Janome S5 Skyline Review (2023)

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Janome skyline s5 is offered and manufactured by a famous company known as Janome. This machine is a sewing and quilting machine. It is designed especially for beginners or normal sewists. It includes a lot of functions and features that not only help in sewing but also improve the sewing quality. It is a leading model of the company Janome that offers both convenience and comfort to its users. This machine is also known for its amazing design and look, but you cannot believe what anyone says, you must research it, and read the reviews of that machine. Here we will do a complete guide of the Janome skyline s5 sewing machine.

Make sure you read this guide till the end to know whether this machine is worth it or not.

First look at Janome Skyline s5

When you first look at the Janome skyline s5, you will surely be in love with this machine. This machine looks like it is built for handling tough jobs. It is a machine that is sturdy from its looks. When you take a look at its buttons, they are also very cool with the accent of blue. Each button’s background is in blue while the sign is in white, which makes it easily visible to you.

Another convenient feature you can see here is a touch screen, from which you can easily perform some essential functions with the touch of your fingers. Moreover, its stylish design is also so attractive which you will also like. 

Features Of Janome Skyline s5

As we know, the features of a machine are the most important because these are the things that help us when we are working on a project. Features help us a lot by saving us time, and not only that but they also improve the quality of our projects. That’s why Janome has highly considered the features in Skyline s5 and has offered numerous features in this machine. All of the features included in this machine are given below.

  • Start/stop button
  • 6 LED lights
  • Memorized needle positioning
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Auto tension system
  • Reverse button function
  • 170 built-in stitches
  • 7-piece feed dog system
  • 91 needle positions
  • 9mm stitch width

Other than these features Janome all provide some standard accessories which make sewing easier for you.  All the standard accessories included in Janome skyline s5 are:

  • Long quilting guide bar set
  • Knee lifter
  • 9 feet
  • Automatic buttonhole foot
Janome Skyline S5 Sewing Machine – $1,299.00

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Pros & Cons of Janome skyline S5

Accessories Included In Skyline s5

You would have seen that whenever you buy a sewing machine, the company also gives you some accessories. The amount of these accessories is very less but in Janome skyline s5, the opposite of that happens. When you buy Janome Skyline s5 you do not get some accessories but you get numerous accessories that help you in many projects. All of the accessories given with this machine are given below.

  • Circular sewing attachment
  • Jumpstart project guide & tips
  • 11 presser feet
  • 5 bobbins
  • Quilting guide bar
  • Extra spool pin
  • Buttonhole stabilizer plate
  • Knee lifter
  • Screwdriver
  • Lint brush
  • Needle set
  • Seam ripper       
  • Stylus
  • 3 spool pins (1 small, 1 large, 1 special)
  • Straight stitch needle plate
  • Owner’s manual
  • Semi-hard fabric cover
  • Instructional video DVD
  • Buttonhole stabilizer plate

Moreover, if you think some accessories are missing and you need them, then you can simply contact Janome’s store and buy those accessories separately.

Feet Included In Janome Skyline s5

There are multiple feet included in Janome skyline s5, all of those feet’ names are written below.

  • Even feed the foot, for evenly feeding the thread to the fabric
  • Zipper foot, for easily sewing zips
  • Overcast foot, for wrapping the thread around the edges of the fabric
  • Zigzag foot, to give a beautiful look to your project
  • Blind hem foot, for making invisible hems
  • Darning foot, for making embroidery stitches
  • Button sewing foot, for easily sewing the buttons
  • Automatically buttonhole foot, for perfectly sewing the buttons
  • ¼’’ seam foot, for straight stitch sewing
  • Satin stitch foot, for decorative stitching
  • Rolled hem foot, for sewing the narrow hems

Advanced Control

The Janome skyline s5 is a convenient machine offering advanced controls for ease. If you take a look at the button on the left of the unit, above the needle. You will see different controls and key features that create ease in your way of sewing.

These buttons include:

Needle Up and Down Button

It mostly happens while sewing that you need to remove the fabric or move the fabric but you cannot easily do this because your hands are not free and you cannot lift the needle. Considering this situation, Janome has offered a feature of the needle up and down. In this machine, whenever you want to lift the needle up or down, you just need to press a button on the machine and the needle will automatically move up or down.

Reverse Stitch

The reverse stitch option has a lot of benefits and is not found in every machine. In this machine, you rapidly stitch in reverse by just pushing a button.


Have you ever gotten tired of sewing with your feet, and just thought that there should be an option by which you could sew with your hands? It mostly happens with people who after a long time of sewing they get tired of using the foot. Considering this, Janome Skyline s5 offers a start/stop option through which you can easily use the machine with a touch of your hands. Moreover, you will also be able to control the speed just like when you sew with your foot.

Speed Control

As you know, when sewing with the foot, the speed of the machine depends on how much press the foot pedal is. Basically, you control the speed with your foot, but what if your foot slips or you mistakenly apply more speed? You will ruin your project due to this small mistake. In Janome skyline s5, a slide is given with which you can set the speed of the machine. It is a useful feature because you can make mistakes but a machine will never do.

Thread Cutter

Easy Threading

As we all know, the thread-cutting part while working on a project is the worst one. You need to search a lot for the scissors then you need to carefully cut the thread. This wastes a lot of your time and also disturbs you from work. Janome skyline offers an automatic thread cutter that cuts the thread with just a press of a button. Whenever you want to cut the thread, you will just need to press a button and the thread will be cut by the machine.

Easy To Use

The thing which most people are concerned about is whether this machine is easy to use or not. Well, after considering everything we are happy to tell you that this machine is easy to use and is perfect for both beginners and experts. Here you see numerous features that not only create ease in your way but also improve the quality of your project. We would say that if you give this machine to a 12 year old, he will also be able to sew using this machine.


Janome skyline s5 is a lightweight machine that makes it easy for you to move it from one place to another. Most of the sewing machines are heavyweight and so difficult to carry that it becomes difficult to move from one part of the house to another, but it is different in Janome skyline s5.


This machine is made of high-quality materials that make it durable. This machine is strong enough to stand against any damage. Due to the high durability of this machine, you will also not need to care too much about its maintenance. It can also bear minor falls such as from a table.

Great Storage

The storage plate of the Janome Skyline S5 is also spacious. It is completely organized and you can easily store everything that comes in the box. From this machine’s storage, you can easily take and place things.


The noise factor is also considered in Janome skyline s5. As this machine is computerized, it does not make any noise, it does not even vibrate. You would surely love to work on this machine if you don’t like to get irritated by any noise.

Large Workspace

In this machine, you can get a large workspace, which is useful for working on large sewing and quilting projects.


All in all, the machine Janome skyline s5 is a great choice for those who are looking for an easy-to-use machine that can sew and quilt in high quality. It does not have a large or stylish body, so you can easily store it even in small spaces. It is a lightweight and durable machine, as that is what is needed other than performance. Everything related to this machine has been explained in this guide, we hope this information helps to know whether this machine is good or not.

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