Can You Use A Soldering Iron To Burn Wood

Burning is an artistic technique with which many attractive décor things are made. If you are looking forward to burning the wood with a soldering iron then the answer is yes, you can use a soldering iron to burn wood.

Type Of Soldering Iron

There are a lot of types of soldering iron but they are made for specific projects, such as for joining sheets or soldering electronics. If you want to use a soldering iron to burn the wood then simple soldering would be best as it provides more control with its small tip.


While using the soldering for burning wood make sure that its tip is hot enough to burn the wood, but should also be not so hot that it gouges through the wood. Each type of wood has its burning temperature, adjust the tip’s temperature according to it.

Clean The Tip

It is very important to clean the tip of the soldering iron throughout the project. You should use a metal brush to periodically scrape the tip of the soldering iron. This will keep the edge of the tip maintained and the heating temperature even from start to finish.


Before using the soldering iron on the actual wood make sure you also test it on a piece of wood, it will help you know its performance and your hold over it.


– Practice again and again – Use a little pressure to burn the wood – The right temperature should be used – Keep cleaning the tip – Use the slender or pointiest tip

If you are unable to get a wood-burning set then you can also use a soldering iron to burn the wood. When using this you will need to be very careful and follow the tips to do your work perfectly.



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