Brother LB5000 Review: The Sewing Machine That Will Make Your Life Easier

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  • Date: May 29, 2023
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Here is a sewing and embroidery machine offered by one of the most famous companies named Brother. If you are a professional or a beginner sewist and are looking for a perfect machine that includes both features of sewing and embroidery then this machine could be the one.

We are giving the brother lb5000 review after doing a lot of research and can assure you our review will be honest about this machine. Brother lb5000 has a lot of pros but it also has some cons. everything related to this machine will be explained properly in this guide. So, make sure you read this guide till the end and get your answer that this machine is suitable for you or not.

Basic stats of brother lb5000

Let’s explain the basic stats of the brother lb5000 sewing and embroidery machine before explaining other features and functions of this machine.

  • Size of this machine is 54’’ x 21.18’’ x 15.51’’ which is quite good.
  • The presser feet you will get to see in this machine are 8.
  • An embroidery area of 4’’ x 4’’ is given.
  • The weight of this machine is 26 lbs. Which is not so heavy.
  • The automatic needle threader is included in it.
  • A high-quality LCD touchscreen is installed.
  • The number of built-in stitches is 103.
  • A display of size 2’’ x 1.8’’ is given.
  • The number of built-in embroidery designs included is 80, and the fonts are 9.

Well, it was just some basic stuff about this machine, you will get to know more if you keep reading.

Brother LB5000S Star Wars sewing machine

Design Of Brother lb5000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine:

The brother lb5000 sewing and embroidery machine is an attractive machine that comes in white and is made from high-quality material. Here you can see an LCD at the front of the machine, below that display you will get to see a needle position button, lighting starts/stop button, reverse/ reinforcement stitch button, thread cutting button, and speed controller of the machine. The last button you will see there is of LED-backlit that indicates the working status of the machine. If you see a green light then it means that the machine is ready to sew while an orange or red light means that there is an error in the machine or it is not ready to sew and needs to warm up.

If you take a look at the left side of the screen, you will see a control panel that is used to navigate the screen. The image of stitch patterns can be seen below, while the bobbin winding system can be seen at the top of the machine. Moreover, a LED light is also available at the top of the workspace to light it up in the dark. And at the back of the machine, you can see USB

Box Of Brother lb5000:

The box of the brother lb5000 sewing and embroidery machine consists of a lot of parts or pieces. All of those parts are given below:

  • Foot pedal
  • Removable Star Wars faceplates
  • Embroidery foot
  • Free imagine 10 design pack
  • Power cord
  • 10 free Star Wars designs
  • Assorted tools such as a screwdriver, scissors, seam ripper, bobbins, etc.      

Feet Included In Brother lb5000

The number of quick-change sewing feet is seven. The name of all these sewing feet is given below.

  • Overcasting foot, which is used to easily wrap the thread at the edges of the fabric to prevent unraveling
  • Button sewing foot, which helps in easily sewing the buttons by clearing the stitching area
  • Buttonhole foot, which helps in giving a good finish to the raw edges of buttonholes
  • Spring action zigzag foot, which is used for keeping the foot level while sewing the thick seams
  • Blind stitch, which is used for making a blind or invisible hem
  • Zipper foot, which helps the needle in sewing the raised edges such as the teeth of a zipper·         Monogramming foot, which is used for decorative stitching

Accessories Included In Brother LB5000

In brother lb5000 you can get a generous number of accessories, a beautiful accessory pouch will be given to you in which all the accessories will be included. All the accessories that come with this machine are as follows.

  • Twin needle
  • Extra spool pin
  • 4 bobbins
  • Demo CD
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam ripper
  • Cleaning brush
  • 3 spool caps
  • Eyelet punch
  • Needle set
  • Ballpoint needle        
  • 3 pre-wound bobbins with embroidery thread

Features Of Brother LB5000 Machine

Features play a very important role in a sewing machine. The more features available in a sewing machine, the better it will be. This thing is highly considered in the Brother lb5000 machine and it includes numerous features. All these features help the user in the project, these features not just improve the quality of the project but also save a lot of important time for the user. Some of the main features of this machine are the following:

· 9 embroidery lettering fonts are available

· An automatic bobbin winder is available that wounds the bobbin evenly for optimal sewing

· 80 built-in embroidery designs are available that including the decorative alphabet, holiday, borders, floral, and kids’ designs

· 103 built-in sewing stitches are available that include beautiful decorative stitches, auto-sized buttonholes, and 10 styles of one-step

· 7 versatile sewing feet are included

· Marvel superhero’s faceplate pack

· Star Wars superhero’s faceplate pack

These were some of the main features of Brother lb5000, now we will explain some other features of this machine. These features play a crucial role and can change the worth of this machine. All of these features are explained below.


