Brother 1034d Serger Review (2023)

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  • Date: January 7, 2023
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Brother serger 1034d is manufactured and offered by one of the most famous companies for sewing machines known as Brother. If you sew then you would know that the edges of the clothes look very tidy after sewing. The function of the 1034d brother serger is related to this, it turns all the tidy edges into a good-looking fashion.

Brother serger 1034d is one of the best sergers in the market that offers multiple features. It is very easy to use, so whether you are a beginner or a professional it will suit you. Everything about Brother serger 1034d is explained below, we hope you would read the brother 1034d serger’s review till the end and then judge this serger. Before jumping in the brother 1034d serger review let’s see how this machine looks.

The Look of Brother serger 1034d

Brother Serger 1034D

This serger brother 1034d is a lightweight serger with an average size, it is portable and you can store it in any hobby room. The first look of this serger may scare those people who are new to serger because several spools are used at once for creating beautiful edges. Its appearance may not be too beautiful but that’s not what is considered in a serger.

Brother serger 1034d is threaded when it comes, so you just need to start using it. it might be good news for those who have never used a serger before and are addicted to using sewing machines. The new ones would not need to waste their time guessing where the thread will go.

The exterior of this machine is filled and looks cool. A nice and convenient touch is given to the machine with the four spool stands. The four spool stands are color-coded to make it easier for you to thread the machine in the future.

The Specification Of Brother serger 1034d

The specification of a serger machine is the most important thing in brother serger 1034d review. So, the specification of Brother serger 1034d are:

  • Its weight is about 05 pounds
  • The speed of Brother serger 1034d is of stitching 1300 stitches per minute
  • It comes with a warranty of 25 years
  • Its dimensions are 11 x 11.7 x 13.2
  • It is a computerized machine·        
  • The number of built-in stitches in this machine is 22, which includes a 4-thread overlock and a 3-thread overlock

Accessories Of Brother serger 1034d

As you know, this machine is offered by a well-known company so the number of accessories offered with it is numerous. Brother serger 1034dis a serger machine so the accessories offered with it will be different from those offered with a sewing machine. Every accessory given is given for a purpose, you may also recognize some of them as they relate to sewing machines. Here are the accessories given with Brother serger 1034d:

  • Gathering foot
  • Trim trap
  • Foot controller
  • Multi-purpose guide foot
  • Cleaning brush
  • Accessory bag
  • Softcover
  • Needle set
  • Hex Wrench
  • Tweezers
  • Instructional CD
  • Four spool nets·        
  • Operational manual in two different languages, English and Spanish

Warranty Of Brother serger 1034d

The Brother serger 1034d comes with a warranty of a total of 25 years, and that is mostly for all machines of Brother. The warranty of a machine ensures that in any case of damage to the internal or additional parts of the serger machine, you can get them repaired or replaced by the company.

According to the warranty given by Brother, the company will replace or repair all the faulty parts of the serger machine during the time of the first year.

The printed circuit boards and the electric components of this machine have a warranty of 2 years. You can get them replaced or repaired in the time of 2 years. While the chassis of the machine has a warranty of 25 years after the date of purchase.

The repairmen or replacement by the company is done by determining the receipt of buying, so we would recommend you keep that safe in a box. Other than that, you can also contact your supplier and get information related to the warranty of the machine.

Features Of Brother serger 1034d

Features are the most important thing in a machine, as they define how good the machine is. There are a lot of features of Brother serger 1034d that make it special. Some of those features are explained below.

Removable Free Arm

If you are working on a sleeve and are facing difficulty then you can use a removable free arm from the machine. You can use this free arm for completing any enhancements and when you are done with it you can place it back. It may seem a very simple feature but it helps a lot and is not available in most of the serger machines.

Versatile Stitch Options

The serger machines are usually used for hemming certain items, but it does not mean that a do not need other options for stitches. Brother serger 1034d offers multiple stitch options that work perfectly and give great results.

