Beginner Sewing Projects – Easy and Fun Ideas for Starting Your Sewing Journey

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  • Date: May 29, 2023
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You want to start sewing as a new hobby, but you’re not sure what kind of project to start with. We’ve gathered a multitude of beginner sewing projects for you to quit second-guessing yourself and start producing right away.

Guide to Beginner Sewing Projects

1. Rainbow Snowflake Pillow

Rainbow Snowflake Pillow

A unique pillow constructed with rainbow pom poms on warm (and reasonably priced) winter white terry cloth. Bottom line: This simple stitching method is easy to learn and results in an eye-catching piece of soft decor.

2. Pillows made from fruit slices

Pillows made from fruit slices

These creative and lively fruit pillows can bring year-round summer vibes to your home as floor pillows or smaller throw pillows (for a scaled-down undertaking). Most of all, the sewing procedure may be tailored to your level of expertise.

3. DIY Plush Cactus Decor

Plush Cactus Decor

We all know that caring for indoor plants can be challenging for some of us. We have a solution for you. This wonderful fluffy cactus requires less care than a true succulent and, well, it just makes us happy.

4. DIY Felt Purse

DIY Felt Purse

This purse’s felt fabric is especially forgiving, making it ideal for beginning sewers. The structure is so easy that you can sew it all by hand if you choose. Furthermore, the finished messenger bag is an undeniably adorable Handmade present for a child.

5. DIY Gift Card Holder

DIY Gift Card Holder

Gift cards are usually a safe and trusted alternative. You may, however, personalise this gift with a quick and simple sewing (and painting) activity that allows for a lot of creativity.

6. Corduroy Bean Bags

Corduroy Bean Bags

There is no shortage of imaginative inspiration for making your little bean bags, but we must admit that we are captivated by this design’s corduroy touch. Smooth, textured, and appealing The finished product of this simple sewing project can be utilized as a party game prop or office stress reliever.

7. Quick Sewing Storage Bag

Quick Sewing Storage bag

These waterproof Oxford cloth storage bags are easy to sew and surprisingly sturdy. The sewing is simple here, but you need a few tools (i.e., those grommets need to be hammered). Yet, the technique is straightforward, and once completed, you can claim to have outdone Marie Kondo because she does not build her own storage bins.

8. Reusable Sandwich Bag

 Reusable Sandwich Bag

There is no shortage of imaginative inspiration for making your own little bean bags, but we must admit that we are captivated with this design’s corduroy touch. Smooth, textured, and appealing The finished product of this simple sewing project can be utilised as a party game prop or office stress reliever.

9. DIY Bedskirt of Velcro

Bedskirt of Velcro

These waterproof Oxford cloth storage bags are easy to sew and surprisingly sturdy. The sewing is simple here, but you need a few tools (i.e., those grommets need to be hammered). Yet, the technique is straightforward, and once completed, you can claim to have outdone Marie Kondo because she does not build her own storage bins.

10. Lace Fabric Scrap Flag

Lace Fabric Scrap Flag

The combination of shredded ribbon, lace, rickrack, tattered denim, and buttons gives this American flag a nostalgic aesthetic that we admire. Also, this sewing project is simple and only requires a few stitches to accomplish.

11. Fabric Flower Headband

Fabric Flower Headband

To make a charming tiny headband for your child or someone else, you don’t have to be an experienced sewer. This one was prepared with spare materials from around the house and has a huge corduroy flower accent. The completed result is inexpensive and adorable.

12. Fabric Facemask

Fabric Facemask

Although medical-quality face masks are still difficult to come by, you may be relieved to find that DIY cloth masks are beginner-friendly. There are various design possibilities, however, The Craft Patch offers a handy guide with a plethora of materials.

13. Reusable Gift Bag

Reusable Gift Bag

You’ll need some special fabric for this project, namely chalkboard cloth, but the assembly is straightforward with a sewing machine. Bonus: Because they may also be used as storage boxes, the receiver will appreciate both the present bag and the contents.

14. Check Rag Quilt

Check Rag Quilt

The sewing element of this quilting project is entirely foolproof, but the most time-consuming part is cutting out all of the similar squares. Likewise, depending on the size and colour scheme you select, the finished item can be used as a cute baby blanket or a large quilt for picnics and beach trips.

15. Coin Purse

Coin Purse

This coin purse takes only 30 minutes to make, and the metal closure is easily attached with a little textile adhesive. What is the advantage? The vexing problem of “loose coin everywhere but where I want it” has a bright, printed solution.

