How To Embroider Letters With Sewing Machine

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Embroidery is the most attractive piece of art, a message delivered through embroidery becomes more heartfelt and meaningful. It is an efficient way of decorating clothes, handkerchiefs, etc. Embroidery improves beauty and brings positivity to an item, that’s why it is considered ideal for giving as a gift.

Most people do embroidery with their hands, but if it looks complicated, you can also use a sewing machine for that. how to embroider letters with sewing machine, this question will surely come to your mind. So, If you are looking forward to improving your embroidery skills on the machine then we would suggest you read this guide till the end.

Mechanical Sewing Machine

Mechanical sewing machines are simple machines that have limited options for stitching, but still, some of the most common and useful stitches are available here. Straight stitches are available here which is common as it is used in sewing, other than straight stitches zigzag stitches are also available in mechanical sewing machines.

Some mechanical machines consist of only one zigzag option but most of them contain more than one zigzag option. If you are planning to make a line that seems more substantial then the stitching distance you should choose is the smallest, it will help you to make the letters look thicker and more solid.

Computerized Sewing Machines

The computerized sewing machines are advanced and offer you almost 50 options of stitches including the stitches required for monograms. And the great thing about computerized sewing machines is that you easily choose a stitching option by pushing a button or turning a dial. The most used type of stitch is the zigzag stitch which is considered the best for embroidery and decorative purposes.

Can Embroidery be Done with A Sewing Machine?

You can easily embroider letters on a fabric by using a sewing machine, the home sewing machines of today’s model contain many amazing features which help you in embroidery. As it is a sewing machine, it can be a little difficult in the start but you can perfect it by practice, the more you practice efficient the results will be.

If you want to know how to embroider letters with a sewing machine then you are at the right place. Here you will learn everything related to embroidery with sewing machines. You will need to change the settings of the sewing machines such as tension, stitch size, etc. according to the desired embroidery.

How to Embroider Letters with Sewing Machine

How to Embroider Letters with Sewing Machine

The home sewing machines have been advanced enough that they allow multiple features which allow the users to do monogramming and embroidery on garments, towels, pillowcases, etc.

Here are some simple steps to tell you how to sew letters on fabric with sewing machine. Make sure you follow all of these steps properly to get the right results.

Step 1:
First of all, you will need to remove the original presser foot of your sewing machine. Then you should install the feed dogs to your sewing machine using the plastic cover.

Step 2:
Now, you need to set the setting of your sewing machine according to embroidery. Make sure you use the matching color of thread in the bobbin and the needle. Then set the embroidery stitch to zigzag and adjust the stitch width to zero. Even after setting your machine ready for work, make sure you test it first on a piece of cloth.

Step 3:
If you want great embroidery results then you must use a stabilizer. It is because if you will not use a stabilizer then the fabric will keep getting stuck in the feed dogs and will jam the machine.

If you will use a stabilizer for embroidering, it will provide a smooth experience and will prevent many problems. There are many things that you can use as stabilizers such as water soluble backing, lightweight mesh backing, caps backing, etc.

Step 4:
After making your sewing machine ready for embroidery, you need to find a template for embroidery. You can take any picture of a letter from a computer or you can embroider it on your own. We would suggest you avoid choosing thin fonts and choose thick fonts. It is because thick fonts are easier to embroider than thin fonts.

Step 5:
Now, you will need to take a wooden frame and fit the fabric in it, the purpose of this wooden frame is to stabilize the fabric while embroidering a design. Moreover, it will help you to avoid frays and get clean edges.

Step 6:
There are many methods used by the experts to have clean embroidered fabric, some experts prefer to directly embroider the design on the fabric and some prefer to trace it down first.

Before embroidering your design using a sewing machine, you will need to draw that design on the fabric using a pencil or chalk. If you are a beginner then you must trace it down, because traces help a lot while embroidering.

Step 7:
Now, everything is set and so you can start to embroider on the fabric, but make sure that you are using the right stitch for embroidering.

