Baby Bib Sewing Pattern - These 6 in trending 

Normally, baby bibs are available in every shop in the market but they are not much attractive. Their designs are simple and they are costly. So most people prefer to sew baby bibs at their homes. Here we present some of the best baby bib sewing patterns for you.


This sewing pattern is one of the simplest but most attractive. It looks great on babies. You can take a fabric of any color, but we would suggest pink. This pattern contains an oval-shaped bib with flowers line on it.

This sewing pattern of the bib is made of fabrics of multiple colors. You can take small pieces of different color fabrics and then sew them into an oval-shaped bib. This is extremely easy to make and also looks good.

Multiple Color

Different Lines Color

This sewing pattern of bib can be made by wastes of a fabric. You just need to take three or four long lines of fabrics of different colors and then sew them into a single bib. The look of the bib would be better if you will use light-colored fabrics.

Ruffled Baby Bib


This baby bib sewing pattern is a bit difficult to sew but looks great on kids. The neck side of the bib should be of a dark color, while the rest should be of light color. For decorating the bib, you can add two horizontal lines of ruffles.

The baby bib sewing pattern is very simple and easy to sew. It looks great on kids and is also liked by kids. For this, you just need to take a fabric with a print of penguins on it. Then cut that fabric and sew it into a bib.


Baby Name

This is an attractive and simple sewing pattern for a baby bib. For this, you can take any fabric of any color you like. Then sew that fabric into an oval-shaped bib. After that embroider the name of the kid in the middle of the bib.


These were some of the most attractive sewing patterns for baby bibs. We hope you would like them and will use them while making bibs for your kids.