All The Best Sewing Machine Cases You Can Buy – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Every seamstress understands that choosing a sewing machine takes time, effort, and research. We also exercise extreme caution when purchasing fabric (even though we always buy more than we need). We are not as cautious while purchasing a sewing machine case.

Perhaps it’s not essential to think too hard about cases, bags, and other carrying or storage options. Nobody, however, enjoys spending money.

And if you make a hurried decision, just that could happen. Even if your new sewing machine case is beautiful, it will be useless if your machine cannot fit inside.

Here in this guide we have reviewed all the best sewing machine cases that you can buy for your sewing machine.

Reviews of The Best Sewing Machine Cases:

1. Singer Universal Hard Carrying Sewing Machine Case

SINGER | Universal Hard Carrying Case, White, Impact Resistant Plastic, Fits Most Free-Arm Portable Sewing Machines - Sewing Made Easy

Key Specifications

ColorSnow White
MaterialPolycarbonate, Plastic
StyleHard Carrying Case

This is a singer free arm sewing machine carrying case. The size of this machine is great and it easily fits most of the machines. It comes with safety lock metal latches. Also, its built-in handle gives you a secure and comfortable grip.

This is the only long-lasting case available for a high-quality sewing machine. Because the bottom has a low tray, the machine may be hooked up while it is on it, eliminating the need to remove it every time. It can be used as a storage case when not in use to avoid scratches.

Although the plastic appears to be light, the metal clips appear to be extremely sturdy. When lifted, a larger machine that fills out the shell more may bend out the bottom. It would have to be properly and firmly closed. It also has a few scuffs, especially on the bottom but also on the lid.

Customer Reviews:

This case is lightweight and easy to use. My machine fits perfectly. It’s not padded in any way which I suppose could be an issue if you were travelling with it frequently. But mine goes from closet to table so it fits all my needs.

Our Verdict

This is a great sewing machine carrying case that you can buy. If budget is not your issue then this machine case won’t make you feel regret.

2. Janome Universal Sewing Machine Tote Bag

Janome Black Universal Sewing Machine Tote, Canvas

Key Specifications

ColorWhite, Grey
Power SourceCorded Electric

Product Description

Need a lightweight tote bag to remain under the carry-on weight limit? Look no farther than this Janome universal sewing machine travel box, which weighs less than 2 pounds (1.7 lbs, to be precise).

The light weight is due to the canvas material and creative design. The straps are made of velcro, another lightweight material. There are no unnecessary pieces, divisions, or pockets on the bags. There is only the main compartment and a small pocket on the front.

The velcro and canvas materials are thin, but not at all flimsy. The layers are abrasion resistant to protect the sewing machine. Furthermore, the internal walls of the container are padded to absorb shocks.

The tote bag may comfortably fit a 16-inch sewing machine. Furthermore, the 12″ height and 8″ breadth are more than suitable for most machines.

The carrying case is great for sewers who appreciate appearance. There are nine different colour combinations available, ranging from simple red to purple paisley.

Customer Reviews:

This has a hard bottom, which makes it much more functional. The side pocket is just a pocket, which could be improved by putting in compartments, etc. The zipper for the main sewing machine section goes all the way down, which makes it easier to get the machine in and out.

Our Verdict

This sewing machine case easily fits most of the standard machines. Buying this will be a great decision.

3.  Singer Sewing Machine Totes Case

Key Specifications

ColorWhite, Grey
Power SourceCorded Electric

You won’t have to hunt far for a tote bag that is compatible with a Singer portable serger. This canvas bag is universal, although being designed expressly for Singer machines.

It’s a little bag, measuring 12 inches long and 1.5 inches broad. As a result, while it cannot handle large or standard machines, it is suitable for sergers and portable machines. The base and internal walls are also well-cushioned. The full zip ensures perfect closure and protection.

You have a front zipped pocket on the outside for carrying accessories and kits. The ergonomic handle, which is padded on the inside, makes it easy to carry the tote bag about.

It can be used as a storage bag at home to keep dust and other particles at bay.

Singer has been a well-known brand name since 1851. As a result, when you buy this item, you can be confident that you’re getting the best in terms of utility and quality.

Customer Reviews:

This bag is great! It is much better to carry my vintage 1948 Singer Featherweight than the old hard case.

This bag has pockets to hold accessories and other things.

The Singer name on the front is a nice touch.

Our Verdict

If you have a portable sewing machine then this bag will work great for you.

4. Tutto Sewing Machine Bag With Wheels


Key Specifications

MaterialNylon, Canvas
Weight12.77 pounds

The Tutto Sewing Machine Case on Wheels is a little more expensive than your average sewing machine tote, but it is well-made.

The rolling tote structure is strong enough to keep your sewing machine, quilting machine, or serger safe. Ballistic nylon is used on the outside. It is significantly heavier and weighs close to 10 pounds as a result of the increased strength.

The Tutto Machine on Wheels Case’s wheels circle more quickly than those of its competitors, and it can stack up to 150 pounds.

The two external straps, which may be tucked away inside when not in use, hold these stacked objects.

The handle folds over the top of the case when not in use. As a result, once you’ve uploaded your sewing machine, this case folds to a depth of only 3′′.

There are multiple zippered pockets inside and outside the wheeled case, and the case opens on the top and front. Your fabric is a wonderful fit for the mesh pocket.

