Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine Review

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One of the famous companies for sewing machines has released their new sewing machine named Brother st150hdh. Brother st150hdh strong and tough sewing machine is a computerized one.

Now, you all will be having numerous thoughts about this machine. Is this machine great for home use? Can this machine be compared with other heavy-duty machines? Is the performance of this sewing machine good?

Let’s deep dive in the review of this sewing machine and see if this is the best option for your sewing needs or not.

Here we give brother st150hdh review, so you can get answers to all of your questions and can finally decide whether to buy this sewing machine or not.

Strong And Tough Machine

Well, you can say that the brother st150hdh sewing machine is strong and tough as it can sew pretty much any fabric you want. With this sewing machine, you can easily sew thick quilts, leather, canvas, denim, or any other fabric.

Brother sewing machine st150hdh is specially designed for heavy-duty projects, it consists of heavyweight needles that help in sewing thick fabrics. Moreover, it has a special presser foot that is designed to work with heavy-duty projects.

It is made with a heavy-duty frame which makes it durable and stable when you are sewing. If this machine is good for heavy-duty projects then it does mean that it does not work well with light projects.

It also offers quality sewing with thin fabrics such as chiffon, silk, etc. This machine is a jam-free machine that allows you to work daily without caring much about maintenance.

Brother ST150HDH

Specification Of Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine:

This machine offered by Brother is a heavy-duty computerized sewing machine. There are multiple features offered by it that make it special.

These features are:

  • The weight of this sewing machine is 10.14 pounds
  • The number of presser feet is 9
  • The number of stitch option offered by it are 50 stitches
  • The number of feed dog points is 7
  • The dimensions of this sewing machine are 16.26’’ x 7.01’’ x 12.48’’
  • The options for buttonholes are two, 5 auto-sized, and one-step buttonhole stitches
  • UL/CSA listed voltage of this sewing machine is 110V
  • The warranty offered by Brother for this sewing machine is of 25 years

Accessory Feet That Comes With Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine:

When you buy a Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine, 9 types of presser feet come with the machine. These 9 presser feet and their functions are:

  • The first accessory foot is the zipper foot, the function of this foot is to help you in sewing a zipper onto your projects
  • The second accessory foot is the spring action zigzag foot, which is used in the sewing machine for general purposes, it helps to sew straight or zigzag stitches
  • The third accessory foot is the overcasting foot, this foot is used along with the overcasting stitches and helps to finish the fabric edges and create a seam
  • The fourth accessory foot is the buttonhole foot, with this foot you can easily create automatically sized buttonholes just in one step
  • The fifth accessory foot is the walking foot, this foot helps when you are sewing thick fabrics, it feeds all the layers of thick fabrics evenly and is great when you are quilting a lot of thick layers of fabric
  • The sixth accessory foot is the button sewing foot, which helps you to sew the button by keeping the button in its place
  • The seventh accessory foot is the monogramming foot, this foot is used with the decorative stitches
  • The eighth accessory foot is the ¼’’ piecing foot, which is used to create ¼’’ seams when you are quilting
  • The ninth accessory foot is the blind stitch foot, it is used when you want to create invisibly blind hems

Moreover, if these sewing feet are not enough for you and you want more sewing feet, then you can buy them from the accessory store Brother separately.

Type Of Stitches In Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine

The number of stitches offered by Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine is 50 and that’s a very impressive number. Here we will break down the stitches and tell you which stitch is which.

  • There are 2 straight stitches
  • The number of buttonhole stitches is 5
  • The number of overcasting stitches is 4
  • The number of blind hem stitches is 2
  • The number of joining stitches is 3
  • The number of fagoting stitches is 2
  • 1 zigzag stitch and 1 three-point zigzag stitch are available
  • 14 decorative or heirloom stitches are offered, 2 cross stitches, and 5 satin stitches
  • 1 stretch and 1 triple stretch stitch are offered
  • 1 piercing and 2 decorative quilting stitches are offered
  • 1 bar tack stitch, 1 applique stitch, 1 satin scallop stitch, and 1 shell tuck stitch

Selection Of Stitches In Of Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine

As we have told, Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine is a computerized machine. So, it uses a dial for selecting stitches, and the number of the selected stitch is displayed on the back-lit LCD screen.

This sewing machine also allows you to select your desired stitch length and width with the help of buttons available next to the screen. The dial installed in this machine is mainly liked because it makes it very easy to select the stitches. Moreover, you would have seen that an ordinary sewing machine does not tell you whether the presser feet are working well or not with the stitch you have selected. While Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine always tells you which presser feet will go well with your selected stitch.

