Can A Serger Do A Coverstitch

Normally serger machines have an option for cover stitching but if yours don’t then it can be a little difficult for you to do a cover stitch. Well, nothing is impossible you can master the technique with some practice.

Set up

First of all, you need to set the serger up and then thread the needles correctly. Then you need to rotate the hand heel at one full turn towards yourself.

Drag Needle Thread Under The Foot

Once you do this, you need to drag the needle thread under the foot with the help of tweezers, you need to slide the tip of the tweezers under the presser foot.

Place The Cloth

You can start your sewing process by placing the cloth to be sewn on the right side and under the foot.

Good news for left handed people

When sewing it is very important for you to not sew the cloth to make a chain, if you don’t stop and continued with it at the end of the cloth then it causes trouble. It can break the thread and can make you rethread the serger machine.

Spin The Handwheel

Once you reach the end of the thread you must spin the handwheel again until the needles make it to the uppermost point, after that you can release the thread.

Pull The Needle

You need to pull the needle towards yourself, you can do this by raising the power of the presser foot and by using only tweezers.


You need to get a tail of 4 inches on both of the needles, to create the tails like this you may have to cut the threads. It is a little difficult but you need to do it correctly to get a good coverstitch result.

Cut It Off

After sewing, you need to pull the fabric carefully from the presser foot. As you remove it, it will leave a looper thread you can simply cut that thread directly.

Coverstitching your cloth is a great choice as it provides a detailed finishing, but this process can be a little difficult without a cover stitching machine. All you need to do is to remain calm and do this process carefully and you will master the skill.