What are the Best Vintage sewing patterns for men? 

The sizes for the men's vintage clothing are running very low, so in this case the thing is to sew them at home. For those who don't know the sewing patterns of vintage clothing for men, some of the sewing patterns are elaborated below.

Wide Trousers

This design is of the early 1930s, for making these trousers you can use a peaked back for braces or you can install the belt loops and waistband. This trouser does not sit on your hips like the modern pants, these trousers sit on the natural waist.


The fabric you should use for sewing a tailcoat is wool or a heavy silk, for lining you can use a lightweight silk. This tailcoat consists of 24 buttons at the front, pockets should also be sewn. This coat looks very well, neat , and fully modern.

This vintage sewing pattern looks stunning, this waistcoat was always worn with tailcoats with a bow or a tie. You can sew it in any color you want but the color black would be suggested by us. It can be made from wool or silk, you can use a lightweight silk or linen for lining.

U-front Waistcoats

Motoring Coat

It is a type of overcoat which was made from sturdy fabrics to protect the clothes from the grime of the road. If you are sewing a motoring coat then we would suggest you use wool melton, heavy linen, canvas, or any other heavy fabric.

Bermuda Shorts

The bermuda shorts have soft pleats on each of the sides of the fly front and center front opening. Adjustable waistband is installed at the upper edge of the back and buttons are included at the front.

Men’s Shirt

This vintage sewing design consists of back pleats and a button-down collar which is optional. It consists of full sleeves, buttoned cuffs, front button closing, and button pockets. 


These were some of the most stunning and easy to sew vintage sewing patterns for men. We hope this information has helped you in any way.



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