5 Best Cover Stitch Sewing Machine You Can Buy – Reviews and Buying Guide

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A good cover stitch sewing machine is crucial for professional sewing because more than just a sewing machine is required.

Consider the differences and similarities between the numerous coverstitch sewing machines available before deciding which one to buy.

When working on professional projects for your sewing business, speed is beneficial since it lets you produce as much high-quality clothing as possible in the least amount of time.

Reviews of The Best Cover Stitch Sewing Machine:

Here are the reviews of all the best cover stitch sewing machines you can buy. Go through these reviews and know which one suits you the best.

1. Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch Sewing Machine

Brother Coverstitch Serger, 2340CV

The Brother 2340CV machine has a huge design but a light weight of 15 pounds to compensate. It measures 11.8″ * 11″ * 13.4″, which means you have the full remaining workspace to yourself.

If speed is important to you, this Brother will meet your expectations with its reasonable 1000 SPM (stitches per minute).

In terms of speed, it’s critical to adjust the front and back feed dogs to get the hems precisely so. The slider level adjustment guide accommodates this.

One feature that beginners may like is the machine’s colour-coded threading guide, which simplifies needling and looping.

Another advantage is the unusual presser foot, which snaps back into position after use.

According to users, the harp space is too little. Prepare to roll up your fabric whenever you start a new project.

Furthermore, the device lacks a free arm – major buzzkill.

Why Should You Get This?

The Brother 2340CV is the best affordable cover stitch sewing machine for quilting. Although acquiring this will not leave you with any regrets, the lack of a free arm is a barrier. Still worth it.

2. Janome Cover Pro 1000 CPX Coverstitch Machine

The Janome 1000CPX is an upgrade over the Janome 900CPX it replaced. According to user reviews, this device has received nearly equal proportions of love and criticism.

This machine drew my attention since it captured the dependable antique industrial sewing machine aesthetic. The Janome 1000CPX, on the other hand, is a home-made machine that can only sew hems.

It creates three sorts of stitches: single chain stitch, double needle coverstitch, and triple needle coverstitch.

The Janome CoverPro 1000CPX beats the Brother 2340CV coverstitch machine due to its big free arm, which allows for simultaneous sewing and hemming.

It outperforms Brotherman due to its spacious harp area, which makes it simpler to lay down fabric and perform other associated tasks, like setting a cup of coffee to the side while sewing.

Do not get me wrong. This equipment is not entirely luxurious. It also features a retractable extension plate that provides extra space if the cloth is too large.

Because of its three needle/4 thread capacity, it can operate on both thin and thick knit layers of cloth, giving it excellent versatility. It can make a wide double-stitched hem with the help of the adjustable seam guide.

Reviews have mentioned that this machine skips stitches, especially on heavy fabrics like cotton. But not all of them, because I and others came to the same conclusion that simply switching from low-quality to high-quality thread is sufficient.

Why Should You Get This?

Aside from the one-of-a-kind extras, many customers regard the Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX as the best cover stitch sewing machine. recommended it to any potential buyers!

3. Juki MCS – 1500 Coverstitch and Chain Stitch Machine

Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine

Juki has a reputation for producing some of the best equipment available. The Juki MCS-1500 is another achievement to add to their long list.

The Brother 2340CV has a larger overall footprint and a more complicated design than the MSC-1500 Cover Stitch.

This machine mostly sews cover stitches for necklines, armholes, sleeves, and basic hems. Making chain stitches on the side seams and waist of pants is as easy as A, B, and C with this specialised tool.

The first feature of this Juki MCS-1500 cover stitch machine that most others lack is the outside thread cutter for cutting superfluous thread during or after sewing.

But the distinction does not end there.

To assist a novice or professional in managing the edges, an extension plate with seam guidelines is clearly displayed on the side.

It is critical to have your needles adjusted at the right pressure for proper sewing. Juki is aware of this because it provides a presser foot that can be adjusted to adjust the pressure to a setting suitable for a certain fabric type.