16. Crayon Wallet

Crayon Wallet

You no longer need to keep a few crayons in the bottom of your purse to keep your child entertained when you leave the house. This inventive wallet is designed to securely hold Crayola crayons and a notebook, allowing you to swiftly pull out a gift for a child.

17. Scrap Heart Garland

Scrap Heart Garland

There is a sense of affection in the air. Or it will be once you finish this gorgeous fabric heart garland. This project requires no prior knowledge, and the finished product will definitely add charm to any nursery or children’s room.

18. Bow Pouch with Zip

Bow Pouch with Zip

These lovely bow pouches are really adjustable, so feel free to experiment with your favourite colours and patterns, and they’re also very handy. (Hint: Your beauty needs a place to call home.)

19. Pleated Lamp Shade

Pleated Lamp Shade

This pleated lampshade is a breeze to construct, and it’s frilly, lovely, and easy to put together in just three simple steps. Best of all, no stitching is necessary for this project because the pleats in the fabric strips are just created, not attached to the lampshade.

20. Doily Apron

Doily Apron

Beginners can do this simple doily apron project in a single session, and the finished piece exudes classic femininity. What else are you going to do with a lot of doilies? (After all, the stakes are relatively low.)

21. Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve

Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve

All you need for this project, which creates a personalised coffee cozy in a snap, are the fundamentals of sewing (plus a printer that can produce high-quality photographs and some iron-on transfer paper). Of course, you could simply purchase a more environmentally friendly version of the standard, throwaway coffee cup sleeve, but why not select one that appears, well, a little less snooty?

22. Washcloth Travel Kit

Washcloth Travel Kit

You don’t even need to go to the fabric store to begin constructing this clever travel pack, which is a great way to keep your essentials organised. Although a no-sew option is available, you should resist the temptation because even a novice can put this one together.

23. Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

While precision is required, don’t expect to do this DIY project quickly. But, the sewing skills necessary are easy enough that even a beginner can make these blackout curtains.

24. Velvet Pillows

Velvet Pillows

There can never be too many toss pillows. It’s also true that your financial account is divided. This quilted velvet dress is an easy beginner-level DIY project that looks amazing and is inexpensive.

25. DIY Spring Wreath

DIY Spring Wreath

This Handmade spring wreath is decorated with felt flora and entire carrots. What is the end result? A nice and whimsical appearance that will make you grin. The best part is that you can make this project for free and without a sewing machine; hand stitching will suffice.

26. Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

These Christmas stockings are so gorgeous that you’ll be tempted to hang them all year, which is saying a lot since the entire project can be completed in just an hour. They’re a refreshing contrast from the usual in-your-face holiday fare.

27. DIY Infinity Scarf

DIY Infinity Scarf

Making this infinity scarf couldn’t be easier or faster, and because it can be created from any fabric, it’s a perfect opportunity to practise your sewing skills. (Flannel comes first, then linen, and then Fashion Week!)

28. Sew Grocery Bag Dispenser

Grocery Bag Dispenser

This shopping bag dispenser is another simple and appropriate sewing project for beginners: No one will notice if your seams aren’t straight because it’s not meant to be seen in public (and your plastic bag collection will still stay nice and tidy).

29. DIY Mousepad

DIY Mousepad

You can jazz up a simple mousepad with leftover fabric and fusible fleece with this quick and inexpensive sewing project. Bonus: Because this mouse pad is reversible, you can easily switch it out to refresh your workspace.

30. Leather Bookmarks

Leather Bookmarks

If you’ve started dog-earing book pages to save money on bookmarks, this DIY is for you. These gorgeous bookmarks may be made with very few resources and with very little sewing experience. Just keep in mind that the faux leather material is thick enough that this one will necessitate the use of a sewing machine.

31. Diy Fabric Basket

Diy Fabric Basket

Make this adorable fabric basket your own by combining different fabrics in any way you see fit, and then set up a few hours for a simple craft that results in a durable container with numerous possibilities.

32. Fringe Shots

Fringe Shots

You undoubtedly already know how to transform an old pair of jeans into (no-sew) summer cut-offs, so why not dust off your sewing machine and refresh your shorts as well? Although there is no sewing needed with this project because the fringe is glued on rather than sewed on, we nevertheless recommend that you start by hemming a pair of cut-offs before adding the ornament. More practice and a reused wardrobe piece with minimal fringe will be the reward.