Types Of Fabric That Can Be Sewn Using Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine

As it is told above the Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine is a heavy-duty machine so there would not be any problem if you sew thick fabrics or thin fabrics. Whether the fabric you are sewing is thick or thin, it is sewn perfectly and the results are great. Still, we are giving you the list of the fabrics you can sew with this sewing machine.

· Flannel

· Tweed

· Silk

· Cotton

· Denim

· Taffeta

· Corduroy

· Satin

· Faux Suede

· Jersey

· Faux Leather

· Tricot

Surely, you do not feel any difficulty while sewing several layers of fabric, but you will need to keep in mind that you use the right needle for the right project. Other than that, you should make sure that the needle is fixed correctly, it is not bent.

Features Of Brother St150hdh Sewing Machine

Features are the most important thing in a sewing machine as they create easiness in a sewing project. Every sewist first considers the features of the sewing machine, so we have explained each feature of the Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine below.

Thread Cutter

This sewing machine does not have an automatic thread cutter. We know you would be stunned after knowing this as it is a computerized machine and does not have an automatic thread cutter.

Well, it is because the function of the automatic thread cutter is very sensitive and gets damaged easily. So, Brother has installed a built-in thread cutter in their sewing machine. It is convenient, you can easily cut the thread while working on your project.

It may seem con but in fact, it is very liked by people because it saves a lot of time in finding scissors. With this thread cutter, you can easily cut the thread and save important time.

Built-in Lighting

As we all know, the importance of vision in sewing is as much as machine quality, there is no point in sewing if you can’t see properly. So, to help improve the vision of sewists Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine includes a bright LED light.

This light is powerful enough to brighten your whole workspace and let you see everything. This LED light is automatic, which means that it automatically turns on whenever you turn the machine on. And when you turn the machine off, the light automatically gets turned off.

Free Arm

Mostly it happens that when sewing fabric in the round, it becomes difficult to guide the fabric and avoid it from touching other parts of the garment. Well, that’s when a free arm comes in handy. It helps to avoid the fabric from accidentally catching other parts of the garment.

Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine contains a built-in arm that is easy to access and use. It helps a lot while regularly hemming your jeans or any other cylindrical items. The ability of sewing tubular items is mostly liked.

Workspace And Needles Of Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine

The workspace of Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine is big enough that you can easily work on your large projects. On this sewing machine, you can get a workspace of about 6.4 inches by 4.1 inches high.

This workspace is good enough to easily work on quilts or any bulkier materials. If you ever feel difficulty in sewing make sure you check the needle.

It is because there are different needles for different projects. For working on leather or any other heavy fabric there are 2 number 14 heavy-duty needles.

2 number 11 needles are there for working on light to medium fabrics. And 2 number 14 ballpoint needles are used when working on stretchy fabrics or for knits

Strong Motor

As we all know that motors play a very important role in a sewing machine, the power of the sewing machine depends on the power of the motor installed in it. The amount of layers of fabric a sewing machine can sew also depends on the power of the motor.

The motor of Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine is powerful enough to sew about six layers of denim, which is quite impressive.

Twin Needle Capability

Moreover, Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine also has an amazing feature that is unique and is not easily found. This unique feature is twin needle capability, it is very easy and simple to set up and use.

Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine – Pros:

· The foot pedal of this machine is optional

· Its feature of needle threading and automatic bobbin winding is easy to understand and use for beginners

· This sewing machine can automatically sew reinforcement/reverse stitches

· It is a heavy-duty computerized machine

· It is versatile and offers more options than any noncomputerized sewing machines

· A twin needle is a nice perk in this machine

Brother st150hdh Sewing Machine – Cons:

It is great that this machine has a stitch reference chart not only in the manual but the fault in it is that it is detachable and you can attach it to the back of the sewing machine. This looks very awkward to most people as it can easily be lost. It would have been better if it was displayed on the right side of the machine.

· It is a bit difficult to carry this machine around as its handle is not molded plastic.

· It may be good for beginners but it is not good for professionals as it does not offer many functions

· This sewing machine is a heavy-duty machine but it is much more expensive than other heavy-duty machines

· This machine is very strong and reliable but it is not heavy-duty for industrial use

Watch the unboxing and texting of brother st150hdh sewing machine. Check the video review by Sheree’s Alchemy

Final Verdict – Should You Get it or Not?

After considering all the things we would like to tell you that Brother st150hdh is an impressive heavy-duty Sewing Machine. It offers a lot of accessories, features, and a selection of stitches which makes it special. This sewing machine is easy to use. It may not be too good for professionals but is great for beginners. The main thing which makes it special is its power, you can sew thick fabrics for long hours with this sewing machine easily. 

Looking for the perfect sewing machine? Our review of this model will help you decide if it’s the best fit for your needs. Is it the right choice for you? Find out now! Alternatively, check out these other top sewing machine options:

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