Brother Cs5055prw Review

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The Brother CS5055PRW is an automated sewing machine specifically designed for novices and advanced sewing enthusiasts alike. It has a broad range of functions and features, making it an ideal tool for a variety of sewing projects.

Let us look at the brother cs5055prw review, and how to thread brother project runway sewing machine, outlining its advantages, features, and disadvantages.

This is a difficult problem, but one that is crucial. The short answer is no. Thank you for your time and goodbye. While we’re at it, if you take a look at the advantages it can offer to novices, it’s an acceptable option. 

Stitch settings and choices are straightforward and abundant with an informative description of how the device works. It can be used with any kind of fabric, whether soft or hard, and does not have to be concerned about whether CS5055PRW is able to pull it off. 

Brother CS5055PRW – Is it good For Beginners?

Its light, which makes it ideal for children and students as they can take them to school and back without feeling exhausted. The fact that it gives the option of adding your own personal design to your work by offering custom-made addition options is a huge draw for people who are new to the world of sewing.

However, it’s computerized. Although that comes with numerous benefits, it has one disadvantage. When they go down, you aren’t able to perform the repair yourself. Like mechanical sewing machines. 

You need to be knowledgeable about their processor or computer and it’s a bit complicated. You’ll have to take them back to the manufacturer or repairman they have appointed, and, in turn, you’ll be waiting for a considerable length of time before you receive them returned. 

This is a major disadvantage for those who earn their income from the brother project runway sewing machine or who’s a teacher and need to carry the sewing machine on them throughout the day.

Brother Project Runway Cs5055prw Sewing Machine Features

Brother Cs5055prw Review
Light weight

Since brother cs5055prw review students frequently move their sewing machines. Perhaps to classes, or even to keep them in storage from time to time. The designers of this machine created it to be light. With a weight of around 10 pounds, this machine is among the most lightweight machines on the market. This makes it much easier to move around without any issues.

Engineers needed to develop the design of the device to this weight. A lot of plastic components were utilized to design the machine. Some might be hesitant to use plastic components. In comparison to their lightweight price, it is a necessity. Furthermore, the quality of the used plastic is excellent.


The main aspect of this machine is the LCD display that allows you to select the kind of implant. This screen also shows the level of pressure used by the foot. This machine also has an LED-lit working area to provide the most comfortable sewing.

Bobbin Winder

Like different sewing equipment, this one has a Bobbin Winder located near the very top. It’s a Project Runway machine that is fast, precise and easy to access, unlike other sewing machines.

Threading Needles Automatically

One of the most challenging tasks when using brother project runway cs5055prw reviews sewing machines is to attach the thread to the needle. In the majority of cases, we’ve observed that older people enjoy the pleasure of sewing clothing for their loved relatives. However, when they first start using the conventional sewing machine it is a nightmare for them to insert the thread in the tiny hole of the needle. 

5-Step Buttonhole

The process of making buttonholes is difficult in situations with the traditional sewing machines. It is necessary to create holes one at a time. To create one hole after the other you must turn the piece of cloth at various angles. 

Sometimes, the buttonholes are not made correctly, which could ruin your clothes. Instead of taking such a risk, you could choose an option like the Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine. With the machine, you will be able to quickly sew buttonholes in a short time. Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to add a professional appearance to your clothing.

Vertical Spool Pin

Threads become stuck, particularly when you’re working quickly using the machine. Because you must complete the task in a shorter period of time, it is recommended to begin sewing the fabric at a faster speed. When this happens the thread could be caught and will snap immediately. Your efforts will be without a purpose if this occurs. 

Bright workspace

It is not always the case that you have the option of having a bright light while you’re working on the sewing equipment. There may be power outages for a while, but you need to finish the job using the machine. 

Sometimes, you require luminescence over your cloth in order to sew flawlessly and get the job done. To help those in need Brother Project Runway Cs5055prw Electric Sewing Machine has introduced the LED light within the machine. You can now use the machine even when there isn’t any light.

Stitching patterns

With the conventional sew-on machine, there is one stitch pattern. If you’d like to make a pattern that is unique it is necessary to put much effort into this. You must take your fabric and place it correctly with each stitch. 


