How To Shorten Curtains Without Sewing – Step-by-Step Guide

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Curtains improve the beauty of a house, we all buy curtains of our choice but most of the time we can’t find the curtains of perfect length. For that you can get custom made curtains but everyone cannot afford them, there is an alternative way known as hemming of the curtain through which you can easily set the length of the curtain according to the window.

You can hem a curtain simply by sewing but if you don’t know how to sew then there are also other ways for that explained below. How to shorten curtains without sewing will be the question of many people, you can get your answer here but make sure you read till the end to cover everything properly.

1. Iron-on Fusing Web

Iron-on fusing web is an easy and less time consuming way through which you can shorten your curtains without sewing. You just need to follow the steps given below.

Required Materials

First of all you need to gather all the materials you are gonna need in this process:

Step 1:

Take the bottom of the curtains and fold them to your desired length, the results would be better if you do this while keeping the curtains hanging.

Step 2:

To keep the curtain folded in that position you can use stick pins, make sure you apply the stick pins correctly so the curtain does not move from its place.

Step 3:

Then you should take the bottom of the curtain and bring it to the ironing board, and iron a crease on the new fold.

Step 4:

Use sharp scissors to cut the excess curtain past the folded bottom, after cutting that you can remove the pins.

Step 5:

Now, unfold the button of the curtain line the fusing web across it above the crease. Usually one strip would be enough but if the fabric is thick then you can use two strips.

Step 6:

Then you should fold the curtain again over the strips, after that you can proceed with the directions at the back of the package.

Step 7:

Take a piece of cloth of wool and cover the curtain bottom with it, and start pressing it for about 10 seconds. Keep doing this at the width of the curtain too, repeat it until it is completely bonded. You should also repeat this process on the flip side, you can test it when it is cooled.

2. Hem Tape


The process of hemming the curtains using the hem tape is also very easy and simple to perform. Make sure you understand and follow the steps given below correctly.

Step 1:

First of all you need to decide the length you want of the curtains. You can do this when the curtains are hanging, you should decide whether you want the curtains in line with your baseboard, pooling slightly on the floor, or barely touching the floor.

Step 2:

Then you will need to fold the curtain to your desired length and pin it.

Step 3:

After folding the curtain, you should measure where to cut. For a two-inch hem, you should measure two up the folded area, after measuring make sure you mark it with a pencil. Using pins for marking would be better as they are easy to visualize.

Step 4:

Once the curtain has been measured and pinned correctly then you can continue by cutting off the excess fabric with the help of scissors.

Step 5:

Then take the pinned hem of the curtain and place it flat on the ironing board, starting from one side. Once you have placed it on the ironing board, you can take the pins out of the hem. After that place the hem tape on the hem between the folded pieces where you want the hem to be.

To keep the hem in place you can also re-pin it, but make sure you do not iron the pins. Do this process piece by piece and keep rolling out the hem tape as you go.

Step 6:

After applying the hem tape you will need to melt that tape, for this purpose ironing it would be best as it is hot enough to melt the tape but also not hot enough to  ruin your curtains. Make sure you read the instruction given on the hem tape, if it recommends any other temperature then you should use that temperature.

Step 7:

Take a washcloth and wet it properly, after that put it over your curtains on the ironing board. The washcloth should not be dripping, but it also should not be wetter than merely damp.

Step 8:

You will again need to iron the curtain, but make sure you iron the exact same spot where you have put the washcloth and the hem tape. The iron should be placed on that spot for at least 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds you can lift the iron up and move the washcloth. Then you should unpin the next part, again place the hem tape and iron it. Make sure you continue doing this until the end of the curtain is reached.

3. Fabric Glue

How to shorten curtains using Fabric Glue
Source: YouTube

The process of hemming a curtain with fabric glue is the most easy, simple, and consumes less time.

Step 1:

Measure the curtains and decide how short curtains you want, make sure you mark that length with a pencil.

Step 2:

After measuring the curtains, you will need to fold the curtains from the bottom to that length you just marked. When you have folded them you use pins to keep them in that place.

Step 3:

Take the fabric glue and spread it at the folded area of the curtains to the backward side. Make sure you put enough glue on the curtains which can keep them stuck.

Step 4:

For better results you should press that glued area for 1 or 2 minutes with your hands or any other thing.

Step 5:

Wait for another 1 hour until the glue dries, if you move the curtain before that, it can cause problems as the curtain would not show any neatness.

Important tips to shorten curtains

  • Make sure you don’t put a lot of fabric glue on the curtains as it can spread on the sheer curtains
  • Always measure the curtains while keeping them hanged, because it provides accurate measurement.
  • Hemming tape should be a transparent one, so it does not get visible on the curtains


If you prefer to hem your curtains by yourself then here are some of the most common techniques which are used for shortening the curtains. I hope you will be able to hem your curtains easily after reading thi guide.

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