The stitching speed can be adjusted using the differential feed adjustment knobs on the front of the machine.

The presser foot, which has a guide, is raised so that you can simply enter your cloth.

Threading the Juki MCS-1500 with new spools, according to the cover stitch sewing machine reviews I’ve read, can be difficult.

If you’re just learning to sew, it’s a good idea to have plenty of patience.

Why Should You Get This?

If you use Juki products, you can count on the Juki MCS-1500 sewing machine to be your lifelong partner. It is robust and long-lasting. Initially, it has a steep learning curve, but you’ll get used to it.

4. Barnette b4 Funlk Coverstitch Machine

Singer Legacy SE300 Embroidery Machine

If you want a high-quality coverstitch machine that won’t break the bank, there is no better alternative than the Bernette.

This machine comes with three separate cover stitches as well as a chain stitch. You can use these to precisely design hems, cuffs, and edges.

Threading the Bernette b4 Funlk cover stitch sewing machine is straightforward thanks to the looper threading system and separate needle threader. It also offers enough workspace and an LED light, making working with it a breeze.

Even when working with flexible fabric and lightweight knits, the Bernette b4 Funlk can produce expert stitches. The threading path on this machine, like the Brother CV3440, is colour-coded.

However, it lacks the free arm and other more complex capabilities found in the Brother CV3440. Given how much less expensive it is, this is hardly surprising.

The Bernette b4 Funlk comes with four spool caps, four oiler spool nets, a brush needle set, a standard presser cover foot screw driver, and four spool caps, to name a few extras.

Why Should You Get This?

Even though it is certainly less advanced than the Brother CV3440, the Bernette b4 Funlk provides a plethora of functionality for its price. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, this is your best bet.

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5. Brother ST4031HD Best Coverstitch Machine

Brother ST4031HD Serger

This cover stitch sewing machine by Brother is the strong and reliable serger machine. It is built to tackle all the heavy duty projects with its sturdy metal frame.

It is guaranteed to give you high performance because of its durable blade made up of extra hard carbon steel that makes smooth cuts and edges ending up with professional finish. The machine gives you 1300 stitches per minute. Also, threading is also easy by its colour coded thread guides and numbered upper and lower thread loopers.

The machine comes with the accessory feet that are standard, blind stitch and gathering feet. For bigger projects, the machine has a large extension table too. Because of the robust inner metal frame, your serger will remain stable on your work surface even at extremely high speeds. This heavy-duty frame was engineered to last for many years of constant use.

Serge with confidence on several layers of denim, layered knits, and sturdy materials. Professionally cut and finished in a single simple step on a variety of projects.

Follow the colour-coded directions provided on the machine for trouble-free threading, which show you exactly where to place each thread. There’s no need to consult the manual when threading your machine!

When the serger knife trims and serges your garment, the trim trap, which is simply detachable from the serger, gathers the fabric trim.

By regulating the movement of the feed, differential feed controls how the cloth is fed through the machine. The flexibility of the feed dogs adds to varied, uniform, and smooth stitching.

Simply turn the stitch width adjustment dial to set the stitch width between 5.0mm (3/16 inch) and 7.0mm (9/32 inch). By adjusting the thread width, you may create flat serged seam finishes.

Why Should You Get This?

If you want a professional look at your stitched stuff with easy handling of the machine then this is the machine you should go for. 

Buying Guide for Cover Stitch Sewing Machine:

Here are the points you should consider while buying the cover stitch sewing machine.

1. What is your budget?

A coverstitch sewing machine is only a good investment if it can meet your specific needs. For example, if you are not a frequent user, buying a machine with expensive attachments is a waste of money.

The occasional jobs would necessitate a dependable machine for your specific needs.

An expensive heavy-duty machine, on the other hand, might benefit a regular user who wants to generate high-quality seams.

2. What kinds of projects do you want to work on?

Despite the fact that these small fellas perform the identical purpose, reading internet reviews on coverstitch machines will show you that they may be used for a range of activities.

