Brother se600 vs se625 – Which is the Winner?

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Whenever a sewist decides to buy a sewing machine, he gets confused after seeing numerous models from different companies. It becomes difficult for him to choose because he can’t understand which one is the best. Just like that, there are two machines of company Brother named SE600 and SE625. Both of these machines are masterpieces but that’s what confuses people. If you are looking for a comparison between Brother SE600 and SE625 then you do not need to worry because here we will explain everything to you.

Here you will know every pro, con, similarity, and dissimilarity between these two machines.

Brother se600 vs se625 Quick Comparison

This is a quick comparison between Brother SE600 and SE625 which will give some quick information on the comparison of these two machines. This quick comparison will surely prove to be helpful and will clear a lot of things.

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Brother SE600

Brother se600
  • It is a sewing and embroidery machine
  • The number of built-in stitches is 103
  • A free arm is available
  • The number of presser feet included is 7
  • The dimension of this machine is 21.2’’ x 15.5’’ x 16.5’’
  • The embroidery area provided here is 4’’x4’’
  • A smart LCD touchscreen of 3.2’’ is available
  • The number of embroidery designs included is 80
  • An advanced needle threader is available
  • USB connecting port is available
  • A warranty of 25 years is given        
  • The maximum stitch speed offered is 710 spm

Brother SE625

  • It is also a sewing and embroidery machine
  • The number of built-in stitches offered is also 103
  • It also consists of a free arm
  • The number of presser feet included is 7
  • The dimension of this machine is 21.1’’ x 15.3’’ x 16.4’’
  • The embroidery area available is 4’’ x 4’’
  • A smart LCD of 3.2’’ can be seen
  • It includes 80 built-in and 200 other embroidery designs on a CD
  • An advanced needle threader is included
  • USB connectivity with a computer or USB stick can be done
  • A warranty of 25 is available        
  • The maximum speed of the stitch is 710 spm

Similarities Between SE600 And SE625

Above we have given a quick look at the comparisons between Brother SE600 and Brother SE625, now it is time to explain some important things. Now, we will explain all the similarities between Brother SE600 and Brother SE625 that make them identical.

Sewing Features

If we talk about the sewing features of both SE600 and SE625 then there is not much difference between these. The sewing features of machines include presser feet, stitches, and many other things.


The number of built-in stitches in Brother SE600 is 103, and the number of built-in stitches in Brother SE625 is also 103. The name of all the stitches included in these machines are given below

· 1 three-step elastic zigzag stitch and 1 two-step elastic zigzag stitch

· 4 straight stitches

· 7 overcasting stitches

· 1 right-needle zigzag stitch and 2 zigzag stitches

· 5 overcasting stitch that is used with the side cutter that turns the machine into a faux serger

· 1 stem stitch, 1 triple stretch stitch, and 1 basting stitch

· 10 hem stitches and 2 blind hem stitches

· 2 piecing stitches

· 2 blanket stitches

· 4 decorative quilting stitches

· darning stitches

· 5 cross-stitch stitches, 5 decorative satin stitches, 17 other decorative stitches, and 5 satin stitches

· 1 couching stitch, 1 serpentine stitch, 1 patchwork join stitch, 1 fagoting stitch, 1 patchwork double overlock stitch, 1 smocking stitch, 1 eyelet stitch, 1 ladder stitch, 1 bar tack stitch, 1 shell tuck edge stitch, 1 rick-rack stitch, 1 tape attaching stitch, satin scallop stitch, and feather stitch

· 1 button sewing stitch and 8 buttonhole stitches

Presser Feet

Both of the machines, Brother SE600 and SE625 consist of equal and the same 7 accessory feet. All those presser feet that are the same in these two machines are the buttonhole foot, blind stitch foot, spring action zigzag foot, monogramming foot, button sewing foot, zipper foot, and overcasting foot. With these feet, numerous important sewing tasks can be done easily.

Moreover, if you need any other feet such as walking feet, spring action quilting feet, ¼ piecing feet, side cutter overlock feet, etc. then you will need to buy them separately from the Brother store.

Automatic Needle Threader

An automatic needle threader is another feature that is the same in both SE600 and SE625. In both machines, you can find a perfectly working automatic needle threader, which not just lessens the work for you but also save a lot of your precious time.

Sewing Speed

The sewing speed of Brother SE600 and SE625 is also the same which is 710 stitches per minute. This speed may be less than other computerized sewing and quilting combination machines of Brother but is good for working on normal tasks.

