Singer M1150 Sewing Machine Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

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  • Date: May 29, 2023
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A Singer sewing machine, one of the most well-known consumer goods in the world, is frequently used interchangeably with the sewing machine.

For years, the brand has been utilized because it is dependable, very effective, and provides high-quality stitching for homes and businesses.

When it comes to sewing, whether it’s components, equipment, machines, or materials, Singer can meet all of our needs and does so at fair and reasonable prices.

The Singer M1150 Review is a portable and lightweight sewing machine. Singer’s Start 1304 sewing machine has been improved. The M1150 is a simple-to-use machine that is suitable for beginners just starting out in the wonderful world of sewing.

Finding the best sewing machine is a difficult task. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, your sewing machine may make or break a project. As a result, it would be advantageous if you chose a machine that best fit your needs.

This review will go over the Singer M1150 Sewing Machine Review in detail, taking you through all of its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

About Singer m1150 Sewing Machine

Beginner sewing machines include simple, simplistic features that make them easy to use while also assisting the user in improving their stitching abilities.

It is not a computerized sewing machine and has limited functionality to prevent overwhelming the operator with options.

Check our buying guide on best computerized sewing machines for beginners

It teaches the user the essentials of a sewing machine.

Once the sewer has mastered the instrument, he or she can upgrade to a more advanced model with a number of functions and settings.

Our research is focused on the Singer M1150 to determine if it is the best singer sewing machines for beginners. The Singer M1150 must be evaluated to see if it can provide aspiring sewers with a delightful sewing experience while also refining and growing a beginner’s sewing skills.

The Features of The Singer m1150 Sewing Machine

The Singer M1150is one of the greatest entry-level machines on the market. Given that it is a beginner-level machine, many of its features are basic. As a result, the Singer M1150 accessories are also very useful and straightforward to operate.

The primary features of the Singer M1150 are as follows.

1. Presser Feet

The Singer M1150 comes with three different presser feet. Presser feet are an essential sewing accessory that make stitching more convenient and uncomplicated. The Singer M1150 comes with an all-purpose foot, a zipper foot, and a buttonhole foot.

The all-purpose foot is used for both straight and zigzag sewing. They can be identified as the two toe-like components on either side of the needle.

The zipper foot, which can be attached to either side of the needle, is specifically designed for stitching zippers.

With the buttonhole foot, you may apply buttonholes to your fabric. It works in conjunction with machines that stitch buttonholes in one or four steps.

2. Stitch Applications

Depending on the project and fabric, you can choose a stitch application for the Singer M1150. There are 57 distinct stitch applications to choose from.

Some of the stitch types are straight stitch, zig-zag stitch, satin stitch, blind hemstitch, scallop stitch, and so on.

All of these stitches allow you to work with a wide range of fabrics and patterns. This simple function assists newbie sewers in learning various stitching techniques.

3. LED Lighting

The Singer M1150 machine comes with an LED light to illuminate your workspace. This light illuminates when you turn on your machine.

It is really beneficial to see dark stitching on darker fabrics, and it helps you thread your needles.

4. Free Arm Integrated

A free arm is a sewing region that is unfettered. Simply sew pants and trousers using your free arm. The Singer M1150 accessories portion is readily detachable. You now have the ultimate free arm.

The free arm can also be utilised to wrap small circular items around to shrink the workspace.

5. Stitch Selection Dial

Many expensive and sophisticated sewing machines have digital screens and interfaces. As a result, they are difficult to use, particularly for beginners, as opposed to the Singer M1150.

To select your pre-stitch, crank the circular dial. It simplifies the process of determining the stitch’s length, breadth, and other characteristics.

6. Twin Needle Sewing

The Singer M1150 supports twin needle sewing. This indicates that it can sew two parallel lines at the same time.

The sewing function is used for decorative stitching. Twin needles can be used to create neat hems, decorative topstitching, and pintucks.