The product’s warranty is a significant factor in the decision of whether you should purchase the product or not. The warranty gives you the security of working with the machine and not worrying about any damage or breakage. It is a machine that you can use at your own discretion. If any accidents occur on it, the manufacturer will be there to help you. 

The Brother Cs 5055 Project Runway Computerized Sewing Machine offers a warranty that is 25 years. All technical issues are covered within this warranty time. This is among the characteristics that make it the most portable electric sewing machine on the market.

What Are The Reasons To Buy A Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine?

Its Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine tops the list of the top electronic sewing machines that have been created and includes a range of class-leading characteristics to talk about. This budget-friendly sewing machine comes with fifty pre-programmed sewing options that cover the majority of the stitching requirements such as decorative and heirloom stitches. 

With so many stitching options accessible on the board, you can design and create beautiful projects. Lights from LEDs can be ideally located around the work area and are able to identify stitches even in dark areas. It is possible to use these specific machines to stitch fleece elastics, elastics, and other materials that are flexible.


  • 50 pre-programmed stitches
  • 87 stitch functions
  • 850 stitches per minute
  • Top loading bobbin
  • Automatic needle threader
  • LCD stitch display
  • Stitch chart printed for selection
  • 5 one-step customized buttonhole maker
  • Brightly lit work area


  • Plastic is a lot of parts
  • A small storage space.

What Type Of Presser Feet Are Included? And What Exactly Are They Doing?

There are 7 sewing machine feet that will let you sew the majority of projects. They can be removed with the push of a lever located on the side of the foot holder.

  • Zigzag foot is the standard presser for most projects that require a straight or zigzag stitch
  • The button sewing foot keeps buttons in the right position for sewing.
  • Zipper foot sew one of the zippers with this presser foot that is narrow,
  • Foot with blind stitch: create a practically invisible hem. It can be useful in hemming clothes,
  • The overcasting foot is used in conjunction with the stitches of the overcast sewing machine to make an edge and finish the edges of the fabric at the same time.
  • The foot for Monogramming is make use of the decorative stitches of the sewing machine

How Do You Begin Sewing With Your Brother Sewing Machine?

How to thread brother sewing machine? When the bobbin is closed and the thread is threaded across the needle you’re now ready to begin sewing. By using the fast-set bobbin you don’t have to pull up the thread of the bobbin. The needle draws it up automatically when you begin.

Start sewing by pressing your foot onto the pedal for your foot. The more you press, the faster your stitching while easing off will slow the stitching. There’s no speed control to regulate your sewing speed to the maximum. If reverse stitching is required, press the button located on one side of the machine.

What Is The Best CS5055prw To Quilt?

If you’re interested in creating stunning quilts, the Brother CS5055prw sewing machines can aid you in that! There are a few quilting options not available in this CS5055prw sewing machine however they are available on the more expensive Brother sewing machines.

For example, the model CS5055prw doesn’t come with an extra-large, wide table which helps hold larger projects. You can buy the table extension separately should you want it; however, it’s quite expensive. Some other Brother sewing machine models that come with the large, wide table include The Brother CS6000i, Brother H1850, as well as the Brother XR3774.

The throat for the CS5055prw sewing machine is about 6 inches from the base to the needle as well as 4” tall. It’s possible that you’ll have issues in space if you plan to make large queen-size quilts.

If you’re a quilter who is seeking out additional presses feet it is possible to buy your own set of quilting accessory feet for example, walking feet to feed even layers or a spring-action quilting foot for free-motion quilting or the 1/4″ quilting foot to stitch exact seam allowances. 

Is This Good As A Back-Up Sewing Machine?

As a sewer for the entirety of my life, something I’ve learned is that the sewing machine’s performance can halt at any time and then resume working next most instances. It happens while I’m working on a project that I have to complete!

It doesn’t matter if you have a sewing machine at home to use a sewing machine or if you have an industrial one in your sewing room to complete those projects. An excellent idea to have a backup machine to be prepared!

