How To Make A Dress Bigger Without Sewing – Detailed Guide with Tips & Techniques

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We all look for some plans when the fabric is not too much for the dress we like to make for ourselves. You may have seen many people like to wear a bigger dress but due to the shortage of their favorite fabric, it sometimes is not possible for them to do so.

In this situation, you go for some smart techniques that help you make your dress bigger even without sewing the fabric. Amazed to know? You will be surprised when you read this guide further and learn how to make a dress bigger without sewing.

Let’s begin!

4 Techniques to make a dress bigger without Sewing

Here, we have explained some of the most important techniques that will help you make your dress bigger without sewing. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Slide Slit in the Fabric

Slide Slit in the Fabric

The most common method or technique to undergo this task is to slide a slit in the dress you want to make bigger. No doubt, this style is in fashion today and never gets old. Plus, it is also a way to show your beautiful legs especially when they are hairless.

This technique allows you to add more room to your dress that is too tight from the knees. Thus, it results in making the slit larger on one side of your dress. You can also go for two small ones each on both sides.

Following are some steps you need to follow when using this technique:

Step 1: First you have to open the bottom hem for opening the side seams. Remove the seam stitching for this purpose which is present at the bottom hem. You can use scissors for this purpose.

Step 2: Get a seam ripper and remove all the side stitches from your dress. Start by unfolding the bottom hem and take out all the stitches from the side seams. Then, cut a little below the seam thread just the way you like to look at your legs.

Step 3: Next, you have to fold the edges back and iron the side flaps. Make sure the dress is kept inside out which results in making it easy for you to sew both sides easily.

Step 4: At last, use a smaller stitch or use safety pins to tie your dress together.

2. Use A Belt

Use A Belt to bigger the dress

If you have a dress that is loose in size and you want it to look bigger, you can try using a belt around your belly. You must be thinking about how the use of a belt can make a dress look bigger. Let us tell you that it’s all just the game of your mind, nothing else.

When you use a belt around your belly, the size of the dress does not increase but it gets tightened from the belly and creates an umbrella shape of the dress. When your dress is tightened from the above but loosen from the below side, it looks bigger.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to get help from this technique:

Step 1: Find the matching belt for your dress, it might be of the same color, same pattern, or in contrast to the dress you are wearing.

Step 2: Check out the fabric and size of the belt according to your hips and waist so it could shape your dress flawlessly.

Step 3: Tie the belt around your waist just the way you like. 

3. Use A Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Use A Double-Sided Adhesive Tape to bigger the dress

When you want to make your dress bigger without sewing it, you can try out this technique which involved the use of double-sided adhesive tape. You must be confused about the usage of this tape on your dress but keep in mind that you can use anything when you are going to be a creative person.

Let’s come to our main point, do you like a baggy dress? If yes, then this technique is surely for you so read it till the end ghostwriter bachelorarbeit. You can create a baggy dress without sewing, no doubt, this dress looks bigger when you use adhesive tape correctly especially when the fabric is suede or denim.

You have to follow the following steps to try out this amazing technique. Let’s move forward!

Step 1: Wash the fabric or dress you want to have a baggy style and then wait for it to dry. Make sure you do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaner when washing this dress.

Step 2: Turn your dress inside out and lay it on top of each other. Next, apply the fusible web as per the user manual.

Step 3: Press both the pieces of cloth together using an ideal iron so they could get bonded together. Make sure the iron is not used directly on the fusible web. We would recommend you use a pressing cloth between the two.

4. Use Safety Pins on Your Dress

Use Safety Pins to bigger the dress

You will be amazed to know that using safety pins to make your dress bigger is also a part of fashion today. You must be thinking about how people are comfortable with such stitching of dresses Ghostwriter. Let us tell you the people who follow fashion and their passion are never afraid of trying something new.

Let us tell you that this technique is like creating an illusion of a more flattering and amazing fit. You can create a sling to support your dress which results in letting you feel confident and comfortable klausur schreiben lassen kosten. The usage of safety pins has proved beneficial when tightening any of your dresses or pant without the need of sewing them.

Following are the steps you need to follow for using a safety pin and undergo this technique without facing any difficulty:

Step 1: First, get a pack of small safety pins and use them for pinning your dress around your waist and bust.

Step 2: Next, you have to unpin and reposition your dress until you get an amazing curve-hugging shape.

Step 3: If you have enough fabric in the back side of your dress, you can gather it up and pin it to get an amazing fit along with letting it look bigger.

Note: Using this trick might be tricky if you do it alone so we suggest you get the help of a friend or someone else to try it out!

9 Additional tips you can follow

We have mentioned some important tips for you to follow when making your dress look bigger using any technique you like. Let’s have a look at them!

  1. Always get suggestions from an expert before trying out something new because everything is not the same as shown in the YouTube videos, they can also be faked.
  2. Gather all the necessary things you required to undergo a method you selected before starting so that your time is not wasted when you start performing that task otherwise it will consume a lot of time.
  3. Always choose a method that is easy for you to do and you feel comfortable when wearing the dress you designed yourself.
  4. Always be careful when using hairpins, safety pins, or any other pin for stitching purposes instead of sewing the fabric.
  5. If you want a bulky effect on your dress, it would be best to use a belt instead of trying out anything else for this purpose.
  6. If you do not want to use the sewing machine at all or you do not know how to use this machine, you can simply use a thread and a needle for stitching some corners or areas of your dress if you want.
  7. If you have a loose dress, you want to make it look bigger but you are also out of a belt, you can use an elastic for this purpose. Keep in mind you will have to use a needle and thread for adding the elastic to your dress especially if it is a pant or a skirt.
  8. It would be best if you get someone’s help when trying something new just like the techniques related to designing your favorite dresses.
  9. Small stitches along with the use of other items/things like safety pins secure your dress and let you feel more comfortable and confident when you are out in public places.


Designing the dresses is also tricky just like stitching them bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen. Some people avoid stitching their clothes when styling them just like making them bigger without spending their time using a sewing machine. If you are also one of those people, this guide must have been used and proved useful for you.

We suggest you gather all the necessary things required for the method to use for undergoing this task. We have mentioned some important techniques and tips you can follow for this purpose hausarbeit schreiben lassen. We assure you they will be beneficial for you especially when you follow all the steps just as they are mentioned with each technique.

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