Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine

When someone is new to sewing clothes, he is not aware of the sewing machine he should buy. If you are also one of those people and finding it difficult to find the best sewing machine for yourself, we suggest you buy this one. Read this guide to know more about it!

What is Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine 

You must be thinking about why we have suggested you buy this sewing machine and what is special about Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine. Let us tell you it is a computerized sewing machine that is very easy to understand and use. Its features are described further!

LCD Display 

This sewing machine comes with an LCD Display that makes it easy to see different stitching patterns and designs. You can choose any of them you like. This screen makes all the designs clearly visible to you so you can find the best one for your dress. 

Treadle Power Source

You can operate this sewing machine with electricity. As long as there is electricity, you can use this sewing machine otherwise it gets turned off. Let us tell you this sewing machine is treadle powered and its body is made up of metal.

Long Lasting

You do not need to worry about the longevity of the Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine at all. Our experts have already tested this sewing machine and we are highly satisfied with it. Spending money on its purchase would surely be worth it!


You may have seen many people who go for affordable products instead of considering the quality of the product. But when it comes to Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine, you neither have to worry about your budget nor about the quality of the sewing machine, it’s all perfect1

Automatic Needle Threader

Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine comes with an automatic needle threader that makes it smarter and eye-catchy. No one could resist using it at least once in his life, no matter if he knows how to use a sewing machine or not. The needle perfectly moves through the fabric.

Extra Accessorie

Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine not only comes with some stitching patterns and a needle but some other accessories are also included in this package. These accessories include an instruction manual, twin needle, and 3-piece needle set. 7 sewing feet and many more..

Availability of Light

We know that it is difficult for us to stitch clothes at night because there is very low light. But when we talk about stitching using Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine there is LED light that comes with it. This light allows you to sew clothes even at night which is very close to the needle.

There are many smart features in Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine that make you use it for stitching beautiful patterns on your dresses. It comes with 100 unique built-in sewing stitches. What are you waiting for then? Try it out!