Best Sewing Machine Brands

If you visit the market, you will see sewing machines of numerous brands but there are only some which are best. Some sewing machine brands are famous because of the quality of their sewing machine. Here we will tell you about those famous brands.

Singer Sewing Machines

You would have heard of Singer sewing machines. Singer Company was founded by Isaac Merritt Singer. He was the first to make a good working sewing machine for home use. His company started to grow due to the amazing performance of the machines and now comes in the list of best brands.

Janome is a Japanese leading company in the market of sewing machines. Janome is the first company to introduce a computerized sewing machine for home use. Their computerized sewing machines are made of high-quality materials and include countless features.

Janome Sewing Machine

Brother Sewing Machine

Brother is also one of the most famous companies for sewing machines. Brother offers a huge variety of sewing machines of all types. Here you can get small, large, simple, computerized, etc. every type of machine. They are also famous for their incredible services.

Viking Sewing Machine

Viking sewing machines is a famous company for its incredible production of computerized sewing machines. Viking sewing machines were once known as Husqvarna sewing machines.

Bernina sewing machines are a famous brand based in Switzerland. It is a high-end sewing machine business that sells machines in multiple countries like Germany, Australia, Japan, etc. it is famous for its great quality products and is a little more expensive than other brands.

Bernina Sewing Machine

Pfaff Sewing Machine

Pfaff sewing machines is a Germany-based brand that was founded in 1862. It is a premium brand that is famous for its world-class production of high-end sewing machines. The build material, features, and performance of Pfaff machines are considered the best.

Juki Sewing Machine

Juki sewing machines is a Japanese Company that offers electronic, mechanical, and computerized sewing machines for home use. Juki brand has also been reputed for its high-quality sewing machines.


In this guide, we have described the best sewing machine brands in the whole world. We have this information was helpful to you.