T shirt Neckline Cutting Ideas: 14 Ways to Cut a Shirt Neckline; Complete Guide

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There’s probably a dresser drawer full of T-shirts that you have collected from sporting events, concerts, or even at the local gift shops for vacation! If the t-shirt collection begins to look boring or out of fashion, you might be thinking about changing the neckline on the old clothes to bring them a fresh life. 

If you’re looking to do this, read this entertaining guide to 18 neckline-cutting tips for t-shirts! A few of the most sought-after modifications to a t- shirt neckline cutting ideas are turning the crew neck into a V-neck or cut-off style. 

Another option is creating cuts off the shoulder, or adding details such as the laddered V-neck. The neckline of a T-shirt can be altered by cutting, sewing, or even braiding and tie techniques. In this post, you’ll discover 18 neckline change ways. 

Learn ways to make a t-shirt appear more feminine as well as how to correct a too-small neckline on a t-shirt. Also, you’ll find suggestions on ways to cut a shirt neckline, how to cut at shirt neck?

Here’s an article about how to cut necklines on shirts:

Ways to Cut a Shirt Neckline

A neckline on a shirt could have a significant impact on how it feels and looks. If you’re looking for a way to refresh the look of an old dress or give a unique look to an existing one, cutting the neckline is the best way to go about it. There are five methods to cut the neckline of your shirt:

Crew Neck

Crew necks

Crew necks are a timeless simple neckline that rests on the bottom of the neck. To make a crew neck, begin by placing your shirt on the floor. Make use of scissors that are sharp to slice off the neckline in the form of a circle. Be sure that you remove any binding or ribbing. Check the shirt to ensure that the neckline fits comfortably.


V-necks elegant necklines

V-necks are elegant necklines that swoop to form a V-shape in the upper front. To make a V-neck, start by marking the middle of the neckline using chalk or a marker for fabric. Next, use sharp scissors to cut an inward-facing line starting from the middle of the neckline until the depth you want. Then, cut along that line to form the V-shape. Check the shirt to ensure the size that the V has is what you like.

Scoop Neck

Scoop Neck

It is a broad narrow neckline that curves downwards giving it the “U” form. To make a scoop neck, begin by laying your shirt on the surface. Utilize a pair of sharp blades to slice off the neckline that is already there with a wide curvature, a shallow curve, tracing the contour that the collarbone takes. Test the shirt on to ensure that your diy t shirt neckline cutting ideas isn’t too wide to fit perfectly on the shoulder.


The off-the-shoulder neckline can be an elegant and fashionable style that sits beneath the shoulders and exposes the collarbone as well as the upper chest. To make an off-shoulder neckline, begin by marking the shoulder seam using chalk or a marker for fabric. 

Next, make use of a pair of sharp scissors to trim off the neckline that is already in place at the seams below your shoulder. Be sure you leave enough fabric to create an attractive, wide neckline. Test the shirt on to make sure that the neckline rests comfortably over your shoulders.

Boat Neck

A boat neck can be described as a long neckline that is positioned on the shoulders creating a horizontal line that runs across the collarbone. For creating the appearance of a boat neck, begin by laying it flat on a flat surface. 

Boat Neck

Utilize a chalkboard or an acetate marker to trace the length of the neckline on both sides. Next, employ a pair of sharp scissors to cut the neckline that is already in a straight, wide line, but be sure you maintain the neckline from both angles. Test the shirt on to make sure that the neckline fits comfortably over your shoulders.

Cold-shoulder cut

To wear this look it is not possible to use an oversized t-shirt. There’s just too little sleeve material on it to look elegant. Instead, choose a basic cotton T-shirt. Be assured that the outcome will be far from plain.

Cold-shoulder cut

Place the T-shirt flat on the floor and mark the spot on the neckline where the cut will begin. The same process is done on the back too.

Choker, Version 1

You’ve seen this look at stores quite often in the past few years. It probably cost more than normal T-shirts.

You’ll be able to learn to make it in just a few minutes at home. Place the T-shirt flat on your table and note the depth you wish to cut.

The T-shirt is worn in front, starting from the marked point until the neckline. Take care to snip the neckline while watching to ensure you don’t get the seam caught.

