Different Types of Collars: An In-Depth Guide to Types, Styles, and Features

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A collar is an integral part of every garment, from shirts to jackets to coats. It serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. It adds structure and support to the garment while also improving its overall design and style.

It can be hard to decide which one to use, with so many types, styles, features, and options of collars. This article will cover all aspects of collars. Different types of collars have existed for centuries. They have become a part both of daily style and couture.

Despite many variations, there is a basic set of three collar types: flat, roll, and stand collars.  There are many options for styling these collars in a way that suits your style.

What is a Collar?

What is a Collar

The collar refers to the part of a garment like a shirt or dress that covers the neck. It serves to protect the neck against cold and dirt. The only purpose is cosmetic, and not practical.

They can also be designed to frame the neck or highlight the face, making it appear thinner, sweeter, more formal, etc. There are many options, and there have been many changes over time. We can still use the oldest styles every day.

You will notice that different styles of collar look very similar to one another, especially classic shirt collars. But they’re not the same. They can be customized with cuts, details, and other finishes that make them more appropriate for one style or garment.

History of collar

The shirt different types of collar are a simple but meaningful piece of fabric that can be worn around your neck. The shirt collar can be a significant feature for bros. What man can be truly dressed up when he doesn’t have a starched collar?

It’s as pure as snow before a dog has peed. The most recognizable thing about William Shakespeare would be his XXL collar. This makes it appear that will become so frustrated writing that he cut through a piece.

People also don’t talk about Shakespeare’s facial hair.

While we often associate epic collars with vintage garb, collars weren’t common in the West until the mid-1400s. Sarah Lorraine (an art and fashion historian who writes about historical fashion at Frock Flicks) told me via email that until the mid-15th-century, menswear had necklines that ranged from the base of the neck to what today’s people would call a boat neckline or scoop neckline.

Also, undershirts were more streamlined. I interpret this to mean that collars would not have been worn in the 13th century because they would have been cut off using what appears to be 1240 ceremonial ribbon-cutting serge

One man’s humiliation may be another man’s hot new spring look. In the mid-1400s, collars appeared on both undershirts & shirts. Lorraine points out that the evolution and use of the neck collar in the 16th century brought about the “extreme” of standing collars. You might remember this collar as the one you associate with a historically overwrought collar.

Different Types of Collar

History of a collar
My Golden Thimble

· Spread Collar

Spread collars are the most commonly used from different types of collars on shirts for dress shirts. This collar allows for more room for a tie knot, as it has a greater distance between its points. It has a wide, angular form that frames the face.

· Point Collar

A classic style, the point collar is usually found on dress shirts. The collar points are angled toward the face. They can be shorter or longer depending on what design you choose. This type of collar looks great in both casual and formal attire.

· Mandarin Collar

Mandarin collars, a collarless style, are an original design that originated from traditional Chinese clothing. It is typically a standing collar of less than an inch in height. This collar can be worn with casual shirts as well as dresses.

· Peter Pan collar

The Peter Pan collar has a rounded collar and is commonly found on blouses, dresses, and children’s clothing. Its name is inspired by the Peter Pan collar. This collar looks sweet and feminine with outfits that are vintage- or retro-inspired.

· Band Collar

A band collar is a collarless, simple design that has a small stripe of fabric wrapped around the neck. This type of collar is popular on casual shirts. It gives off a more relaxed look. It is also used in ethnic wear, like Indian kurtas.

· Cowboy Collar

A cowboy collar (also known as the western collar) is a type of collar that can be found on cowboy clothes. It is made with two pointed tips that can be embellished with embroidery or decorative stitches. This collar gives your outfit an adventurous, rugged look.

· Turtleneck Collar

The turtleneck collar is an oversized, rolled collar that completely covers your neck. It’s most common on sweaters. This collar provides warmth and protection from all the elements.

Points To Reflect On While Choosing the Right Collar Style

You’ll need the right shirt for any occasion, such as a board meeting, casual function, brunch with buddies, or date. Confused? Be assured, we have compiled a list that will help you make the right decision.

