Free appliqué template: Football (soccer ball)

  • By: joleenllorence
  • Date: August 18, 2022
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Here’s another free appliqué template – this time a football (soccer ball for all you misguided folk who believe that a football can possibly be anything but round!), coming on the heels of the Euro 2016 Championship.

You can use this template with my tutorial on how to appliqué with fusible web.

Download The Template (Insert Link of the template)

This is a template that works with two layers. Slightly unexpectedly, the top layer is actually the white layer – this avoids any problems in getting the black pentagons in the right place! Just cut out the shaded areas of the white layer before fusing it in place.

To avoid the black layer underneath showing through, either use a thicker fabric, or use a double layer of white like I did.

I fused both layers in place first, and then sewed the white outlines round the edge of the black pentagons. Then I filled in the black joining lines and finished up with the black outer circle round the edge.

Let me know if you find this template useful!

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