With the help of Brother serger 1034d, a four-thread overlock, rolled hem, three-thread overlock, narrow hem, and a ribbon-lock stitch can be made. Moreover, if you have the right accessories then you can also access three more stitches.

Knife Blade

For trimming the edges of the fabric before starting to work, a retractable knife blade is installed in the machine. If you find this retractable knife unnecessary then you can also sheath it with a single step.

Differential Feed

The differential feed is the thing in this machine that makes it easy for you to adjust the tension in the fabric. It helps in avoiding weird stitches or sloppy stitches.

Not a big fan of reading content no problem we have found a great video for you on YouTube. Kim Dave discusses about the price, functions and pros and cons thoroughly. Do check her video to learn more about the brother 1034D serger machine.


There are multiple pros of this brother serger 1034d machine, and all of them are explained below.

Easy Threading

Not only this machine is easy to use but it is also easy to set up. The process of threading the machine is usually very difficult and painful in another machine, but in Brother serger 1034d it is quite simple and painless.

It may not look very easy the first time but we ensure that it will seem to be easy after some time. It is easy just because of the color coding added to the exterior of the machine and because of the detailed explanation given in the guide manual. Even if you are new to sergers, we are sure you will be able to learn how to thread in no time.

Quality Serging

It has been noted that the quality of serging it gives is amazing. All the stitches come out tidy and give a neat and professional look to the fabric. Anyone who uses a serger wants a neat look, no one wants a sloppy look of the fabric. Brother serger 1034d considers this thing and makes sure that after serging the fabric looks attractive. If still you have any doubts about the quality of the serging then you can test it on a piece of fabric as a sample.

Compatible With Standard Sewing Needles

One of the most frustrating things is buying a brand-new serger machine and finding out that it only works with specific types of needles.

Focusing on this the Brother serger 1034d is made to be compatible with all types of standard sewing needles. It will not only save time but also save you money by buying a specialized variety.

So, you will not need to search and buy a special type of needle but you can use any standard needle in your serger machine.

Convenient Size

The size of this serger machine is very convenient and acceptable, it means that it’s not too small or too large. Even if you have a small room, you can easily fit it in. The compact size of this serger machine is liked most especially for those who have less space.

Brother serger 1034d is also a portable machine as it does not weigh too much. You can easily take it from one place to another whenever you want. The weight of this serger machine is under 20 pounds. If you need to take it to your sewing class, or you need to put it in a cupboard, you can easily do it because of its lightweight.

Great Value

You would have been thinking that there are a lot of features, accessories, and other great things about this serger machine then it also would be expensive. Well then you are wrong, this serger machine with a lot of features comes at an affordable price.

This is great news for those who are on a budget and cannot afford expensive machines. This machine is great for those who have just started sewing and can’t invest much.

Brother serger 1034d is a versatile machine that allows you to work with different types of fabrics. The accessories given with it help you a lot in your work of serging. Another great thing about it is its warranty of 25 years.


There are a lot of pros for Brother serger 1034d which we pick carefully and sure that we are not biased about what we are sharing with you.

When talking about the cons for Brother serger 1034d we didn’t find too many. Some of the cons are explained above.


Brother serger 1034d may come pre-threaded but it does not come pre-oiled. Before starting to work on your first project, it is very necessary for you to apply some oil to it, to make sure it works well.

Not Too Good For Beginners

This is a con that upsets everyone’s heart because most of the sewists are beginners and are looking for a good serger machine for improving their skills. A user needs a lot of practice if he is using this machine for improving his skill. No doubt, it has a lot of qualities that make it special for professionals and beginners but it can be difficult to understand and use at the start for beginners.


Another con of Brother serger 1034d is that a bulb is installed in it for improving vision instead of an LED light.


This was a short review of the serger machine offered by Brother. It also has some cons but they are usually ignored because of its features. In this review, we have explained the pros and cons, specifications, and features of brother serger 1034d. We hope this review would have helped you to know about this serger machine. 

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