Can Crochet Be Done By Machine

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Crocheting is a difficult task and needs a lot of practice to be done perfectly, that’s why most people look for a crochet machine. Are there any crochet machines? And is it wise to use them? Let’s see.

In reality, no machine exists for crochet, none of the crochet items are made in a machine-operated factory. Well, there may be some machines available for crocheting but their results are not so effective.

Crochet Machines


All of the crocheting work is done by hand, and all the items in which crochet is used are made by hand. This is the specialty of crochet that its stitches can only be done by hand perfectly.

How Crochet Is Done


The main reason why crocheting can’t be done by machines is that the stitches in crochet are very complicated and are very hard for the machine to do. There may be some crochet machines but their result will not be good, it will not have an attractive look.

Why The Machines Can’t Crochet


There is a machine for crocheting named COMEZ, this machine consists of compound needles. This machine is usually used by the companies for mass production of multiple types of textiles. The process used by this machine is known as warp knitting.

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Well, some crochet offers to crochet but still, most people prefer to do crocheting by hand. The reason behind this is that the quality of the crochet done by machine is not so good, they may mimic the crochet but can’t duplicate it.

Why People Prefer Hand-Made Crochet


Tips while crocheting with hand

Adjust the tension according to yourself, at which you feel comfortable

Find the perfect hook for yourself

Hold the hook in a grip with which you stay comfortable

Use bulky yarn or multiple strand

Take breaks while crocheting or you will end up tiring yourself


If you want a crochet machine because you are unable to crochet fast then it would be better for you to practice improving yourself other than looking for a machine. It is because the finish given by the machine is not as great as that given by the hands.