Pros Of m1150

· Easy to Use

Even those who have never seen or heard of a sewing machine can rapidly learn how to use it with the help of the handbook.

Singer has made the instruction manual available on the internet, making the basic instructions accessible from anywhere.

· Portable and Light in Weight

You don’t have to worry about bringing it because it’s handy, portable, and lightweight.

It also takes up minimal space, making it suitable for your sewing class, seminars, and workshops.

· Very cost-effective

Beginner sewing machines are usually affordable, but this one is less than $100; toys and other products are almost always more expensive.

Even the Singer M1150 , the other sewing machine for beginners, is more expensive.

However, you can use it for a short period of time to pursue your interest and finally become a great seamstress. The best thing is that a Singer sewing machine at this price is an excellent value because it is manufactured by Singer.

· Good Set of Features:

You don’t need to be concerned about additional sewing machine components because the Singer M1150’s core attributes are as straightforward as they can be.

Adjusting thread tension is straightforward; simply set up the sewing machine as indicated, position it, and begin stitching.

Simple features, such as a simple stitch option and a predetermined stitch length, are ideal since they allow you to concentrate exclusively on stitching.

Dealing with other concerns can be highly distracting, which is not what you need if you are just starting out with sewing.

Cons of Singer m1150

· Not very durable

You want to sew more once you’ve mastered sewing with efficiency and talent. You want to try out new fabrics, tackle a larger sewing project, and sew as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the Singer M1150 is not designed to sew thick fabrics. You might need a different sewing machine, one designed for intermediate or experienced users.

· Only for very thick fabrics

It can’t stitch many heavy fabrics, but the ones it can’t are particularly thick denim, blankets, and other harsh fabric clothes.

· Large Sewing Projects Are Not Recommended

The qualities of the Singer M1150 are not suitable for large-scale sewing operations, but it can conduct repairs and even complete your project. It is insufficient for individuals who need more sewing thread abilities, power, and speed.

Certain sewing machines, once again, are better suited for this.

Performance of Singer m1150 Sewing Machine:

It is not as powerful as a heavy-duty sewing machine, nor is it as powerful as a sewing machine for intermediate sewers, such as a Singer sewing machine for beginners. It is, nevertheless, more than adequate for beginners.

It can work with a wide range of textiles, from light to heavy. There are specific needle and thread recommendations for each type of fabric.

It is, however, particularly proficient at working with thin textiles, such as fine cotton, silk, muslin, or any other type of cloth used for daily wear.

It is capable of stitching thread onto medium-weight textiles such as tightly woven polyester, linen, and other comparable materials.

However, it is less effective when sewing thread on light fabric, such as cotton, or when dealing with problematic fabric. It can, however, wear multi-layered materials.

It is less powerful and runs slower than the other sewing machines, which is especially upsetting for persons with intermediate and advanced talents.

This is understandable given that it was created for folks who are just starting or learning to sew.

The Singer M1150 has a plethora of amazing features. As a result, they bring a tonne of performance with them. Let’s take a closer look at the Singer M1150 performance features.

· Simple installation

The box contains all of the Singer M1150 accessories. Three presser feet, bobbins, spool pin felt, needles, and a foot controller are included with your machine. You should just take a few minutes to completely configure your system.

The setup tutorial is quite straightforward to understand and will surely be useful. However, because Singer no longer utilises paper, you can now access the manual online and print it.

· Heavy Material Stitching

The Singer M1150 excels at little repairs and changes to heavier fabrics. This is not a heavy-duty machine. It would be preferable if you avoided stitching thick, multi-layered materials with it.

The Singer M1150 sewing machine can stitch through denim or canvas when the right needle and thread are used. Although it is not its major purpose, you can utilise the extra-high presser foot raise to aid you with thick textiles.

· Sewing Buttonholes

Unfortunately, one of the Singer M1150 significant drawbacks is its four-step manual buttonhole. Others feature buttonholes that function in a single step.

