How to Make a Shirt Fitted without Sewing – 8 Ways

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Most of the people do online shopping due to which they mostly get loose shirts, they think that they wasted their money but that’s not the truth, you can actually tighten them with a few tricks without sewing. It may seem difficult but when you dive into the process it feels like it’s much easier. 

Are you tired of your loose shirts and want to make them fitted? If yes, then you are at the right place, here you will know how to cinch a shirt without sewing. Some of the best techniques for making a shirt fitted are explained below.

1. Coin at the Back

If you want to know how to make a t.shirt cute without sewing then this is the best technique for you as it makes the shirt more fitted and cute. This trick is easily carried out by placing a coin at the outside of the shirt. This technique is only applicable on women shirts, the steps for performing this technique are explained below.

Coin At The Back to Make a Shirt Fitted without Sewing

Step 1:

The coin should be holded against the shirt from outside

Step 2:

Then open the elastic using your fingers, do this with the help of your other hand

Step 3:

The coin should be grabbed with the elastic under the shirt

Step 4:

Then you will need to tie it at least 3 times,so that it starts to look tight enough to stay. If you want to create any more riches than you can repeat the given process.

2. Shrinking

Shrinking to Make a Shirt Fitted without Sewing

If you want to tighten your loose shirt without sewing and making much effort then shrinking it would be the best choice. The time taken by each fabric may be different but the process is very simple and easy. For performing this task correctly then make sure you understand and follow the steps given below correctly.

Step 1:

First of all you will need to take a container in which you can boil water, then start boiling the water.

Step 2:

As the temperature seems to be suitable to you, then you can submerge the loose shirt in it.

Step 3:

At that suitable temperature you should turn the stove off as higher temperature can cause damage to the shirt.

Step 4:

When you have submerged the shirt in the water, the only thing you should ensure is that the shirt is fully covered in the water. 

Step 5:

 If you want a light shrinkage to your shirt then 5 to 10 minutes in the hot water would be enough, but for having a considerable shrinkage in the shirt you will need to keep it in hot water for at least 20 minutes.

3. Tighten the Sleeves

Tighten The Sleeves to make a shirt fitted without sewing

how to make a shirt fitted without sewing? This question may seem difficult to answer but you can also do this by just tightening the sleeves of the shirt. The results of this process are very neat and look like the shirt is naturally tight.

As we know, the sleeves of most of the shirts are balloon-like and fluffy which does not look so good and also interfere with your comfort. So, with this method you can also solve this problem.

If you only want to tighten the shirt for one time then pin-rolling and clipping them would be the best solution. We would recommend you pin-rolling as it is hidden and does not require any other thing.

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4. Belt

belt to fit a loose shirt

Most of the men’s shirts are loose from the waist, which looks quite messy as it is compulsory to keep them tucked. The only solution to the problem is to use a belt, but wearing any belt does not solve the problem. The color of the belt also matters a lot, if you are wearing formals you should match the color of your belt with the color of your watch and shoes.

5. Hem Tape

Hem Tape to make your shirt fitted

If you are looking for a permanent solution for tightening your shirts then using a hem tape would be great as this solution is perfect for your question about how to make a tee shirt smaller. The results of this technique are more amazing if the shirt is lengthy. The process of this technique is described in steps below.

Step 1:

First you will need to take measurements of the lengths you want to cut, make sure you mark them with a marker or anything which is visible on that fabric.

Step 2:

After making the measurements you will need to cut the shirt accurately according to the measurement marks you just made.

Step 3:

Now, it is the time to apply the hem tape on the shirt, the hem tape should be applied correctly and carefully.

Step 4:

Then it is time to finish your work by ironing the hem tape, but for ironing the hem tape you will need to be careful of the temperature.

Step 5:

The temperature of the iron should be enough to melt the hem tape, it should be not too high or too low as it can damage your shirt. And make sure you do not stop ironing until the hem tape melts and wraps completely.

