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best sewing machine for beginners

12 Best Sewing Machine For Beginners (2023 Reviews)

If you are a beginner at sewing then it is very important for you to buy the best sewing machine for yourself and practice on it, but you should not just buy any…

Embroidery Machines For Hats

Best Embroidery Machines for Hats to Get in 2023

When looking for the best embroidery machines for hats, some people get confused because there are a lot of brands offering the same product with same features. So, it sometimes become difficult for…

make a dress bigger without sewing

How To Make A Dress Bigger Without Sewing – Detailed Guide with Tips & Techniques

We all look for some plans when the fabric is not too much for the dress we like to make for ourselves. You may have seen many people like to wear a bigger…

left handed scissors

Left-handers: How to Cut with Right-Handed Scissors

Chances are, you’re right-handed in which case this post will be of no interest to you. Go ahead, click elsewhere – I won’t judge you! But for the 10% of people who are…

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Brother se600 vs se625

Brother se600 vs se625 – Which is the Winner?

Whenever a sewist decides to buy a sewing machine, he gets confused after seeing numerous models from different companies. It becomes difficult for him to choose because he can’t understand which one is…

Overlock vs Coverstitch

Serger Vs. Coverstitch – Which One Is The Best?

Understanding the differences between a serger and a coverstitch machine could be one of the first challenges you face if you are new to sewing. Many people have the notion that these two…

best sewing machines for wigs

All The Best Sewing Machine For Wigs

Is it necessary to have a sewing machine to construct wigs? Well it totally depends on your interest but yes people love make wigs by themselves. We covered some of the best sewing…

brother se630 vs se600

Embroidery Machine Wars: Brother SE630 vs SE600 – Which is the Winner?

Brother is a famous company for its amazing sewing machines. Now, if you visit their site or shop, you will see thousands of machine models. You can get any type of machine from…

brother lb5000 review

Brother LB5000 Review: The Sewing Machine That Will Make Your Life Easier

Here is a sewing and embroidery machine offered by one of the most famous companies named Brother. If you are a professional or a beginner sewist and are looking for a perfect machine…

Best Sewing Machine for Denim

Sew Denim like a Pro: Find the Best Sewing Machine Here

There are many sewing machines on the market that claim to be able to sew through denim. However, these identical models do not always produce predictable results, and some even end up ruining…