Before you can sew a buttonhole, you must first determine its length, width, and location. Stitch each of the four stages, adjusting the dial for each stitch from step one to four.

This feature is simple once you get the hang of it, but it may be difficult for novices.

How Does The Singer m1150 Tackle The Competition?

The Singer M1150 is the most basic entry-level machine available. This level of competition is intense. Clearly, the Singer M1150 remains the greatest. Here’s how it reacts to all of the criticism:

·Because of its vast selection of preset stitches, beginners will find the Singer M1150 easy to operate. Other machines’ stitch requirements must typically be set.

·Its compact size and sleek design make it portable and easy to transport. The majority of other machinery is either too large or too heavy to move.

·It has a robust metal frame, which ensures its durability and lifespan. Other sewing machines do not provide the same level of dependability or quality of construction.

·The price is quite low and economical. When compared to comparable machines in this price range, the Singer M1150 has much more functionality.

Should You Purchase the Singer M1150?

The Singer 1500 is the finest pick for a number of reasons. Here are a few reasons why you might be interested in this equipment:

· User Friendly Design: The Singer M1150 is the most user-friendly machine. Because of the preset stitches and simple dial, using this machine is a breeze.

· Ideal for Beginners: Because it contains all of the basic functionality, this machine is great for beginners. This sewing machine is ideal for your learning process.

· Train Your Sewing Skills: You may have some sewing and sewing machine experience, but your skills could be improved. You are not yet capable of operating intermediate or advanced sewing machines. It is perfect to polish your abilities on a sewing machine like the Singer M1150 because it is not a demanding machine but is still cheaply priced.

· Facilitate Your Hobby: If you wish to take care of your skirt, add a design, or practise some ornamental stitches, the Singer M1150 can help. Light sewing projects may be finished quickly with it, and it is simple to use and work on.

· Second Machine: This machine is ideal as a second machine if you need to sew quickly or for small assignments. It includes everything you need for a simple project.

· Long Lasting: The Singer M1150 is constructed with unrivalled quality. The needles, accessories, and entire metal frame are of the greatest quality. It is portable, made of light materials, and not overly heavy. It is not intended for heavy-duty stitching; rather, it is intended for hobby, practise, and training purposes.

·Rigorous: It can resist the rigours and frequency of use for its intended purpose.

·Strong: When you can sew, you’re ready to move on to a sewing machine with more features and a stronger construction.

· Comes with Warranty: The Singer M1150s comes with an excellent warranty. This warranty demonstrates Singer’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

· But it is obviously not long-lasting; it is not the type you buy for durability. You purchase it to hone and improve your sewing skills.

Final Words – Is It Recommended or Not?

Yes it is 100% recommended for beginners.

There are sewing machines designed just for beginners, and the Singer M1150 may be the finest option.

Its weight, price, and feature set are suited for the needs and skill level of a novice.

This sewing machine is great for amateurs and those who like to make rapid repairs to clothing and other objects.

They can enjoy using this machine’s straight stitch feature, a decorative stitch on clothing, or stitching plain text or flowing text on the item.

Sewing is an excellent hobby for people who do not have the skills of an advanced or intermediate user.

Many people consider sewing to be an art form, thus those who own a fine sewing machine would be prudent to pursue this hobby.

Sewing machines are available for advanced users, therefore it will not be enjoyable for them. However, if they want to promote the happiness and excitement of sewing, this is also a terrific gift.

If you’re new to sewing, the Singer M1150 is an excellent choice. It’s loaded with features and accessories that will make stitching a breeze for you. The various stitching tools and accessories are quite easy to use and learn.

Even though this system has a few flaws, beginning users should have no trouble utilising it. The main disadvantages are laborious threading and the difficult buttonhole. These disadvantages are readily solved after you become acquainted with the device and gain some practice.

So, what’s keeping you waiting? Get a Singer M1150 and start sewing right now!

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