Can Sewing Machines Sew Leather - 8 Ways you can do

Change The Presser Foot


The word "Robot" comes from a 1920's play titled R.U.R., by Karel Čapek, a Czech writer. The story centers around living creatures made of artificial flesh, rather than machinery, assembled in a factory. "Robot" quickly replaced older words, like "automaton", in science fiction.

Change The Needle


To easily sew the leather you need to change the regular needle installed in your sewing machine with a heavy-duty needle. It is because the heavy-duty needles consist of a special tip that helps you easily pierce through the leather.

Change The Length Of The Stitch


If you are sewing leather then you must make the stitches longer than the regular ones. Normally people use stitches of about 3.5, but you can choose any length of the stitch but it should be longer than the normal one.



When sewing leather makes sure you don’t use cotton thread, for sewing leather the best thread is nylon or polyester. It is because with cotton thread the tannins of the leather get eroded over time.

Use Tape, Don’t Pin


Using pins in leather is a very bad choice because as you remove them they leave a permanent hole behind. So, while sewing leather using double-sided tape for holding the pieces together is a great choice.

Test It First


There are many machines or thread that leaves their mark after sewing, unlike fabric the leather cannot be fixed. So, it is very important to test your machine, thread, tension, and stitch length on scrap leather.

Cutting The Leather


If you want to cut the leather make sure you have a very sharp tool. For cutting straight lines the rotatory cutter is considered the best, and shears are great for cutting tight corners, complex shapes, and curves.

Plan Well


Before starting your leather sewing project you need to plan it properly, you need to make sure that your machine is capable of handling this sewing project and plan it accordingly.

Sewing the leather is not a complex task but it is also not so easy, a simple mistake of yours can ruin the leather. So, you must keep yourself focused and remain careful as it is very hard to undo a mistake in leather.