33. Ribbon Tag Baby blanket

Ribbon Tag Baby blanket

Baby blankets with ribbon tags provide both comfort and sensory stimulation. (The tags assist small hands in learning to grasp in a huge way.) Forget the pre-made selections and instead create your own: Whether you start from scratch or simply add durable grosgrain ribbon to an ordinary blankie, the baby in your life will appreciate your efforts.

34. Modern Wall Art

Modern Wall Art

Grab some paint, a needle, and some thread, and prepare to use your imagination to create this imaginative multi-media craft. The contemporary design of this wall painting is straightforward, vivid, and eye-catching. This one also provides an excellent opportunity to hone your hand-stitching skills.

35. Keychain chapstick holder

Keychain chapstick holder

A fantastic activity to do with or for your children if they want to learn to sew. It’s a bigger job that may require a little more time, but it’s all straight stitches, so it’s easy.

36. Library Tote Bag

Library Tote Bag

This is a great project for college students. If you use a laptop, I HIGHLY recommend you try this one. The only slightly difficult aspect of this one is that you will be sewing through thick fabric.

37. Drop Cloth Purse

Drop Cloth Purse

Although it is possible to spend a small sum at a fabric store, we do not advocate it if you are just getting started. Instead, try your hand (or your sewing machine) at this low-cost purse DIY. All you need is a canvas drop cloth and enough self-assurance to produce a tote bag that will make you proud.

38. Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

Here’s another one like the last one. Another quick and easy sewing project: a case for your iPad or other tablets. There are only straight lines. If you wanted, you could probably shrink it down to the size of a phone.

39. Sleeve for the iPad

Sleeve for the iPad

These are large blankets made of flannel cloth that are an easy and needed baby gift idea. A simple project for you to try! Furthermore, the baby won’t mind if it’s a little goofy.

40. Jumbo, Reversible, Receiving Blanket

Jumbo, Reversible, Receiving Blanket

If you’re brave enough to wear a zip… This project is fantastic! It’s a simple pouch that’s quick to sew and looks great when finished!

41. Simple Pencil Case

Simple Pencil Case

If you’re brave enough to wear a zip… This project is fantastic! It’s a simple pouch that’s quick to sew and looks great when finished!

42. DIY Hot Pad

DIY Hot Pad

This quilted hot pad is simple enough for a beginner to construct while simultaneously honing their skills. You may make it out of any fabric you have on hand; we like how the mismatched prints appear.

These are all the easiest beginner-friendly sewing projects you can do to be a skillful sewing expert.

However, as you are a beginner in the field then here we have a few tips for you too.

7 Sewing Tips for Beginners – Ultimate Guide

Sewing Tips for Beginners

Follow these tips to be the best in your sewing game;

1. Choose a Comfy Place

Sewing might take days or even hours! And they might produce such a mess for a beginner learning the basics of sewing. The most basic sewing advice for beginners is to have a peaceful space in your home where you can indulge in your passion.

2. Choose The Best Sewing Machine

Sewing machines come in a variety of sizes and specifications. Each model is tailored to the specific needs of distinct sewers. Whichever one best suits you must be known. After all, it will be your constant sewing companion.

3. Learn To Insert and Remove a Sewing Machine Needle

Every sewer appears to go through the rite of passage of being pricked by a sewing needle. I’ve also had a few incidents while replacing the needle on my sewing machine! To avoid this, it’s critical to grasp the right techniques for inserting and removing those needles.

4. Learn to Adjust the Tension on a Sewing Machine

Here’s an insider’s guide to sewing for beginners. The tension of your sewing machine determines the quality of your stitches. If the tension on your sewing machine is off, your stitches may be too slack or too tight. Isn’t that not what we want?

5. Learn to Thread Your Sewing Machine

Threading your sewing machine may appear tricky. Especially for individuals who are just starting off with sewing. The good news is that you can achieve it by following a few simple rules! Sewing machine parts are even numbered for your convenience.

6. Selecting the Best Sewing Needle

Similar to sewing machines, there are various types of needles for various needlework. A normal point needle, for example, may break if used for quilting. Digging through mounds of fabric scraps for broken needles is also never fun. Have a look at this fantastic needle pack that is now available.

7. Choose The Right Thread

Certain pairings function better than others. While some combos must be utilised together. This is especially true when selecting thread for varied materials. It’s best to become acquainted with them before realising you spent the entire day working on a silk project with cotton thread.

