10 Sewing Tricks Professionals Refuse To Share 

Once you have started sewing you only want to improve that and want your sewing to look more amazing and professional. There are some important tips which can help you achieve your wish. Make sure to follow the tricks given below.

Wide Casings And Elastic

Most of the sewers prefer to use the skinny elastic and small casing, especially when the fabric is not available that much. It looks tempting but it also looks cheap, so it would be better if you avoid using it. It will provide an amazing look if you just use wide elastic and casings.  

While sewing, if the sewing pattern calls Hem for ½, make sure you add some extra length to it so you have a hem of about 1-½ to 2’’. With this trick the garment looks more expensive and attractive. Another benefit of this trick is that you can lengthen the garment when needed.

Wide Hems And Cuffs

Keep Pressing

If you don't want to iron the fabric then make sure you keep pressing the seams of the cloth. When you keep pressing the seams the stitches get set and a polished structure of the garment is made. 

Finish Seam Allowance


In sewing keeping the seam allowance finished gives your garment a professional look, the finished seam allowance refers to keeping the edges of the garment from fraying. The pinked edge does not provide a good look, so use a zigzag because it looks well over the edges 

The main thing which gives a garment a professional look is its settled collar, if the collar is not staying down then it can be bad. And nothing feels more annoying to a person than smoothing the collar down. So make sure you always understitch the facings and collar.

Understitch The Facings And Collar

Use Coverstitch Or Double Needle To Finish The Knit

If you want to get a clean finished look of the knits through a sewing machine then you should use a double needle to do this stitch. Otherwise, you can also use a coverstitch machine to get this stitch done. 

Keep Stitching

It is very hard to stay stitching but if you keep stitching in a line it helps to give a professional look to the garment. It also helps to get curved edges done perfectly and prevents them from getting stretched or saggy while you are sewing.

 Cutting Skill

It is very important for you to master your cutting skills, because it looks messy if thread is hanging off the garment. A garment should look neat without any excess threading. A garment should be checked for protruding fabric and additional cuts should be made.

Stitch Length

A huge difference is made in the quality of sewing with the stitch lengths. When sewing make sure you keep the stitch lengths short, it is not that long lengths look bad but shorter lengths look more professional and provide a durable stitch. 

Thread And Fabric Color

When sewing a garment make sure the color of both thread and the fabric are properly matched. It is because if both of the colors are the same then the thread will not be noticeable and will provide a professional look to the garment.


Most of the sewists have a problem that their sewing does not look professional. Well, it is because you are missing some main tricks of sewing which are used by professional sewists. Make sure you follow these tricks to improve your sewing.