If you have a larger sewing machine or combo machine, the 2XL machine carrying case from them is a wonderful alternative. It has an inside dimension of 28 inches by 18 inches by 14 inches.

Customer Reviews:

I am a quilter and have several machine carriers. Was looking for a new piece of luggage for a trip. This caught my eye. After I ordered it, I realised it was for a sewing machine! LOL. It was so easy to pack for a week-long trip. I’ll take it ALL!! Huge , open centre. Pockets galore! Heavy fabric….super strong zipper. Best part….wheels turn on a dime. I can actually pull it loaded with two fingers! I am over 70….this is MINE!!

Our Verdict

This is a great case for your machines that you can easily carry around.” 

5. Artbin 6922SP Sewing Machine Tote With Wheels

Key Specifications

MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride
Closure TyoeBuckle

The Tote Express Rolling Bag’s padded shoulder strap and side handles make it simple to transport. The tote has four wheels, making it easy to transport to an art class, workshop, or school. Maximum storage space paired with easy transport on wheels!

It has a useful design. The Tote Express Rolling Bag contains a top area with 26 loops for markers, pens, brushes, and other small items, and a bottom piece with a large, open base for heavier items such as a sewing machine or big crates.

It is made of strong materials. The sturdy polycanvas used to make the ArtBin Tote Express will withstand wear and tear. The bottom section is securely attached to the double rollerskate wheelbase.

The capacious Tote Express Rolling Bag can hold a variety of ArtBin Super Satchel boxes. gives you a ha

Customer Reviews:

It had to come from America as I could not find anything that would suffice from England. So ordered it via Amazon ….and I am

I was very pleased with it. There are two separate departments which come apart from the frame so if you find that you do not want

both compartments to pull around you can just have one. Very handy. Lots of space and I find it great for art classes and all my art materials.

Our Verdict

It is a great bag with wheels that you can use for storage. It is an ideal choice if you have to store other things apart from sewing machines.

Buying Guide – Things To Know Before Buying a Sewing Machine Carrying Case On Wheels:

If you need a sewing machine case then here are some things you should know about it.

 Is There Enough Space?

Before you consider quality, durability, and other useful features, there is one simple but vital thing to consider: the right size.

Sewing machines come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Even if you have a high-quality carrying case, it will be pointless if your sewing machine cannot or does not fit well inside of it.


In this circumstance, you certainly do not require any advice. Although it is not a required feature, I prefer to have a nice-looking casing.

Although your case should be visually appealing, quality should always come first.

Security and toughness

The primary purpose of the case is to provide protection. You want your machine to be secure while you move it from one location to another.

The stronger your case, the heavier your machine. As a result, a high construction quality will provide additional protection.

It usually also signifies that your case will be stronger.

Does it hold all of your sewing supplies?

When it comes to size, look for cases that will suit your machine while still leaving room for your accessories.

If you don’t have to, you can always bring anything in a different bag. However, having everything in one area is convenient.

 It is portable

While the portability of your machine is mostly determined by its weight, the case or tote may also play a role.

Pay particular attention to any carrying handles, shoulder straps, or rolling wheels on the case. Of course, if you have a small, portable sewing machine, a good, ergonomic handle might do the trick.

If you have a heavy machine then the best option for you is to go for a rolling tote sewing machine bag.


Even if it is not immediately obvious, a handle is essential.

A good handle is strong enough to hold the entire weight while still providing a secure grasp.

It should appear sturdy and securely attached to the case.

Practical Storage Space

It has as much to do with the organisation as it does with its size.

In general, the more divisions, the better.

Instead of a jumble in one or two large sections, numerous smaller compartments will help you to keep your accessories nice, ordered, and accessible.


What can be said about wheels?  You can select a carrying case with or without wheels.

So, think about it. Some manufacturers save money by employing less expensive materials. As a result, your case may appear to be brand new.

However, if the wheels cease turning, it is worthless. If you choose a case with wheels, look for wheels that are durable and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes it critical to keep your sewing machine covered when not in use?

This keeps dust out of it, which is important for equipment in general, but especially for electrical machinery. If you’re keeping your machine, try to keep it somewhere dry. If there is any moisture present, the operating parts of your machine may suffer. Sewing machine storage in damp basements is not a great idea.

How do you store your sewing supplies?

Flatware and office supply cabinets can be used to organise sewing supplies. Sewing tools, it just so happens, fit well in flatware and utensil drawer organisers! These organisers are available at practically any big-box retailer, or you may look for equivalent drawer organisers at office supply businesses.

Is it required to buy a sewing machine bag?

Yes, a sewing machine must be carried. However, if you want your sewing machine to last for years, invest in a tote bag. These bags offer the finest impact protection. You may also shield the sewing machine from dust and filth when it is not in use. There are numerous types of tote bags available, some of which incorporate rolling wheels.


A sewing machine tote is a godsend for individuals who use their sewing machines on the go. Furthermore, the tote bags’ wheels, handles, and other portable components make them easy to transfer. The best aspect is that the sewing machines will be safe in these backpacks.

Furthermore, there are many dust particles in the air that could clog the machine’s edges. You will also be able to protect the device from disasters. These bags might help you extend the life of your sewing machine. A dust-free machine will also run more efficiently than a dirty one.

It would be great if our sewing machine cases guide will help the sewists choose their sewing machine tote. Also, go through the buying guide to learn more about it.

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