As we know, noise is a common factor in most sewing machines. Many users complain that the machine makes a lot of noise. It becomes a huge problem, especially for those who like to work on their sewing or embroidery projects at night when there is peace.

Well, at that time even a small noise causes a lot of problems for your neighbors or your family. This factor is highly considered by the Brother company, and with this machine, they have solved this problem. Brother lb5000 is a quiet machine. It does not make any noise when you are working on it, it does not even vibrate. So, you can easily work on it at night without worrying about the noise.

Free arm

Have you ever caught yourself in a situation when you need to sew the fabric in the round but you can’t sew it properly? Well, that is when you need the free arm, a free arm is used when you are sewing a fabric in a round. With the free arm, it becomes much easier to guide the fabric under the needle.

Embroidery Field

The embroidery field is also an important thing in a machine as it determines how large projects you can work on. The embroidery you can get in Brother lb5000 is 4’’ x 4’’. This embroidery field is not so bad. You may not be able to work on very large projects, but you can easily work on small or medium size projects.

USB Port

Here you can get a USB port at the back of the machine. You can enter different data through this port into the machine. It is mostly used to enter different embroidery designs into the machine for later use. It is very easy to install designs on the machine with the help of this feature.

Automatic Needle Threader

You may not know but an automatic needle threader is a very important feature in a sewing machine. It not only improves the quality of the sewing project but also saves a lot of your precious time. You can easily thread the needle in this machine with a touch of your fingers. You just need to press a button on the machine and the needle will be threaded.

LED Lights

LED lights are installed at the top of the workspace that bright up the workspace when it’s dark. These LED lights are powerful enough to brighten the workspace completely and give you a clear vision of the needle and the fabric.


YES! Brother lb5000 sewing machine is highly portable because of its small size. This machine may be small but its performance is high. Due to its small size, it can be placed at any small size. If you live in an apartment and have less space then this machine is best for you.


While buying the brother lb5000 you also don’t need to worry about the warranty, because this machine comes with a warranty of 25 years which is great for any computerized machine. During this 25-year time, if anything happens to the machine then you can contact the company and get it fixed immediately.

Fun Faceplate Designs

In the Brother lb5000 sewing and embroidery machine, you will get to see three interchangeable faceplates that feature the characters of the most beloved Star Wars. The characters printed on it are Princess Leia and Darth Vader. Not only this, but you can also get a simple star wars logo faceplate that is located in the front bottom of the machine.

You do not get worried after seeing the faceplate because it does no harm to the machine, and does affect its performance in any way. So, whether you keep that faceplate on the machine for showoff or remove it, it will not affect the machine.

Star Wars Designs

If you are a fan of Star Wars then you would surely like to buy this machine because it comes with about 10 Star Wars embroidery designs. You can easily download these embroidery designs from the website Here you a code will be given to you through which you can download 10 additional space-themed designs.

Using these embroidery designs, you can embroider anything such as bags, t-shirts, or any other item.

Brother LB5000 vs SE600

As you know, Brother lb5000 is available in two different themes which are Marvel and Star Wars. These themes are loved by the users, but some users don’t like these themes as they are not fans of Marvel or Star Wars. Well, if you are one of those who don’t like this theme then you can simply remove the faceplates, we assure you that it does not affect the performance of the machine. If removing the faceplates does not suit you then you can brother se600.It is because the brother se600 embroidery machine is an identical machine to the Brother LB5000. Everything in this machine such as look, size, features, etc. is the same as LB5000. The only difference you will find in these machines is the theme, brother se600 comes without any theme.