Choker, Version 2

This look is a blend of the two styles previously mentioned. It is not necessary to follow a step-by-step for this style since the only thing you need to do is begin with a choker and end with a cold shoulder.

An important note, in contrast to the cold shoulder you could create this one using any t-shirt neckline cutting ideas you’ve got lying around.

Keyhole Neckline

Two keyhole styles are prominently featured on T-shirts. It’s teardrop and almond. You can choose which you prefer, and you are at ease cutting it as large or small as you’d prefer.

The only issue is that this style is more appealing if the edges don’t stay unfinished. The finishing touch with stitches or tape can give it a more defined look and a more polished appearance.

Place the T-shirt flat on the ground and mark the spot where the keyhole is. Cut around a quarter of an inch along the line. If sewing, you can hand stitch a narrow or rolled stitch around the marks.

If using tape, position the tape on the opposite side of the fabric, so that it creates a line around the pattern. The fabric is folded inwards and presses it as you go.

Vertical Slashes

This one is difficult. It is best, to begin with, for a T-shirt that has a comfortable fit. It is also necessary to have an even hand. With all the cuts and slashes it’s possible to get inconsistent outcomes. Make sure to mark the fabric with soap or chalk to avoid this from occurring.

Place the T-shirt flat on the table and draw lines on the fabric that you’ll be cutting. Then fold the fabric in a manner that the lines are folded in half. Start from the opposite side of the dominant hand. Do not cut more than 1/8 inch of the joint.

If you’d like to replicate the same process on the reverse then go ahead. Make sure you don’t be too near to where the seam is on this side, too.

Braided Neckline

If you own a shirt with a stretched-out neckline that you’d like to salvage. This will work. You can cut the neckline binding, ribbing, or the neckline or keep it as it is. It is also possible to apply the same technique for sleeves to add more body and texture to the bodice.

Cut 1-inch slits approximately 1/2 inch apart along the neckline. If you’re only doing it in one direction, the initial cut should be around 1/2 inch in length.

Poly-blend “laser” Cutouts

Well, here’s the bad news: we’re using lasers for nothing. There’s probably no laser in your home at all. It’s more likely that you have iron soldering that is collecting dust in some place. To complete this endeavor, we’ll require a T-shirt with plenty of polyester. Cotton won’t work in any way. You’ll require a stabilizer (or starch) this time.

The T-shirt is starched or you can apply an adhesive spray or washable stabilizer. Draw the design in the place you would like it to appear. Do not make it too tiny and intricate as it might not look right.

Simple and Fast Lace-up V-neck

There is no need to purchase the hammer or rivets to make this idea. Go to your local fabric shop and pick up a piece of rivets. If they don’t carry it, search for a retailer that sells corset-making equipment. And, of course, you’ll require ribbon, or any other item to make lacing.

Cut the V neckline as long as you like. You can use the original collar as in the original choker concept or take out the front piece too. Don’t cut off the other neckline. It will be needed to support us.

Punks Not Dead Are Still Here

We shouldn’t be missing the opportunity to try this. It’s been around since the 70s, and it’s time to give it an attempt. You can keep the neckline as it is or trim it to create an unpretentious look. If you’re uncomfortable cutting the t-shirt that far in the front, you can begin slashing your shoulders or even at the back.

If you’re cutting the T-shirt by using a rotary cutter, position the cutting mat on top of the area that you are cutting. If you’re cutting with cutting tools, simply fold over the shirt towards the front.

Different Ways to Reduce the Neckline of a T-Shirt

I am in love with the design as well as the material. The shirt is fantastic, however, I didn’t know what I was going to wear. It’s a sign that it needs an adjustment. If you’d like to alter the neckline on a t-shirt, here are the most common options: Also check tutorial t shirt neckline cutting ideas from social media.

Cut An Additional Neckline Then Let It Stretch

Jersey fabric isn’t frayed very and you can take it apart and wear it. I’m a sophisticated woman in her 50’s. I was thinking this was just a bit young for me!

Create an entirely fresh neckband

You can purchase lengths of neckband material called Ribbing. It can be used to make the cuffs of sweatshirts, etc. Cut the neckline into a new shape, and then sew on a longer neckband. I didn’t make this change because my t-shirt is black. 

