Brother SE600 Sewing Machine Detailed Review 

If you are interested in sewing clothes, then you must know about the Brother SE600 Sewing Machine which is one of the best sewing machines that provide you quality results and is also very easy to use. Read this guide to know more about this amazing sewing machine!

What Is Brother SE600 Sewing Machine

Brother SE600 Sewing Machine is a combination machine that is not only best for sewing but also for embroidery. If your dress is already stitched and you want some design on it, use this sewing machine. The features of this machine are explained further!

You may have seen many sewing machines that come with simple features. But Brother SE600 sewing machine is a smart sewing machine that comes with a touch screen feature. You can select any embroidery design from the display screen.  

Touch Screen

Number of Designs 

You will be amazed to know how many designs you can create using this sewing machine. Let us tell you that there are about eighty built-in designs along with six embroidery lettering fonts that let you design your dress just like you want. 

Automatic Needle Threader


The automatic needle threader is one of the major features of this sewing machine. We can say that this machine is a combination of embroidery and sewing that perfectly pushes the thread through the needle. Thus, it makes it easy for you to sew your clothes just the way you like. 

We know that smart sewing machines today have a number of sewing stitches that let you create stitches and designs just like you desire. It means you can create patterns other than the built-in ones. So, there are about 103 built-in sewing stitches in this amazing sewing machine along with ten styles of auto-size buttonholes.

Sewing Stitche

Digitizing Software

As we know Brother SE600 Sewing Machine is a smart sewing machine, so digitizing software has been installed in it. This software allows you to get a 4 x 6 repositionable hoop by splitting your design using this software. When you are done with repositioning, you can lock the hoop into another position and start stitching. 

Easy To Use

There is no rocket science in learning how to use this sewing machine. You can simply get help from the user guide provided along with this machine’s package or watch YouTube videos regarding it. You will learn how to use it properly! Thus, it is best for beginners.


Today, it is very difficult to find affordable products with good quality. But when it comes to Brother SE600 Sewing Machine, you do not have to worry about your budget and the quality of the machine. You can easily get this sewing machine for under $400. 


We have explained one of the best and smart 2-in-1 sewing machines so you could get it to meet your sewing and embroidery needs. We have also tested this product personally and we are highly satisfied with it that’s why we recommend you should get it!