorative touch to the t-shirt.

Criss Cross Neckline 

Making Of Criss Cross Neckline

One of the simplest ways to make these straps is to cut a section of the hem or sleeves of the shirt and then form it into a spaghetti strap with the help of a sewing machine. To make a criss cross pattern you can easily sew them from the inside of V-neck.


When you have a shirt and scissors, you can make unlimited designs from it. These were only some of the popular DIY shirt cutting designs, we hope you like them.