What Sewing Machine Has The Largest Throat?

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It is a pricey pastime however; when you have the Top Large-Throat Quilting Machines it is enjoyable and rewarding. If you’re just beginning to learn about quilting and are unsure whether a sewing or long-arm quilting device is suitable for you, then this is a detailed breakdown of the capabilities of each as well as how they operate along with their costs as well as what the advantages and disadvantages are of each.

The sewing experts at our company evaluate the large-scale throat quilting equipment at the Textiles Lab, measuring output quality, precision thread tension, as well as user-friendliness. When evaluating these machines we are looking for features such as an automatic threaded, adjustable presses needle pressure, foot pressure with built-in stitches, and an auto needle threaded. Let’s discuss what sewing machine has the largest throat.

What Are Large Throat Quilting Machines?

A large-throat quilting machine is one type of machine made for quilting. It has a bigger throat than a normal sewing machine, which enables the quilter to make larger quilts.

There are many advantages when using a large-throat quilting machine. These include the capability to make larger quilts and stitch complex designs.

If you’re looking for an industrial sewing machine that is able to handle quilts of large size the large-tooth quilting machine would be a great option.

What Is The Best Throat Size For Large-Sized Throat Quilting?

A suitable length of the throat for quilting lies between 9-12 inches. This lets you easily place huge pieces of fabric beneath your presser’s foot, and then move them when necessary, while still maintaining exact control over the process of quilting. 

With a greater throat size, it is also possible to make use of heavier materials like batting, and layers of space fabric without worrying about clogging your machine. In addition, having a bigger throat size is helpful for those who are trying to tackle difficult stitching techniques, such as free-motion quilting, or intricate patterns that require more space to move around.

What Is The Best Way To Measure The Throat Of An Embroidery Machine?

Measurement of the throat of a machine is essential to know the dimensions of the machine as well as the amount of space it has to work in. To gauge your best quilting sewing machine with large throat on a professional long-arm quilting machine it is necessary to begin by measuring from the right-hand part of the needle and the wall behind it.

This will provide you with an idea of the size of the gap between the two. It is then possible to measure from the side edge of the needle up to the front end of the bed or arm and this will show you the depth of your throat and provide you with an overall picture of the size.

Then make sure you measure from one edge to the other edge of your side along your bed or arm to get an accurate measurement of your throat. When you have these measurements, you are able to evaluate them against other devices and be sure it is suitable for your needs prior to buying.

Best Quilting Sewing Machine with Large Throat

1. SINGER | 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine with Accessory Kit

SINGER 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine With Accessory Kit

Features We Like

Comes With an Extension Table
Built-In Stitches
Decorative Stitches
Built-In Hard-Drive
Heavy-Duty Metal Frame

Product Description

SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine with large throat is a lightweight, compact device that delivers a powerful punch in terms of stitching speed. It can stitch up to 8100 stitches every minute. This is enough to speedily finish your projects.

The machine comes with an accessory kit, which includes buttonhole feet, a zipper foot as well as an extension table, the spool pin, the threaded, the spool cap, and a screwdriver. The extension table extends to a greater length and allows you to handle bigger projects.

The only issue is that it does not come with a hand wheel that has mechanical control, which means it is necessary to mount your machine onto an extension table if you intend to use it on tables.


  • Electronic Auto Pilot Mode
  • 600 stitches
  • Long-arm arm capability


  • Heavy
  • Limited accessories

2. Janome MC6650 Sewing and Quilting Machine: (Best Large Throat Quilting Machines)

Janome MC6650

Features We Like

Maximum Sewing Speed – 1,000SPM
Pre-Set Needle Positions
Flatbed made of metal for uniform fabric placement
Memorized Needle Up/Down
Extra Top Drop-in Bobbin
Manual Thread Tension Control
Excellent Feed System

Product Description

What sewing machine has the largest throat? This Janome machine has a stunning sewing and quilting machine visually as well as mechanically. It offers superior customer service. No matter if you’re just beginning to learn about quilting, or have been at it, for years it will become your preference.

The Janome MC6650 is extremely robust, and even though it’s not equipped with an industrial motor or massive needle bushings, it’s got sufficient power to complete the majority of sewing tasks. Additionally, it’s easy to operate.

The machine has a maximum stitch width of 9mm (the MC3900 and MC3950 both come with 12mm limitations) as well as the feeding system for the machine is one of the tops we’ve seen in a sewing machine.

