Sewing a Button on Pants: Get To Know All About

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You will find buttons on nearly every garment today. While buttons can be handy, sometimes they can frustrate you. Attaching buttons to pants is the hardest part. Missing buttons can cause serious problems, making it essential to learn sewing. There are many options to fix missing buttons on your pants.

Sewingspark this blog will help you to sew a button onto your pants. If you have difficulty with sewing buttons, this article might be helpful.

What are the Best Ways to Put Buttons on Your Pants?

How to sew buttons on pants? You can sew your button by hand using a sharp stitch and sturdy thread. It depends on which type of button you are using. Pant button styles come in many styles, including a four-hole, two-hole or shank style.

Keep the original button that came out of your pants, if possible. If you do this, it will ensure that your buttonhole fits correctly. But if you lose it, don’t worry!

This quick method will allow you to make sure that your new button fits perfectly. Measure the length horizontally of the buttonhole, starting at the stitching on one side and ending at the seam on the opposite. You want to measure how long the space is.

Add 1/8 ” to this measurement. This measurement is the diameter of your pants’ button. This simple trick works as sewing machines often add an extra 1/8″ in the buttonhole to make it easier for the switch to pass through.

There is a wide variety of pants that include khakis. However, the button is usually 5/8″. It is possible to get the exact size by measuring your pants.

The button can be purchased in any craft or sewing outlet. However, it’s easier to find the exact shape and style you want for your pants if shopping online.

Sewing a 2-Hole Button

2-Hole Button
  • To match other sewing a button on pants, choose a 2-hole button. For a pair of pants that puts a lot of pressure on the pant leg, a 4-hole control is preferred, even if only one is available. But if the rest are 2-hole buttons, it will be sufficient!
  • Pierce your fabric below the button holes. Pull through.
  • Pant fabric is typically thick and sturdy. Avoid puncturing your skin with the material. To stop the needle from piercing your skin, you could use a thimble to hold it in place. Insert the needle on the opposite side of the sew a button on pants. The hand should be pushed down. 
  • Repeat the stitching process up to five more times. Next, thread the needle upward through the first buttonhole and down through the second. 
  • Lift the needle above the button. It would help if you made a “shank,” or a tangle, out of the thread. This can be done by ensuring you miss the button holes in the last up-down cycle.
  • Wrap the thread tightly around the button. Ensure you keep the loops closed to ensure the switch is securely reinforced. 
  • Lower the needle to the controller. Again, I need to catch the buttonholes. 
  • Tie the button on the underside of the control by making an elastic loop. Thread the needle through the loop, making a simple knot.
  • You can do this as often as needed to feel confident with the button.
  • To avoid sewing a button on pants undoing a knot accidentally, trim the thread just above the knot.
  • You can sew on four-hole buttons in two different ways.

Main Patterns

Four-hole buttons are typically sewn on one of two main patterns. An “X”-shaped shape is for jeans or heavier fabrics. This is a more masculine design. The second most commonly used pattern is “=.” Two parallel stitches are used to create the way. This is considered a more feminine design. To increase stability, most pants buttons will use the “X.”

If you are reattaching buttons, it is common to use the same pattern as before. However, this is entirely up to you. If your previous pattern was not stable enough or was too stressful for your needs, it’s time to change it.

There are two methods of attaching the sewing button on pant and fabric to each other. The traditional method involves sewing straight through the material and button, first from the front, then backward. The problem with this method is that the needle can’t be used to go from the back of the fabric through the buttonholes to the front.

The hole’s edge you aim for should be lined up with your thumbnail. Avoid covering the hole with your thumbnail, or you could be stabbed. This works for me, but I need to understand why. With my thumb, I am more likely than if I randomly poke the needle in the same direction. Could you do it?

If you are using lighter fabric, this method works better when sewing a button on pants. Sew directly below the button. This will make the switch a little looser. This is fine, but it shouldn’t be too loose. You’ll find out why in step 9.

Hand Sewing For Shanks

The hand- sewing a button on pants first and second steps are the same as the 2-hole buttons. The third and fourth steps have a slight difference. After you have completed these steps, sew the shank button on your pants.

It would help if you threaded the shank buttock button using the underside. To incorporate the shank button, you must place it in the middle. To make stitches, put the needle down.

To finish the process, you must bring the needle to the top. Don’t thread the needle through its bottom. Pass the hand down the side, and then make a couple of knots. Take out the excess thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Sew Buttons Neatly?

Use the needle for wrapping your thread around threads below the button. You must make six loops around all the thread bridges between the control and fabric. Pull tight, and then plunge the needle back into the base to tie off on the other side.

What Is Your Favorite Thread For Making Buttons For Pants?

The common thread to use is a T-21, or T27 spun thread or a T-24 core-spun. We recommend core spun yarns for buttons with sharp edges or metal buttons. With 1 6 stitches. We recommend using core spun yarn for control attaching.

How To Sew A Pants Button?

Patch the hole. I use fabric glue, some pieces of blue jeans, and other materials you might have. Remove any extra threads. Next, glue fabric glue to cover the hole in the waistband where the button was. Turn the front over and let dry.

Like to watch a handy video on how to sew a button on pants. Check eHowArtsandCrafts one of the most watched video.


They can be used not only to sew button on pants but also for a wide range of clothes. Now that you know how to sew buttons to pants, there is no need to rely on others.

Was sewing pants button an easy task? You already knew that. You can prevent wardrobe disasters. With this tutorial you are one step closer towards self-sufficiency. Now you can sew and have a happy life!

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