While some machines excel at designing and manufacturing clothing, others excel in repairing it.

As a result, when making a decision, it’s critical to consider these machines’ distinctive characteristics, such as whether they have a free arm or none.

3. Attachments and Extras

It’s possible that the machine’s extras are more important than previously imagined.

A well-packaged product should have a comprehensive instruction booklet that walks you through operating and troubleshooting the item.

Cover stitch sewing machine accessories include a repair and cleaning package as well as a seam guide.

Attachments are special tools that are used in combination with the machine to improve performance. Threading materials for a cover stitch sewing machine include Schmetz needles, thread spool caps, accessory screws, tweezers, screwdrivers, and needle threaders.

4. Type of fabric

Certain textiles are more compatible with certain machines than others. This is determined by the threading and needles of the machine.

To handle very thick layers of knit and georgette, a machine with an adjustable differential feed with a high enough setting would be required.

Lace is a finer fabric than others. The presser foot should be moveable to aid with stitch control and to prevent puckering.

5. Several Brands Options:

Never question the brand.

Several well-known manufacturers, including Bernina, Brother, Juki, and Janome, have tried, tested, and proven to produce the best sewing products on the market. They most likely have a coverstitch machine that is as effective.

While some new brands may surprise you with excellent products in the future, others may rely more on trial and error.

What matters most is that you get good value for your money.

What are The Basic Applications of a coverstitch Machine?

A coverstitch is useful for a range of sewing tasks, including:

A Flat Hem

The coverstitch machine is an excellent instrument for sewing a robust and long-lasting seam on fabric.

Simply turn the hem of the cloth to the back and start your machine with the presser foot down.

During the process, the cut edge of the fabric should be pinned down using the needles. Once you’ve gotten the desired finish, just raise the presser foot to position the needles at their highest point.

If you lock the seam end, simply snip the thread at the end and you’re done! Pull the material away from you with care.

Hems That Are Rounded

It’s difficult to negotiate the collar, sleeve, or skirt hem with twin needles. The coverstitch machine, on the other hand, promises to make your time more fun.

The first thing to understand about a circular hem is that it is simply a flat hem.

The only difference is that you must add a few stitches to the initial stitches after spinning.

A hem guide is required for making an even seam and preventing puckering during a round.


We can’t avoid topstitching; shirts are notorious for this type of stitching, whether on the material, the binding, or the elastic.

A coverstitch machine is all you need to polish that neckline or add some ornamental flair to your favourite pair of jeans.

When using a coverstitch machine to apply lace and trim, the results are excellent as long as the needle settings are correct.

With the chain stitch, you may add lacy accents to your underwear with no effort (okay, maybe a little effort).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need a cover stitch sewing machine for swimwear?

A coverstitch sewing machine is required to sew the elastic of swimwear. Other sewing machines can sew the swimsuit. However, a coverstitch sewing machine can provide a flawless finish to your swimwear.

Can I covertitch with my ordinary sewing machine?

You certainly can. However, if you require this frequently for your business, it is advisable to invest in a coverstitch sewing machine. For hobbyists, you can follow certain steps to sew coverstitch with a conventional sewing machine.

How should I care for my coverstitch sewing machine?

After finishing each project, clean your coverstitch machine. If necessary, oil your coverstitch machine. Taking care of your coverstitch machine might help you stitch more effectively.


Considering how much time and effort you’ll save by utilising a coverstitch for hemming instead of your serger, acquiring one isn’t a bad investment.

The Janome 1000CPX is without a doubt the most worthwhile purchase of the five options discussed. This is because, after you’ve mastered the threading process, it’s the simplest and most efficient.

The only difficulty is that you may need to replace the low-cost thread with a high-quality thread that…

It is more expensive, as you correctly stated.

Once you pay the few extra fees here and there, you’ll be well on your way to living every sewer’s dream. You can be confident that the best coverstitch machine will look after you.

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