You wear  Corduroy 

In Summer

You can wear corduroy whether it's winter or summer, but in summer you will need to consider many things in the corduroy. Many things should be considered but some of them are explained below.

Hot season Corduroy 

It is possible for you to wear corduroy in summer you will need to make sure that you don’t feel like roasting while wearing it. You should choose the right type of corduroy in which you feel breathable and can cool when want to.

Lightweight Corduroy

For wearing corduroy in summer you will need to make sure that it is lightweight, the thing which determines the weight of the corduroy is the number of Wales per inch. The striped ribs which run along the length of corduroy fabric are the wales.

Bright Colors

As we know corduroy is available in multiple colors, so in summer it would be best for you to wear bright colors such as bright khaki colors. Moreover, pastel colors are also ideal in the summer.

Cuff The Pants

When wearing corduroy pants in summer then cuffing them would be a good choice. It is because exposed ankles make you feel better in the warm weather. Make sure you don’t wear skinny corduroy pants as it is hard to cuff them, and wearing ankle-exposing shoes would be great.

One Corduroy Item

If you are wearing a corduroy item in the summer make sure you stick to only one item. It is because corduroy is the fabric that is more suitable for winter. And if you wear this fabric in summer too much then it looks awkward.

Evening Wear

If you are considering wearing a corduroy item then the best time for wearing it in summer would be in the evening, it is because the evenings in summer are usually cold.

The looks, feel, warmth, and style of corduroy items are loved by everyone. Whether it's summer or winter you can wear this fabric but you will need to consider some important things for that.