It is crucial to consider your face shape when choosing the right shirt style.


A narrow face and small chin mean that collars should be wide and wider than the neck. The large gap between the collars will balance the small facial features and give you a strong, masculine feeling.

Use narrow necklines and small necklines on square faces. Long and narrow collars will visually balance your appearance. A round face: While this shape looks good with most collars, it will stand out more when you have a high collar.

· Collar Stiffness

It is important to consider the stiffness of your collar, among many other factors. In the past, collars made from starch were extremely popular. Nowadays, a stiffer collar is better suited for formal events. The casual shirt collar should have a more relaxed, easygoing style.

· Collar Height

Collar height refers to the height at which a collar rests on the neck. It’s measured from the fold to the tip. Higher collars can be intimidating and formal. While choosing a shirt, think about the impact collar height has on your office.

· Collar Size

When choosing which men’s shirt collar will best suit your body, consider the size of your collar. Large collar sizes will work better for people with large heads or large features. Before choosing the right collar size for you, consider your face shape and size. Pro tip If you’re still unsure, get a medium-sized collar to wear for any formal occasion.

· Collar Spread Points

It is determined by the spread of the collar and how far the collar extends from the collar point. The collar spread is the measure of how eloquent or sharp it appears. Wide-spread collars will work well for a long tie with thick sleeves. Point collars have the best spread distance. They can be worn at both formal and casual events, and they look good on people with different facial features.

What will we see in the future?

It is easy to see how the collared blouse has changed over time. The reasons for this evolution include conformity, rules, aristocracy as well as the need to wash fewer clothes. It isn’t comfort that has introduced collars to all our lives.

The collar is also not meant to be a compromise on personal style. The evolution of business apparel has not stopped. Fashion trends are also changing. We see a future in which there are many options for personalizing our style. No more rules that require you to wear a collar in certain areas. We see a world without collars for business attire.

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable walking into a room when you were underdressed, you will know how it feels. The same applies to going into a place where you feel extremely overdressed. This can feel overwhelming. The versatility of collarless business shirts is unbeatable. You will never feel too formal or casual. It’s a break from traditional fashion but still maintains a professional and elegant look.

Different options are becoming more popular with elegant, curved edges and less preppy designs. As more people want to change from traditional collars, mandarin collars are becoming more common in western nations. Many other styles are available, as people look for comfort and don’t feel bound by traditional limitations.

Frequently Ask Questions

What Are The Different Names For Neck Collars?

Three different types of collar are most common: the Aspen (Malibu), and Philadelphia (Miami J collars). Rigid collars are recommended by doctors for mild to severe whiplash injuries as well as neck pain. They can be more restrictive than a soft collar but also allow for neck movement.

What Are The Different Parts And Functions Of A Collar?

First, be familiar with the parts and functions of a collar. This includes the base, the collar, the collar leaf (point length), the front band, the spread, and the point width. While these collars look different, each one still contains the five main parts.

Which Collar Do You Use The Most?

This is the most widely used shirting collar. This collar is versatile, making it a great choice for transitional wear from day to night.

What Is Called A Collar?

col*lar ‘ka-l@r. Synonyms for the collar. A strip, band, or chain that is worn around a neck: A band that is used to decorate or finish the neckline.

What Is A British Neck Collar?

English spread collars are the most traditional English look. It is distinguished by fused wider collar points that point outwards, rather than down. It is ideal for men with short or large faces, as the effect of widening the collar extends beyond the actual appearance of the face.

What Is An Indian Neck Collar?

The Nehru collar has a rich style history.

Which Shirt Collar Do You Prefer?

The spread collar is one of the most versatile collars. A spread shirt collar is comfortable enough to wear without a jacket or even an outerwear layer.


Overall, the different types of collar play an important role in the design and style of a garment. There are many collar styles to choose from, such as the traditional point and spread collar or the cowboy or Mandarin collar. Knowing the unique characteristics of different collars will allow you to choose the right collar for you and your style.

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