Bucket Hat Pattern Ideas 11 Best ideas for Sewing Masters

Bucket hats are very attractive and provide an amazing look. Most people prefer to wear them in summer to remain protected from the sun but you can also wear them in winter. If you are looking forward to sewing a bucket hat then make sure you follow the given steps.

First cut the outer fabric to get the pieces of pattern you need which are 1 crown, 4 brims, and 2 sides. Take the short side and match them with the right sides of the lining fabric. Make sure you sew and backstitch each side whenever you start and stop

Press The Seams Open

Let the seam allowance open at the outer side of the fabric, it will allow you to have a casual and nice look as it is easier to sew when the seam allowances are stitched flat.

The crown should be pinned with the right sides and the notches should be matched with the side seams, then you will need to sew the crown. After that, again take the seam allowances and press them towards the crown. Then seam allowance should be edge stitched towards the crown.

Pin The Crown

One brim should be pinned at the short side seams and the other brim should be pinned with all the remaining brims on the right side. Then you can sew and backstitch all the four side seams.

Pin The Brims

Press The Seams Open

Press the seams open again and start edge stitching around the seam, it helps to keep the allowance open and flat.

Sew The Brim

You can sew the outer edge of the brims after placing the right sides of the brim together and matching their outer circle.

Once you have sewn the brims, take a pink shear and trim the seam allowance. After trimming, turn the right side of the brim and press it flat.

Trim And Press Flat

Topstitch the edges of the brim but ¼ inch away from the edge. You can make the hat a great look by stitching many rows and small circles around the brim.


The brim should be pinned with the right side, then take the side seams of the brim and match them with the side seams of the side. After that sew the seam in a curve to a straight edge. The seam allowance of ¼ inches should be cut after every 1 inch.

Pin The Brim And Sew The Seam

The wrong side of the lining should be placed at the wrong side of the hat, then fold all the raw edges of the lining inside and pin it.


For a secure lining, you will need to sew the seam line between the side and the brim. After that, your hat is ready to be worn.


These were the simple steps to help you sew a bucket hat for yourself, we hope you liked it and will sew your own bucket hat with the help of this guide.