We loaded the machine with quilting weight cotton (2 up to 3 ounces) and, starting with the slower pace, the machine did superbly. We also employed the Janome MCR6650 to sew canvas bags. The Bobbin could hold more than 80 yards.


  • Affordable
  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy in weight

3. Brother Luminaire XP1, XP2, and XP3

Husqvarna Designer Epic 2 and Ruby 90

Features We Like

Thanks to the Brother Luminaire series of sewing machines, which is the biggest threat, good Throat Sewing Machines for quilters can elevate their quilting work to the next stage by delivering high-quality outcomes every time.

The XP3 isn’t equipped with as many options for exposure, as the two other cameras, which could be a problem for novice photographers who want to have more control over how photographs look.

Product Description

There are three models in the Brother Luminaire range including sewing equipment that includes the XP1 as well as the XP2 and the XP3 models. These machines have been designed to speed up sewing projects and long-arm sewing machines with large throat space to quilt more easily than before. They have a big LCD touch screen that allows for simple navigation and control. They also have included tutorials and patterns to assist users in starting their projects as soon as they can.

In addition, every machine comes fitted with a range of helpful features like an automated thread cutter variable rate settings, buttonholes that are one step and a huge extension table, and many more. 


  • High-quality lighting with a contemporary style
  • Easy installation across a broad variety of configurations
  • Wide range of colors that are available for all models
  • It is possible to use them as table lamps
  • Compatible with the majority of fixtures


  • Limited file formats (JPEG only)

4. Husqvarna Designer Epic 2 and Ruby 90

Features We Like

The available Ruby 90 hoop will give you even more control over your normal sewing machine projects, permitting you to design intricate designs like appliqué letters, monograms, and lettering. 

With its wide range of stitches, an easy-to-use touch screen display, and tiny throat, easy-to-use functions, this machine is ideal for both experienced and novices alike.

Product Description

It is the Husqvarna Designer Epic 2 is a robust and versatile large throat sewing machines for quilting to quilt that is perfect for quilting that is high-end and sewing projects. Equipped with a dual-feeding system The Husqvarna Designer Epic 2 is capable of taking on many layers of fabric with ease and accuracy. It also comes with a BSR (Basting Stitch Regulator) to ensure that your seams are in a straight line and uniform.


  • Powerful, light, and simple to use.
  • A highly robust, stable blade system that can take on any task with ease. of fixtures


  • The battery that comes with it is not very durable.
  • It is not recommended for jobs that require a lot of force, where cutting quality is crucial

5. Heavy Duty: The Brother PQ1500SL Sewing Machine

Brother PQ1500SL

Features We Like

  • A pin that is adjustable extends below to move all the layers of a quilt into a seamless flow across the device. 
  • The spring-action quilting feet adjust to changes in the layers and the thickness of the fabric while it passes into the sewing machine. 
  • Alongside bobbins, needles, and other items, the unit comes with seven sewing feet that can be interchanged, including a Spring-action Quilting foot; walking foot; quarter-inch foot General-purpose foot feet; rolled hem foot; adjustable zipper/piping foot and an invisible zipper foot.

Product Description

For quilters who are passionate, The Brother PQ1500SL sewing machine has a number of advantages over other sewing machines that allow for a variety of kinds of projects. Straight-stitch machines can handle speedy operation with up to 1500 stitches per minute. However, it doesn’t have an integrated, decorative stitching option.

This machine gives you the space to make large quilts. The table, which is attached to the extra-wide machine, has a dimension of 11 inches and 21.5 inches. In addition, the throat space is bigger than the majority of machines. It has a needle-to-arm area that measures 5.7 inches by 8.6 inches. The extension table as well as the throat can accommodate the large amount of quilting work.

If the feed-dog system is employed this machine can be set to four settings to allow the highest level of control for various kinds of fabrics. Additionally, the machine provides the possibility of a pin-feed mechanism that operates in place of feeding dogs. 


  • Furthermore, the knee lifter built-in is an important option for quilters. 
  • It lets the quilter raise and lower the presser’s foot by moving a lever by their knee. So, the user’s hands are free to direct the motion of the material.


  • Little Bit Heavy

6. The best price: Brother XR3774 Sewing and Quilting Machine (Amazon’s Choice)

Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine

Features We Like

  • Weight: 15.87 pounds
  • Dimensions of the product: 15.3 inches long by 8 inches wide 12 inches high
  • Mechanical or computerized: Mechanical

Product Description

The reason it made the final cut for people who want to save money on their quilting, the BrotherXR3774 Mechanical sewing machine for quilting with large throat comes with a variety of helpful features, such as a huge table, a spring-action foot for quilting as well as an adjustable guide bar for quilting.

