Can You Use Embroidery Thread For Sewing Or Not

Many people like to sew clothes themselves instead of hiring a tailor for this purpose. But sewing clothes is not so easy, you need some skills for it. If you wonder if you can use embroidery thread for sewing or not, you must read this guide to get your answer.

What Is An Embroidery Thread

An embroidery thread is thicker as compared to a regular thread. It is mostly used to enhance the look of your dress by creating a design on it. It is also available in different colors and is extra thick.

Why People Use Embroidery Thread

Some people use embroidery thread just to add some design to their dresses. You can insert this thread in the sewing machine’s needle just like an ordinary thread and create any design you like on your dress.

Fabrics For Embroidery Thread

As we know the clothes are made up of thread which is in turn made up of different fabrics. The most common fabrics for embroidery thread are polyester, rayon, and cotton. These are stronger than the normal embroidery threads and also provide extra toughness.

How To Use Embroidery Thread

When you want to use the embroidery thread in your sewing machine, you have to bring down the feed dog just a little bit. When you are threading the machine, make sure the bobbin is full. Then, put it back in its original place. 

How Strong Is The Embroidery Thread

If we compare the embroidery thread with the normal thread, you can clearly see the difference between the toughness of both types of threads, the embroidery thread is surely the stronger one because it runs through fabric multiple times.

The sewing machine is a sensitive product and can stop working even due to a slight problem, but there is no need to worry because its solution is very easy.



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