Brother lb500 Embroidery Features– Pros:

As you know, Brother lb5000 can also be used for embroidery. Here we will you about some amazing things about the embroidery feature of this machine. These features are those which make it special and tell why it should be chosen for embroidery. Here are all the pros of the embroidery feature of Brother lb5000:

· The stitch quality for embroidery is amazing

· It is a combo machine, and it is very easy to switch from sewing to embroidery on this machine

· A lot of Facebook groups of Brother machine users are available which you can easily access if you want any help in learning how to embroider using this machine

· It is very easy to embroider using this machine, because of all the instructions and features such as the touchscreen, needle threader, etc.

· Numerous built-in designs and fonts are available in this machine which helps you to make an easy start

· It comes at a very affordable price according to its functions and features

· It is available in two themes that are, the brother marvel embroidery machine and the brother star wars embroidery machine

· It allows you to easily upload custom designs using the USB drive

Brother lb500 Embroidery Features– Cons:

Well, nothing in this world is indeed perfect, everything you see has cons either they are less or more. Just like that brother, the lb5000 embroidery feature is not perfect in all concerns. It also consists of some cons. A con has different values in everyone’s eyes. In someone’s eyes, a con can be negligible but that same con can become the reason for rejecting the machine for someone. So, the importance of a con depends on the user.

Here are some cons of the brother lb5000 embroidery feature.

· The embroidery workspace is not very large. Well, it is good for normal or medium projects but working on very large projects can be a little problem

· It does not include any embroidery software. So, whenever you need to create a custom embroidery design you will need to find software on your own. Indeed, a lot of software’s available online but their features are not good.

· If you are looking for a machine with high speed then we don’t think you would like this one, because the speed of this machine is not so good. Its speed is average

Brother lb500 Sewing Features– Pros:

If you are a sewist then you would have heard that combo machines may be good but they are not great at performing both of their functions. Well, this may be true because in most combo machines both functions do not work well. As you have read about the embroidery feature of Brother lb5000, now it is time to find out whether the sewing features of this machine are good or not. Pros of sewing features of Brother lb5000 are given below.

· It includes an automatic needle which not only creates easiness in work but also saves a lot of time

· The quality of its stitches is amazing, the best stitch quality is given by the zigzag stitch and straight stitch

· A lot of stitches are available from which you can easily choose your desired stitch, these stitches also include decorative stitches

· It is very easy to use this machine because of its numerous features. LCD screens, manuals, and tutorials make it much easier for the user

· If you live with your family and like to sew at night then you are lucky to find this machine because this machine works quietly. It does not make any noise and does not even vibrate

Brother lb500 Sewing Features– Cons:

As we have said above, everything is not perfect. Even if it masters everything, it will still have some small cons. These cons can be ignored if you want as it depends on the user. Here are all the cons included in the sewing features of Brother lb5000.

· If you are good at handling technology then you can ignore this con. This machine is rich in technology, everywhere technology is used to create easiness for you. If you are not so good at handling technology and cannot understand it easily then it will become very complex for you to use this machine. All the features created for easiness of you will start to create complexities for you

· According to our research, this machine is not very good at sewing very thick fabrics. We will not recommend this machine if you tend to sew very thick fabrics using a machine

Check Brother lb500 sewing machine overview by Ken’s Sewing Center

Final Verdict – Should You Get it or Not?

Overall brother lb5000 is a great sewing and embroidery machine. Both its sewing and embroidery functions work great and give high-quality results. It includes a lot of features that help the user in completing their sewing or embroidery task. A complete and honest review of brother lb5000 has been given above. We hope you read it completely and that information helped you to know whether this machine is suitable for you or not.

  1. Good morning, I was wondering if the brother LB5000 sewing / embroidery machine
    1. Can you get different sizes of hoops for it
    2 . Are there usb sticks that you can buy that already have designs on them… if you don’t have a computer
    Thank you in advance
    Kim 🐾

    1. 1- Yes, you can get different sizes of hoops for the Brother LB5000 sewing/embroidery machine. You can buy additional hoops separately if you need them.

      2- Yes, There are USB sticks that have designs on them. These are referred to as embroidery design collections or embroidery design packs. Select the designs you want to use when you insert the stick into the machine’s USB port. If you don’t have a computer, this is an excellent option.

      Hhope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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