6. Tie the Shirt

Tie The Shirt to make your shirt fitted

Another easy way through which you can tighten your shirt is by tying it using a ribbon or anything else which you think will look cute. This technique will not only fit the shirt but also make it look cute. For using this technique you will need to follow the steps given below properly.

Step 1:

At first you will need to locate the area from where the shirt is loose the most. After locating it, you will need to tie it at the back of your waist, or under the chest.

Step 2:

Then take a sharp object and poke two holes, one on each side of the shirt. The  height of each hole should be lined and should be across from one another on each of your sides.

Step 3:

Take the ribbon and slide it into one of the holes. Make sure that the ribbon is hanging down inside the shirt and its one end remains out. 

Step 4:

Then the ribbon should be stringed inside the shirt around the back and then to the inside of the second hole. You should push the end of the ribbon through the hole.

Step 5:

The ends of the ribbon should be pulled to make the ends of ribbon sticking out from each side of the shirt even. Then pull the shirt tight and tie the ends of the ribbon at the back of the shirt.

7. Safety Pins

Safety Pins to make your shirt fitted

This method for tightening a shirt is also very easy and great for altering the shirt temporarily. Here are the steps you will need to follow.

Step 1:

Turn the shirt upside down

Step 2:

Then find the seams along each side of the shirt, and fold over each of the side seam

Step 3:

After folding each side seam, use the safety pins for holding them from falling down. Make sure that the safety pins are applied correctly and can hold the side seams.

Step 4:

Once the safety pins are apple, you can turn the shirt right side out and wear it. 

8. Knots

Knots the t.shirt

The knots technique is also very useful, easy, and also does not take much time. If you are in a hurry and want your shirt to be fitted then you can use this method. This technique can be used in multiple ways to fit the shirt according to your body shape. How you can use this technique on multiple types of shirts is explained below.

Button-down shirt

If you want to tighten a button-down shirt using this method then you will need to unbutton at least three lower buttons of the shirt. After that, take the tails of the shirt and tie them into a knot, you can tight it as much as you want.


If you have a t-shirt and you want to tighten it using this method then take each bottom of the t-shirt at your front with your hands, then tie these bottoms into a knot at your waist.

Other T-shirt Style

If you have a t-shirt of any other style then, first you will need to gather the loose material of the shirt to one side, twist that loose material into a spiral and tie a knot at your hip. And if you don’t like the knot on display then you can simply fold it into the button edge of the shirt.


Most of the people struggle to find a perfect fit for them, it is because they don’t know which size is for which one. If you are also struggling from this problem then here are some useful tips for you. I hope they will help you enough in having a fit shirt.


Most people do not consider the collar while buying a shirt, collar also matters as they decide the comfortability of your neck. Make sure that the collar of the shirt you are wearing has a space of at least 2 or more fingers.


Sleeves also play a crucial role in tightening or making a shirt smaller. Make sure that the shirt you buy does not have many narrow or free-flowing sleeves. If you want taper sleeves then it is good but it should be taper within a limit. 

We would recommend that a sleeve which does not move up or down more than an inch is perfect. You can check the sleeves by folding your arms and tightening the sleeves.


If you can’t decide which shirt to buy according to your body shape then go with the shirt which leaves at least 4 inches of space when it is pulled, it should not remain stuck to your body when pulled. 

If you want to tuck your shirt inside then the length of the shirt should be ample as it does not get free when you do some stretching. And the length of a casual shirt should not be much longer than your zipper.


Shirts are the daily wear of everyone and everywhere, whether its office, gym, or party everyone wears a shirt but it can also ruin your look if it is too loose. To have a great look you must have a right fitted shirt as it also gives a good impression. 

First of all, you should buy a shirt of the correct size. How to find the correct size is also explained above. If you have an old shirt or ordered it online and got a loose shirt then some cool and easy tricks for making that loose shirt tight are also explained above. Make sure you read and understand this guide properly to tighten your shirts.

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