Different Sewing Machine Feet - 7 common types

The amount of sewing machine presser feet is huge, and the function of each presser foot is different. Some are used for simple projects while some are used for special projects. This guide will let you know about different sewing machine presser feet.

All-purpose sewing machine feet 

The all-purpose sewing machine feet are also known as Universal Foot. It is used for straight stitching, simple zigzag stitching, and decorative stitches. It is the presser foot that is normally used for regular sewing.

The rolled hemming foot is a hemming foot that is used for sewing a narrow rolled hem on sheer fabrics and fine fabrics. The turning of the hem and sewing it in place is done by it at the same time, which saves a lot of your time.

Rolled Hemming Foot 

Zipper Foot

As we know how much difficult it is to sew the zippers, but it is simple when you have a zipper foot. The zipper foot allows you to sew close the edges of zipper teeth, bulky edges, and piping. You can also set the position of the needle to the left or right with most of the zipper foot.

Overlock Foot


You would have seen that you can also create overlocked edges with modern machines, well it is because of the overlock foot. It allows you to bind the edges neatly. Its working is slightly different from a serger. The difference is that a serger cuts the fabric while an overlock foot does not cut it.

The blind hem foot is also known as the hemmer foot. It is made of metal and is used for creating a perfect invisible blind hem.

Blind Hem Foot

The Teflon foot is used while working on sticky fabric such as vinyl and leather. The Teflon foot smoothly glides over the sticky fabric without sticking. These feet are made of plastic material and wear out after a year, so make sure you replace them every year.

Teflon Foot

Buttonhole Foot

The purpose of the buttonhole foot is to make perfectly shaped buttonholes. It is a helpful foot for creating buttonholes of the same size.


No doubt there are a lot more sewing machine feet but here we explained some of the most used and important sewing machine feet.