Best Craft Kit Subscription For Adult - 6 Trending Kits

Doing crafts and arts is a really fun thing, and it looks more beneficial to parents when they know it is also a great opportunity for learning and improving skills for kids. Whether your child is young or an adult, he still needs a craft kit as it increases brain productivity.

Maker Crate 

This crate is for kids of age 9 and up. It inspires the kids with arts and crafts with each of its boxes. It helps to develop and improve new skills. All of its materials and tools are of top quality. The price for this crate subscription is $32.95 a month.

Creative Woman Kit

If you are looking for a craft kit to gift then it is perfect for you. It includes some techniques that can help to improve their skills like needle crafts, candle and soap making, painting, and many more. The cost of this kit is $19.99 per month.


This kit is best if you are planning on improving your creative skills. It allows you to learn new techniques each month. With this kit, you can make different projects such as soaps, bags, pillowcases, and baskets. You can also use the finished projects as home décor.

Paletteful Packs

It is clear that when you have high-quality art supplies then art becomes easy for you, it helps you to easily finish even your difficult projects. This craft crate provides you with high-quality products each month that includes unique paints. Its cost is $37 per month.

Adults & Crafts 

As you know DIY crafts are the most popular nowadays. This craft crate includes different tools that will help you to create different trendy DIY projects. With it, you can not only make interesting creations but will also be exposed to new mediums such as wood burning, etc. Its cost is $35 per month.

Sketch Box

ThIf you are planning to improve your sketching skills then this is perfect. It includes hand-picked art supplies so you can easily create your masterpieces. The price of this crate is $25 per month, and for the premium box, it is $35 per month.

Craft kits are not only for kids, it is also for adults. These were some of the best craft kits we gathered after a lot of research for adults. We hope it helped you in any way.