Step 8:
Once everything is adjusted then you can start to sew, starting to sew by using the handwheel would be better instead of the pedal. Turn the handwheel slowly so that it pierces into the fabric, then bring the lower bobbin thread up by raising the needle again.

Just like that, make some stitches and lock these threads in, it will help you to prevent the unraveling of the thread. If you are a beginner then make sure you go very slow with the needle movement at the edges.

Step 9:

For securing the thread while stitching the edge of the first letter, you will need to hold, move, and turn the hoop as much as you need to complete your letter pattern. It is because such small movements help you to maneuver the fabric easily, and make evenly spaced stitches in the letters.

3 Types of Stitches for Embroidering Letters

Types of Stitches for Embroidering Letters

Aside from a straight stitch, there are many other stitches in a sewing machine that can be used for embroidery. Beginners usually ignore all these types of stitches because they don’t consider using any stitch other than a straight stitch. Here are some most popular stitches which are mostly used by people.

1. Straight Stitch

The straight stitch is a stitch that is offered by almost every sewing machine, it is the most commonly used stitch. It can be used for basting, sewing seams, and topstitching.

2. ZigZag Stitch

The zigzag stitch is also used for embroidery purposes, it is mostly used for decorative purposes.  You can also use this stitch for sewing buttonholes and sewing stretchy fabrics.

3. Buttonhole Stich

The buttonhole stitch consists of 4 steps, and to use it you will need to get a specific buttonhole foot.

Thread Needed

For doing the letter embroidery you do not need multiple threads, you only need one thread for doing the letter embroidery on your sewing machine. This one thread is used as the main thread and bobbin thread in the sewing machine. It is because home sewing machines can not handle more than one thread.

If you are planning to do embroidery with your sewing machine then the most recommended type of thread is the polyester thread. The reason behind this is that they are highly durable and can also withstand fast stitching speed.

A thread of only one color is used for monochromatic letter embroidery designs, but if you want to add another color to your monogram then you will need to change the threads manually.


hand made embroidery Designs

In this guide, we are guiding you on how to embroider letters with sewing machine, but it does not mean that only letters can be embroidered using the sewing machine. You can draw any design you want, but all you need for that is to adjust the sewing machine and practice.

Once you have mastered the ability of embroidering then it will become very easy for you and you will be able to make any design you want. There are a variety of fonts available that you can use and give the simple letters a decorative look. Other than letters there are many other designs that people prefer to make such as flowers, symbols, pictures, decorations, or any other thing you want.

Moreover, if your creativity is good then you can also make up your designs and embroider them on garments, pillowcases, etc.

15 Tips to embroider letters with sewing machine

  1. While doing the zig-zag stitch, the stitch distance should be small as it leads to achieving a solid thick line look
  2. Pulling the fabric while stitching can lead to uneven filling
  3. Raise the needle and cut the thread whenever you reach the end while stitching
  4. Make sure you practice embroidery on a piece of fabric before trying it on a real project
  5. You should adjust the setting in your sewing machine according to the letter embroidery to get efficient results
  6. The remaining stabilizer paper should be removed once the embroidery is done
  7. Go slow at the edges of a pattern
  8. The stitch length should be adjusted according to the stitch you will use
  9. The fabric should be kept at the needle plate at all times to get even spacing and proper stitching
  10. Keep the thread a bit looser by adjusting the tension of the top thread
  11. The best stitch length for a zigzag stitch is 0, and it is 2 for a straight stitch
  12. Never remove the presser, because the needle pulls the fabric while stitching
  13. Never go for a large embroidery project if you are a beginner
  14. To get a great finish on your embroidery project then make sure you trace the design you want to embroider using a pencil or a chalk
  15. The stitches should be tested again and again until the perfect length is found


If you don’t have an embroidery machine then there is nothing to worry about, you can also embroider letters of different fonts using your sewing machine. Whether the model of your sewing machine is old or new, you will just need to learn some tricks to embroider on that.

As it is not an embroidery machine, you will need to practice a lot and master your skills before trying a large project. Well, some necessary techniques and tips have been explained in this guide which will help you in embroidering using a sewing machine.

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