This Brother machine is the ideal model to keep in your sewing room to be a backup model in case of emergency. It comes with features to allow you to continue working on your projects should the main machine fail to stop working during the course of a day!

This model is priced at a reasonable price, which is why it’s perfect to have the capacity of a secondary machine.

Is The Brother CS5055prw Machine Stitch? Does It Have An Embroiderer?

It is not an embroidery machine or serger. It doesn’t have integrated alphanumeric stitching (unlike that of the Brother HC1850 and the XR9550prw) it also does not have a way to transfer embroidery designs from a computer onto the machine. If you’re looking to learn free-motion embroidery, however, you’ll be equipped to master that skill using this machine!

In terms of sewing, this brother runway sewing machine doesn’t include the ability to stitch an edge, finish the edges on fabric and cut excess fabric all at once. The thing that is really impressive is the overcasting foot that comes with it. It allows the sewing machine to complete the edges of the fabric and stitch a seam all at once. All you need to do prior to sewing is trim the fabric by yourself.

What Is It That Makes This Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine Such A Good Buy?
1. It comes with a useful LED lighting system

If you’ve had experience working with dark fabrics, you’ll be aware of the difficulty of trying to sew designs on dark fabrics such as denim in black. The Brother Project Runway sewing machine’s convenient LED lighting system allows you to light up dark fabrics with a single click. Even better, the light from the LED is so strong that you can safely sew in darkness should you want to.

2. It also includes the zipper foot and zipper stitch for insertion.

If you have trouble putting zippers in you’ll be delighted to know that this model comes with an exclusive zipper stitch for insertion, which will guarantee you clean, neat lines.

3. Replacing the bobbin of your sewing machine is easy.

The process of replacing a bobbin in a sewing machine is an extremely difficult and laborious task with a number of steps; this model makes changing bobbins a simple task. All you need to do is remove the old bobbin, and then replace it with the new bobbin.

4. Lightweight, portable design

Although it’s loaded with features, the machine is lightweight. So if you’re searching for an affordable sewing machine that is able to be carried between your room and living room easily, you’ll be delighted with it. Project Runway Sewing Machine. It’s also possible to loan your new sewing machine to your relatives and friends since they’ll be able to carry it from your place to theirs.

5. It comes with an unpaid vertical spool pin

You’ll struggle to find a machine aimed at novices with the vertical spool pin. It is typical to shell out hundreds of dollars to buy an item that comes with a horizontal spool pin.

6. It has seven buttonholes, with one-step stitches.

If you’re looking to stitch something, like one that needs buttonholes, you’ll appreciate the feature that this model has not just seven but seventy buttonhole stitches that are built-in.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the difference between CS5055 and CS5055prw?

The Brother CS5055 comes with HTML0. It is a newer and improved model of Brother’s CS5055prw. Instead of the 50 stitches built-in and five buttonholes, it comes with 60 stitches and seven buttonholes. Additionally, it has a better needle threaded. Its tension knob is closer to the sewing area and the bobbin case shuts slightly differently.

Can the Brother CS5055 sew jeans?

You can experience seamless sewing on tweed, denim, and other heavy fabrics thanks to the incredible feeder system.

Is there anything more you’ll need Before You Start Sewing?

The only thing that isn’t included is a protective case for the device. There is the option to purchase a general Brother case or create a soft case yourself!u003cbru003eAlthough 3 bobbins are included I would prefer to have plenty of preloaded bobbins that I can use on the sewing machines I use. If you’re looking to buy more bobbins I’d recommend purchasing only Brother Bobbins. They’re SA156 Class 15 Bobbins.


These brother cs5055prw review sewing machines are an ideal option for new and experienced sewers. The numerous functions and features include its LCD show screen simple threading system, drop-in-bobbin system, and variable sewing speed as well as the ability to adjust the pressure of the foot presser and free arm sewing making it a flexible tool that can be used for a variety of sewing projects. 

However, the small buttonhole options and the absence of a thread-cutting machine that is automatic could be a problem for certain users. Overall the Brother CS5055PRW can be described as an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable and full-featured sewing machine.

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