Free Arm

You would have heard about the free arm, it is used by the sewist for guiding the fabric while it becomes difficult to do it using hands. The feature of the free arm is one of the most useful and is available in both of these Brother machines SE600 and SE625.

Embroidery Features

We have explained a lot of similarities between the sewing features of Brother SE600 and SE625, now it is time to explain some similarities in the embroidery features of these machines. All of those similarities are explained below.

Field Area

Field area plays an important when it comes to sewing or embroidery because such times come when you need to sew large projects but can’t work on them due to the small field area. The field area you will get to see in both SE600 and SE625 machines is 4’’ x 4’’. This field area may not be good for working on very large projects but it is great for small and medium size projects.

LCD Touch Screen

An LCD touchscreen plays a vital role in a computerized sewing and embroidery machine, without it the machine seems to be incomplete. When you look at Brother SE600 and Brother SE625, you will get to see a smart LCD touchscreen of 3.2’’ installed in both of them.

This LCD touchscreen is used for a lot of purposes, with it you can make the stitch selection and embroidery pattern selection. What’s another great thing about this LCD is that you can alter your design with it. You can change size, colors, and orientation just by touching the screen.

If you have finally altered your design according to your desire, then you can also preview that design before you start to embroider it. This feature lets you know how the design will look after embroidering. It saves a lot of time as you do not need to embroider that design to check it, you just touch the screen.

Moreover, on this LCD touchscreen, you will also be able to find tutorials. A total of 8 tutorials are available on the LCD touchscreen for you. So, whenever you need to access the instruction manual, you just need to touch the screen.

Computer And USB Connectivity

When you take a look at the USB ports on Brother SE600 and SE625 then you will find a built-in USB port on the side in both of the machines. With this USB connectivity port, you can directly connect your computer or you can connect a flash drive.

The use of this port is basically for transporting the embroidery designs from your computer to the machine. You would be thinking about how to get or search for embroidery designs, well it is simple, you can get hundreds and thousands of different embroidery designs online at a site named as iBroidery. You can choose any of the patterns and then transfer them to the machine using the USB port.

Moreover, if embroidery software is available then you can also create different embroidery designs according to your desire. After creating these designs you can easily transfer them to the machine through the USB port on the machine. The right file format of files is .pes.


Warranty is another important thing when buying an expensive machine. Well, the machine of both Brother SE600 and SE625 is the same that is 25 years. Anything that happened to the machine within this time will the responsibility of the machine.

Differences Between Brother SE600 And SE625

Differences between Brother SE600 and Se625 are the things that will let you decide which one you should buy. Well, there are a lot of similarities between these two machines but the number of differences is not much. Some of the differences we could find are given below.

Look Of The Machine

Multiple features or accessories may be the same between SE600 and SE625 but the look and design of these machines are totally different from one another. Some differences in the looks of SE600 and SE625 are explained below, but if you want to see them and confirm how they look, then you can visit the site of Brother Company.


The graphic on the faces of both machines is different. It is in different colors. It seems like Brother kept the colors different so that customers can easily differentiate between SE600 and SE625.

You will get to see the faceplate of Brother SE600 in an attractive silver or gray-toned color. On the other hand, Brother SE625 features a faceplate of gold or light brown color. Both of these colors are totally different from each other and make it easy for the customers to differentiate. Not just that but these colors chosen by Brother are eye-catching.

Embroidery Designs

You have read above that the number of stitches or feet are the same in SE600 and SE625, but when it comes to embroidery designs they differ a bit. In both of these machines, you can get 80 built-in embroidery designs, the built-in designs are the same in both machines. These machines also contain 6 English fonts that are also same in both.

Now, you would be thinking what is the difference then? Well, the difference is that Brother SE625 includes 200 extra embroidery designs pre-loaded on a CD, while Brother SE600 does not have anything such that.

Having a CD with pre-loaded embroidery designs is good but you may meet some problems with CD as most modern computers do not include a CD drive.

Struggling with the threading of brother se600 and se625 sewing machine, No problem just checkout the handy video made by Love 2DIY on youtube.

Final Verdict – Should You Get it or Not?

After a detailed comparison of brother se600 vs brother se625, we would recommend you buy any Brother machine from these two because the SE600 and SE625 are nearly identical. The only difference you will get to find in these machines is in faceplate color and additional embroidery designs. If you want to choose one from SE600 and SE625 then choose the one that looks more attractive because the features, design, and many other things are the same in these machines.

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