While this machine may not have the advanced features of computers but it has a number of useful features that help with sewing. Sewists can make use of the built-in stitches of 37 to perform 74 stitch functions which include a single-step buttonhole maker with an automatic size. 

The needle threaded that is automatic saves time and stress as well as the top drop-in bobbin can be safe from jams to ensure smooth sewing sessions. Furthermore, the machine turns the bobbin in a controlled manner. If the user is not engaged in quilting the free arm built-in lets you sew in tight areas like cuffs, trouser legs, and sleeves.


  • A large extension table
  • Spring-action foot to free-motion sew
  • 37 stitch-ins built-in
  • Automatic needle threaded


  • Not computerized
  • Not as many stitch-INS as other machines.

Choosing the Best Large Throat Quilting Machine: A Buyer’s Guide

Quilting can be a pleasurable and rewarding pastime; however, it can be difficult, to begin with. It’s crucial to finish quilts as quickly as you can in order to proceed to the next one. However, if you’re struggling with tension or control it is possible to have a sloppy quilt that doesn’t look as professional as it ought to.

In order to ensure that your quilting venture turns out exactly as you would like it to, you must purchase a top-quality quilting machine. These machines come with special features that allow quilting to be more efficient and speedier. Before you shop for a new machine to quilt there are a few essential aspects to be aware of.

The Quilting Area

The size of the quilting space will determine what type of quilts you are able to make. Machines with bigger areas tend to perform better than large quilts, whereas smaller spaces are ideal for smaller tasks.

Speed of Quilting

Quilting machines that have faster speeds are able to make a greater number of stitches in a minute than slow models. Machines with higher speeds will usually produce larger quilts and slower ones are able to do better using smaller quilts.


Quilting machines differ in the number of features they can provide. Some machines provide just the basics, while other models have multiple options that can enhance the quality of your quilting.


The warranty will assist you in saving cash and time in the event of a problem with your machine for quilting. The majority of warranties cover both parts and labor. However, some warranties are able to cover the cost of sending machines back to their manufacturers.

When you are aware of the features you require for a quilting machine you’ll be able to narrow down the options. Like most things, you will get what you spend. If you’re looking for a durable machine that will manage your quilting projects then you should consider a CP100X Brother.

Frequently Ask Questions

What Is The Top Quilting Machine?

Due to the huge quantity of fabric used in the quilting process, the quilters will look for quilting machines with large throats, as well as extension tables. These features let quilters handle the heavy quilt material. In addition, quilters using the free-motion technique may seek out machines that feature drop-feed features.

What Is A Sewing Machine’s Cost Of Quilting?

A quilting machine can cost as low as $150-$200 and as high as $2,000 to $4000. Quilters have the option of searching a vast variety of machines that have different characteristics and capabilities.

Which Machine Is Ideal For Quilting?

There are a variety of sewing machines designed to quilt. But, we’ve selected the most effective sewing machines to quilt available to you. Look them up!

Do You Require An Extra Sewing Machine For Quilting?

You will require a particular sewing machine to quilt if you are planning to be serious and frequently in the art of quilting. For novices and casual enthusiasts, it is possible to quilt quilts using any machine. 

Do You Have The Ability To Make Use Of A Mini Sewing Machine To Quilt?

It is not possible to use a mini sewing machine to quilt since it is too small to stitch through the many layers of fabric of the quilt. In addition, a mini-sewing machine is not equipped with the space needed to manage the massive, bulky components of quilts.

What Is The Most Effective Machine For Free-Motion Quilting?

There are many excellent options available and each quilter will have its own preferences that are the reason we’ve compiled an inventory of the most effective free-motion sewing machines that are available to you today so that you can make a decision on your own.

What’s the Difference between Sew-On and Quilting?

A quilting machine is essentially an actual sewing machine that has additional features and capabilities that make it easier to make quilts. You can read further about the most effective sewing machines to use to quilt.

Final Words

In conclusion, what sewing machine has the largest throat. This buying guide will show that sewing machines with large throats aren’t that difficult to locate. However, every sewing machine is unique and has advantages and disadvantages. Each is efficient and gives you the required stitch and incredible quilting experience that you’d like on any machine that is computerized. 

All you have to do is weigh all the components and determine which sewing machine is right for your needs. There are some that are more expensive than others and some are comparatively cheaper. Finding the best balance is dependent on the individual user whether he’ll require this kind of sewing machine and if the price is affordable for the quality of service it can provide.

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