Hand Sewing for Beginners

Before purchasing my first sewing machine, I accomplished every job by hand sewing. Learning to sew by hand was difficult and required considerably more attention to detail. That can be irritating. Nonetheless, it is one of the skills you must master as a beginner when learning to sew.

1. Hand Sewing Techniques

The challenge of hand stitching can be rather scary. The good news is that there are hand sewing techniques that make it simpler and more practical. For instance, did you know that hairspray may be used to make threading a needle easier?

Basic Stitches for Beginners in Sewing

There are two main sorts of fundamental stitches. the sewing machine stitches and the hand-sewn stitches. You can master the fundamental sewing stitches you need for beginners by studying them. moving from blanket stitch to running stitch. All of these will assist you in beginning (and finishing) your initial projects.

1. Put A Straight Stitch In It

A sewing machine can be used to sew straight lines. One of the simplest and most fundamental stitches is this one. So don’t let the stitching challenge deceive you. One of the most adaptable stitches available.

2. Zigzag Stitching

This is yet another stitch that is created with a sewing machine. Zigzag stitches are frequently used as ornaments. Yet they can also hold fabric together and are quite strong. Want to ensure that your seam won’t unravel? Use a Zigzag Stitches Foot to apply this stitch.

Fabric Selection for Sewing Beginners

I’ve been in love with it since I sewed my first ruffled skirt. Therefore, practising by hand is much easier. Yet, another important skill to learn is how to sew using a sewing machine! Put this on your beginner’s sewing to-do list!

1. Create a Zipper

Zippers are an essential component of many clothing and accessory styles. They can be found in classic pieces of apparel such as dresses, trousers, and purses. It is thus difficult to resist learning to stitch it.It’s also critical to sew it correctly! Nobody wants their zippers to fail.

2. Make A Button

Each sewer worth their salt, like zippers, must master the technique of sewing a button. Buttons can be seen on our trousers, dresses, and shirts! Make sewing buttons more interesting by using unusual, complementary threads!

3. Make A French Seam

This may appear to be intended for someone with intermediate sewing skills. Yet, it is included in the sewing for novices guide. Because all it entails is tucking in frayed and raw fabric ends and stitching them shut. The French seam will offer your project a professional and timeless appearance.

4. Sewing Mitered Corners

Mitered corners are similar to flat piping, however, they are flatter and wider. They are ideal for use on square or rectangular projects. This will give them a more polished and high-end appearance. Use this technique on your next table runner project!

5. Make Scalloped Edging

Scalloped borders are just too cute! My daughter adores the scallop-edged skirt I gave her for Christmas last year. This method is ideal for bringing a feminine touch to any work.

Sewing Ideas for Beginners Who Want to Use Sewing Patterns

Even to this day, I occasionally use patterns for my sewing tasks. They’re convenient and ideal for beginners looking to experiment with new tasks. Simply follow the directions, and you’ll be making your own patterns in no time! Once you’ve mastered this technique, you can go to more harder sewing patterns.

1. Basic Embroidery Stitches Sewing

In my opinion, embroidery ranks among the most difficult sorts of needlework. Its stitches used to frighten me. Yet, as I found, sewing and embroidery stitches share many similarities. The keys to success in needlework are practice and patience. The same is true for beginners who want to succeed at sewing.

2. Stitch A Blanket

This is similar to the blanket stitch used in sewing. You stitch a blanket embroidery stitch along the edge of the fabric. It gives the fabric a polished effect by framing it with the thread colour of your choice.

Cross-Stitch Sewing for Beginners

Some people regard cross stitching to be a “sub-group” of sewing. Nonetheless, its basic stitch is also employed in embroidery and traditional stitching. It’s best to study this in case you have an idea that requires it!

Knitted Sewing for Beginners (Purl Stitch)

If you prefer knitting to needlework, mastering the purl stitch is an absolute requirement! It is one of the most popular knitting stitches. Mainly because it is simple to learn and looks great when done correctly!

Working Without the need for A Pattern Sewing for Beginners

You may need to sew clothing without a pattern at times. For example, if you see a nice outfit but the shop doesn’t have your size. Such issues will no longer trouble you if you know how to sew without a pattern.

How to Employ an Invisible Zipper is simple but difficult! That’s how it feels when you’re trying to figure out how to sew an invisible zip. Yet, with this guide, you will not feel pressed to acquire this fundamental ability.

Final Words

There are a lot more things you can do as a beginner with your sewing machine. In this article, we have mentioned a good list of things that you can take start with. Check this out to know where you can start.

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