Use Bias Binding

It is possible to edge a newly cut neckline using bias binding. It’s necessary to find the right bias binding that matches the t-shirt you’re wearing or opt for a different color. It’s a little more work, but I believe it could make a fantastic design.

Cut A New Neckline, And Then Hem It

This is the strategy I used and I must say, it’s simple and has worked well. Mark the area you’d like your new neckline to be placed on your shirt. It’s much easier to determine the point you’d like the bottom line to go towards while wearing it. Once you remove it, lay the flat area, and draw the curvature.

Cut 1 Cm Higher Than the Neckline You Desire

Fold a small hem in half and secure it by gently moving the curve. Make use of a variety of pins to keep it in the right place. After that, stitch it with the same thread, and then a very light stitching zig zag using your device ghostwriter referat. Very light – nearly the least you can do without being straight! It will keep the hem well, but let the fabric have a little stretch.

What Is The Best Way To Cut A V-Neck T-Shirt With No Sewing?

If you are wearing a plain color stripe, graphic or plain t-shirt, this cutting method will work regardless of the ghostwriter aufsatz. This cutting technique for t-shirts allows you to create variations from a simple V-neck to an incredibly plunging neckline.

Give a fresh look to the neckline of your current t-shirt with one small change that can alter the appearance of the t-shirt. Utilize these simple no-sew hacks to alter any t-shirt instead of throwing them out.

This neckline alteration method for t-shirts is easy to master, and the most appealing aspect is that there is no need to sew powerpoint präsentation erstellen lassen. Additionally, learning how to cut a t-shirt is an essential skill since it adds the possibility of variety to your wardrobe. You can wear the V-neck T-shirt as an asymmetrical piece, or the outer layer, I’m your guest!

Tips for Cutting the Neckline of Your T-Shirt

It is essential to know what to do when cutting the neckline on your shirt. This can save you time and money.

The neckline on a T-shirt may be created in 3 distinct ways:

1.) The first method can be to fold the collar inwards and trim any excess fabric that is left on the front and the back.

2.) The second option would be to roll the collar inwards and trim off the excess fabric on either side leaving an allowance for seams at both ends of the neckline.

3.) The third method would be to turn the collar inwards and lay it flat. Then make use of an edge or ruler to mark the location you’d like the new neckline facharbeit schreiben lassen. Then, remove any excess fabric using scissors or an electronic cutter (or the cutting tool that you like).

Frequently Ask Questions

What’s the best Method of Cutting a Neckline?

Necklines aren’t only for clothing. They are also used to define the form of an object and also to describe an opening. There are a variety of ways to cut a neckline but there are some that are better than others.

What Are The Measurements For Necklines?

A neckline is the line of any garment to frame the neck. The term is usually used to refer to the upper portion of a girl’s or woman’s blouse or dress; however, it could also be used to refer to any similar piece of clothing, including an oversized sweater, shirt, or coat.

What Is The Best Way To Cut A Shirt If The Neck Isn’t Big Enough?

Fold your t-shirt in half, and then make the opening for your neck in a straight line. Fold your t-shirt in half to ensure that the seams on both sides match with each other and the V will be cut symmetrically.

Can The Neckline Of A Shirt Be Changed?

The collar on your shirt is easily changed, but you might require the white collar for contrast. The tailor likely has the exact fabric to match the shirt you are wearing. The cuffs of your shirts could be replaced in the same way.

What Is An Ideal Neckline?

A natural or tapered neckline occurs where there is no u0022bluntu0022 or u0022boxed offu0022 line in the rear. The hair can be natural in the back, or cut so that it fades gradually to the neckline and isn’t straight or square.

What Neckline Is Best For A Skinny Woman?

Tips: Small, skinny, or petite-chested ladies can put on a well-fitted square to create the illusion of curves in the bustline. Make sure to include a brace that is padded. The turtleneck has an extended high collar that is tight and fits just a few inches below your chin.


In conclusion of ways to cut a shirt neckline, making the neckline cut of your shirt could be a fun and simple way to add some flair and class to your wardrobe ghostwriter bachelorarbeit. It doesn’t matter if you like an elegant crew neck or a fashionable off-the-shoulder design there are a variety of methods to cut a neckline to fit your style and preferences. Make sure you make use of sharp scissors and be patient to get a neat, sharp, precisely cut.

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