About Sewing Spark

I believe that everyone is creative – it’s a fundamental human trait – and I want to inspire you to take chances, try something new and create something wonderful.

So Sewing Spark is about ideas.

I’ll be sharing my ideas in the form of patterns and blogging about the design and techniques behind, around and beyond the patterns. I’ve focused mainly on sewing things for children – from traditional dolls and soft toys to more unusual playsets, plus accessories and bags to carry everything around in. I’m particularly fond of toys you can take out and about with you, for playing in the car, waiting in a doctor’s surgery or sitting in a restaurant.

But my ideas are just the starting point. I believe that understanding why things are done a certain way is crucial to being able to take an idea and personalise it. So take these patterns and ideas, tweak them, combine with other techniques or patterns and invent something of your own that’s uniquely yours.

Something that only you could dream of.

Keep in touch

You can keep in touch via email at joleenllorence@sewingspark.com or fill in the form below: